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Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Hello dear friends.  I did not spend as much time on Hodgepodge because my internet was down yesterday.  I hate when that happens.  So, here goes.

1. Did you make someone laugh yesterday?  Was it intentional?

Back in the day...
every college boy's dream

My best buddy, Kate the Great and I enjoyed Happy Hour together via phone last night, as we do on a regular basis. As always, we shared a few laughs together.  No matter what we talk about, I always have to rehash her naughty behavior in college.  She was a horrible influence on me.

2.  What's a simple question with a complicated answer?

This one is addressed to my fellow bloggers.  How do I take the "no reply" off of my blog?  I have heard from a lot of you that I have it on and no matter what I do, I fail.

3. Rhododendrons or azaleas... you have to choose.  Are either blooming in your yard?

I would have to say azaleas because I love to see the pop of color in front of the house.  We have rhododendrons on the side of the house, but they are not in bloom yet.

4.  May 21st is National Waitstaff Day.  Have you ever worked as a waiter/waitress?  What was the best/worst part of the job.

I have never been a waitress in my life.  It's not like I never tried.  I had plenty of interviews for waitstaff positions, but I got rejected every time. 

I understand though.  I think I may have been a little too much eye candy for them.

5.  What fashion trend for women should be outlawed?  How about one for men?

As a side note... as I write this I am donning my leggings.  I don't look as good as she does, either. 

6.  Name a writer that inspires you... tell us why.

I think that Kelly Corrigan is an author that most inspires me.  She writes from her heart with honesty, humor, and grit.  

Sista and I had the honor of meeting her last year, and she is exactly what I expected - full of warmth and charm. 

7.  What well known quote or saying sums up your plans for today or this week?

Tomorrow, my new bff, Anne and I are meeting another friend, Kathy, a Sudbury Sweetheart at the Beacon Hill Garden Tour.  This weekend, Anne and her Mister and Sista and BIL  are coming to our house for dinner. We are going to start the evening at a cocktail party and an art show.  Can't wait!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I love this story!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to contact me through comments and email. I love to hear from my readers!


  1. No internet-ugh. We're going to be at my mom's for a few weeks and she has no wifi which is stressing us out a little. I told hubs we may have to buy a hotspot. Have you tried this-http://xomisse.com/blog/fixing-no-reply-blogger-comments/

    Ah yes, the dark sock/sandal look. I'm not even a fan of the new black sport socks with sneakers. It is a little too close to the sandal thing. Enjoy your weekend! Ours will be spent sorting, cleaning out the office, and running back and forth to the dump. Good times!

  2. Forgot to answer the question you asked....when someone asks my girls where's home, their standard answer is 'We've moved a lot.' : ) My youngest would probably now say SC as she's been there since 08. My oldest feels at home there too, but is now in WA and married to an army guy so not through moving.

  3. OMG....now I have to go re-do my makeup. Crying my eyes out at that video and my heart feels so full! Besides, the fact that my sophiejane is sitting in my lap as I type and she looks exactly like that puppy except she's champagne colored and old....15....and not aging so well.....it made me have to hug her and realize she is my savior just as lil nala is to those people. Thanks for this today.....makes me appreciate the lil bit of "almost old age" I'm at!!!!
    Oh.......and now I also have to go change my outfits. Outa these leggings and into some real shorts!!!!!

  4. Oh- Yes- I KNOW that Kate The Great was MOST certainly the one that got into trouble and led you astray. And...if you believe that I have a REAL diamond I will sell you for FIVE dollars cash!
    I can't watch that video- I saw it before an my heart ached for hours.
    Whew- thank God I don't wear Spandex-otherwise you would have had my picture up there.
    Great post- I laughed as I always do when I come here- xo Diana

  5. LOL I forgot all about the socks with sandals look!! Thanks for making this so funny! I laughed my way through!

  6. I'm wearing socks and sandals as we speak! Truly, but it's a special circumstance, honest. I'm on my way to get a massage and my feet will be oily and I won't want to put them in my shoes so I'll have on a thin sock to protect my shoes until I get home and wash the oil off. No one will see me like this! :D

  7. Okay, my limited knowledge of plants confuses me, but I'm quite sure that all azaleas are rhododendrons, but not all rhododendrons are azaleas. That sounds like something on the SAT, but it's the only smart thing I know . . . but how smart can I be if I'm wearing wedgie-inducing leggings while I write this?

