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Monday, May 25, 2015

Beautiful Beacon Hill - Take 1

Hello dear friends.  I hope that you enjoyed your long weekend.  My holiday began a little early this year.  My new bff, Anne and I headed to one of the prettiest parts of Boston, Beacon Hill, for the Garden Tour.  We met one of the Sudbury Sweethearts, Kathy there.  

We lucked out with a beautiful day.  It was a not too day - not too sunny, not too warm, and not too cold.  The perfect day to take in some beautiful gardens.   

We walked through Boston Commons, the oldest park in the country.   Not only is the oldest, it is definitely one of the prettiest.  We were there early - with the Swan Boats resting before the crowd arrives in a couple of hours.

This sculpture is called Make Way for Ducklings based on the beloved children's classic.  Anne told me that the ducklings are known to dress for the occasion.  That day the feathered flock were featuring red noses for what else?  Red Nose Day.  

The flower boxes on our way were stunning.

I spy Angelina Jolie or a very hot, trophy wife...

We saw quite a few furry friends on our way.  These two were much better behaved than someone else I know...

Some lines were longer than others but they moved very quickly.

One hostess gardener had a couple of these darling Quimper planters hanging.  I wanted to grab one so badly, my hands itched.  But I had to be well behaved in front of my ladylike friends.

Note to self:  next time, don't try to be fancy.  Wear tennis shoes.  Btw... I never saw so many Tory flats in one place in my whole life.  It must be required wear for the Beacon Hill Garden ladies. 

This is a photo of what the enclosed garden looked like last winter.  Thanks for throwing my post traumatic stress disorder into full throttle! 

I had been searching nurseries near and far for blue hydrangeas and now I know where they all went.

This garden featured 10 "Chanticleer" pear trees pruned up to 7 feet.  Can you imagine being the gardener here?

One nice garden hostess set a pretty table which added grace to the luscious space.  The chairs looked pretty inviting as well.

I can never resist a basket of flowers on the front of a bike.

If I lived in the city, I would like to live across the street from this darling shop.  


We met the lovely Dolley Carlson who was autographing her latest novel.  Think Downton Abbey in the heart of Boston. It sounds right up my alley.

We had a fabulous lunch at this tres chic eatery.

We clocked over five miles that day.  I feel thinner already.  It was a classic day with wonderful friends.

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Katie, it looks like a fabulous day with friends! And who can walk Boston's streets in anything other than walking shoe sneaker types (NB). Yikes! Love your photos, including the McCloskey ducklings.

  2. Who would think that after the winter's freeze the Earth could then offer up so much floral beauty. The ducklings stole my heart too. Boston is just beautiful. Did you see the flags in the Common?

  3. Fresh air, sunshine, pretty flowers, lovely gardens, cobblestone sidewalks, bronze ducklings, swan boats and good company... you can't beat that combination. Sounds like a great day!

  4. Oh what a great day! This is right up my alley, I would have loved every inch of those five miles. Shame you couldn't get your hands on one of those Quimper planters, I would have been your partner in crime had I been along! Thanks for taking us along on this gorgeous tour.

  5. How fun! The beauty is almost more than I can soak in...thanks for taking us along, Katie!

  6. I have a very old copy of "The Hidden Gardens of Beacon Hill". Your tour has prompted me to get it out and do something with my patio a la Beacon Hill.

  7. What a perfect day! Make Way for Ducklings is one of my childhood favorites that was first read to me by Captain Kangaroo. That man had a way with words.

  8. Looks like so much fun! Beautiful flowers and beautiful friends both :-)

  9. Hi Katie, I'm sorry to bug you, but when you leave a comment on my blog, you're still showing as a 'no-reply blogger.' I'm sure you've had tons of advice, but have you gone to your dashboard and your profile and hit 'edit profile,' then enable your email address and then 'save'? That way I can email you personally and not have to bug you publicly like this! :-) Sorry that hasn't been sorted yet. I know it's annoying for you. I'm looking into joining Instagram too. Got to learn the ropes. - Judy

  10. Make Way for Ducklings was the first brand new book I ever received as a child...a favorite and I have a pin from Long Jewelers that commemorates the book....the Public Gardens have so many fond memories and Beacon Hill was a place we visited on field trips through the city...I never appreciated it much back then, but now, wow...thanks for sharing your fabulous day...and my gosh you do indeed look thinner.

  11. Bonjour Katie. We visited Beacon Hill (and Boston of course) 3 years ago, it was so nice! Thank you for your post which reminds me of this beautiful place. Special mention to the Quimper! A bientôt.

  12. Hi Katie,
    I work at the State House and think Beacon Hill is the prettiest part of Boston. I have to remind myself to get out more for lunch and take a little walk down the lovely streets. I love your photos! Glad you had fun.
    Deb xo

  13. Oh this brought back lovely memories Katie. We spent quite a few times walking and exploring Beacon Hill....Senator John Kerry has a rather spectacular brownstone there. It is always beautiful, no matter what the season. Thank you for sharing...looks like you had a fabulous afternoon!


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