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Monday, May 4, 2015

Shades of Grey

Good morning dear friends.  We had a gorgeous weekend here in the Northeast and the Mister and I took full advantage of it.  No day trips, but multiple trips to a kaleidoscope of nurseries.  By the way - we weren't the only ones who thought it was a good idea to tackle our gardening.  The lines were long, but after all was done, it was well worth the wait.

Love update.  The marathoner did indeed hear from someone who knew this dashing smoocher - his wife.  Evidently, she was a good sport, though.

Didn't Kate look beautiful leaving the hospital with her new bundle of joy!  Lucky for me no one took a pic of me when I left the hospital after having #1.  I left with maternity pants stained with mustard still stretched to the limit, mascara stained face, matted hair, and a look of don't ever touch me again, Mister plastered on my face.

Has anyone noticed the new trend of grey hair among young women?  My 30ish hair stylist is even wearing it.  I don't get it, I do every thing I can to get rid of mine.

Speaking of grey hair, I ordered this powder on line. You take the little brush and apply the root powder to the part and hair line when grey hairs make an appearance, which is about 2 weeks after I get my color done.  I think I have the fastest growing hair in the world.  I was skeptical, but curious.  I think it does a great job to get me through in a pinch.  It's suppose to last until the next shampoo, but I wouldn't go that far.  It did get me through the day, though.  You can find their website here.

My #1 introduced me to these make up blending sponges for liquid foundation.  You wet the sponge, squeeze out the water, and dab the foundation on your skin with pats - no blending.  It makes the skin look airbrushed.  I will say that it looks a lot more airbrushed on a 23 year old than it does on a 30ish woman.  There is an improvement though.  I bought mine on Amazon.

Just finished this book.  I have read almost all of Sue Miller's books because I enjoy her writing and character development.  This one is a great story, but I do feel that the story ending fell flat. 

The Mister picked this movie out On Demand the other night.  I did not have high hopes and the reviews were not stellar.  But I have to admit that I really enjoyed it.  I even shed a tear at the end and it wasn't for John Travolta's bad face lift, either.

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Happy Monday Katie! I don't love the gray hair trend either - it isn't flattering to any complexion.

  2. So excited about Princess Charlotte! She's adorable and I absolutely love her mother's style! And the fact they worked "Diana" into her name touched my heart!

    Yeah, I give a "thumbs down" to the grey trend as well.

  3. What a beautiful baby and Kate looked amazing…definitely not how I looked when I left! The gray hair trend is definitely in full swing…don't get it either! Happy Monday, Katie!!

  4. Sorry to change the subject but you got me following the blog Have Some Decorum and she was selling some of her lovely antiques and all of a sudden she isn't blogging, I'm worried. Do you know anything?

    1. No, I haven't heard anything, but I will drop a note to a fellow blogger that knows her personally. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana today

  6. Hey, Katie! I'm with long gray hair! I'm going to have to check out those makeup sponges. I've heard they're all the rage!

  7. I cannot understand for the life of me why someone would pay to HAVE gray hair! And yes, my girls too swear by those makeup sponges.

  8. Always enjoy these kinds of posts......not feeling the gray hair though! Love the name, funny as i was almost named Charlotte but ended up being Christina since we had a cousin already Charlotte:) I keep seeing those sponges, do they really work? Could a sponge truly hold the fountain of youth or at least some temporary magic? Enjoy this fabulous weather!!

  9. How funny that it's the wife who recognized the husband getting smooched - and she was a good sport about it! Bet you next year, he's banned from the race. We're loving this gorgeous weather and hope you are, too!
    C + C

  10. I am old enough that I quit fighting the gray a long time ago, although I do occasionally have low lites put in. Not sure why. Sometimes I see my gray as battle scars, sometimes just as further confirmation that young is a distant memory. I would like to wear make up, but my face gets claustrophobic from it.

    Yes, Kate looked gorgeous. Then again, she has staff, remember? But how did she get off with only 2 hours of labor! Or was it 2 1/2.

  11. The only grey I want is Grey Goose...I just don't get it...Someone wants grey hair! FYI recently read that the English spell the color as grey and the American version is gray...just another piece of useless information, although you probably already knew this. Your needlepoint is looking stellar...I see a belt in Mister's future...The new baby girl is a sweet addition to the Royal Family...I love her name, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.
    Have a great week.

  12. I know that gray hair thing....hmmm, maybe it would lave me a ton of money if I just let it go! Problem is I have wrinkles to go along with the gray so on second thought..Nah!

  13. Well, my auburn hair doesn't really grey, it turns sort of an ugly yellowish, so guess I'll keep on coloring. I do have the color powder and really think it works well. My hair grows super fast too!

    I'm betting Kate is thinking she wants to get to the palace and lay her sore behind down.

    Cute post!

  14. Gray hair...Oh my. I guess maybe I should let the silver threads come on? Hmmm. I do have a hairdresser appointment this week! Funny...the wife recognized the guy being kissed! I hope so. Ha! Royal fun. George is a cutie. I am sure the little girl will be pretty. Sheila

  15. LOL-About the kisser's wife! Pucker up baby-he looked pretty "interested" in that to me! lol
    Kate looked beautiful coming home with sweet Charlotte! Motherhood befits her. (you DID notice that little Charlotte's third name is DIANA?) I suppose it IS after Princess Di and not me though.
    My hair will NOT take color anymore...I am now a WHITE BLOND-like my grandmother and my dad.
    Have a great night- xo Diana

  16. Just happened to have E news on in the background last night when they were extolling the princesses preparation process for leaving the hospital. Let's just say stylists were involved! She is beautiful and I am so excited that they have a girl and one with such a beautiful name. Glad that you are enjoying good weather and agree to skip the grey/gray! Have a great day!

  17. I really enjoy your blog. I have just found it and look forward to seeing new posts. I think that we are in the same place in life and it's fun and reassuring to get a glimpse at what others are doing and thinking. You have a great sense of humor. There's some pretty funny stuff here!

  18. Good morning, dear! I love your round up posts...I am NOT getting the "premature" gray hair. Enjoy the rest of the week!! xoxo

  19. The grey hair thing is perplexing. I'm also not a fan of the pink, blue, green, etc. hair trend...although I saw more of that in San Diego than I do in Glenview! Love the fairy dust (aka root coverup powder)! I've tried the permanent root touch up kits but usually end up covered in dye from head to toe.

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