    Your hodgepodge posts keep me up at night. Mostly in a good way.

  8. Ha! Socks & sandals! Sorry Jean (reply above) but it's a horrible look! On men and women! Funny how leggings are popping up as answers here today - guess none of us like seeing others in them, but it sure has become a big trend. Although they really are "yoga pants" which makes it sound more acceptable!

  9. I know most people who have trouble being a "No-reply" are often signed up with Google+. I have shared this with people, not sure if it will help you but it is worth a try. http://www.venustrappedinmars.com/2013/06/google-ultimate-no-reply-blogger.html Yes and yes to your fashions that should be outlawed. Love your quote.

  10. Cargo shorts and baggy t-shirts should be banned from any man's wardrobe... Why is it they can't take a hint from the suave Europeans?!
    C + C

  11. I just love your posts, Katie :) I may not win any friends here, but when I glanced at the sandal/sock photo, what I saw was "Birkenstocks" which I know are comfortable and good for the feet, but seriously...they aren't doing anyone any favors as far as fashion is concerned. And the leggings are ok if we cover our bums with a skirt or top, right? Haha.

  12. Birkenstocks have become the bain of my existence this year. High arches are falling.... No more darling little flats. No more flip flops to the beach and NO MORE BARE FEET! My shoe crisis has me embracing the Birks, black patent leather and salmon.... It's still an emotional stretch to put them on my feet, but I can walk and walk and walk.
    Off to have a cocktails and dinner with my two girlfriends. We all make each other laugh! We are the WWW (the Wild Wicked Widows) Love these women in my life!

  13. Leggings are the bane of my existence. I am a high school teacher and the girls all wear leggings with tops to their waistbands or higher…no matter their size. I have had hard conversations with girls over this. As for the no reply blogger, my friend Holli posted this about it dealing with Google + and one thing you need to check. Very straight forward. Hope it helps! http://hollishootsandhollers.blogspot.com/2015/04/fixing-common-problem-using-blogger-no.html

  14. Wow, I am pretty sure I saw someone wearing both the footwear and the leggings...luckily when i checked in the mirror, it wasn't me...although, I have been known for a fashion faux pas...whew...not me this time.

  15. Your hodgepodge posts are always so much fun! I am sad I won't be seeing you next week. Hugs!!

  16. I hope a FEW women see the shot of the BUTT in those pants..............do you think they really have NO IDEA?I think they feel thinner thats why they wear them...........But lets take a look in the mirror before walking out of the house people!
    PS.YOu need to update me on your sidebar!No longer HEN HOUSE.......The Vintage Contessa.NET
    Thank YOU for PUTTING ME THERE!!!!!!!
    Sounds like a beautiful weekend is in store for YOU.....
    The SON got the permits he will be in WELLFEET???SPelling on this may be wrong............I will get more INFO!

  17. So with you on the trends that are no no's....OMG! Socks with sandals?? Yuck. These are always great fun to read and I am so happy to announce my post is basically done (will post next week). Thanks for including me, have a great evening!

  18. Okay, we know you were an angel in college and only the worst of influences could have led you astray!! Lol. I can't watch the dog video. For the same reason I can't visit the animal shelter. Always love reading your blog and getting a laugh. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  19. As always you have made my day Katie!! Leggings ,oh dear they make me look so awful it is not worth the grief!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    The Arts by Karena

  20. Hmmmm, seems like leggings - or as Marla suggested the preferred name of yoga pants - are the blogger's uniform. I just try not to wear mine out in public unless I am actually going to yoga class. The article of clothing that I think should be outlawed is the Speedo swim suit. Exceptions will be allowed for Olympic swimmers.
    Have a wonderful weekend! And please say hi to Anne and Kathy for me!

  21. HA! You are so funny...that's how I feel in my leggings. I came over from the Enchanted Home. I love it that you have such great girl friends. New and long time friends.


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