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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

fave and not so fave things for a few bucks

It seems like forever since I have done a Favorite Things post.  It's not that I haven't discovered new favorite things.  I have - I just forget them.  Sometimes I write them down and then I forget where I put the paper or it gets lost in the Bermuda Triangle in my purse.

This one is neat compared to mine.

So here goes.  All my favorite things that I can remember.  I also included a few from friends and family.

The Mister bought these at Whole Foods the other day.  As usual, he couldn't wait to eat them and opened them in the car.  Naturally, I didn't want him to feel embarrassed about stuffing his face, so I dipped my pudgy little hand in the bag and helped myself to two servings worth of the most delectable piece of chocolate heaven I have ever experienced.  If you like the hard edges around the brownies in the pan like me, you will lust for these delicious bites for days to come.

Also - they are made with all natural ingredients.  
In my book that means no calories.  

My buddy, Dude, introduced me to Mary's Gone Crackers in her favorite things post.  I hate to admit to Dude that she was right - they are mouthwatering.  These pretzels just came on the market and if you like salt with and a whole lot of crunch - these little sticks are for you.  And by the way... they are the perfect compliment to a nice  cold bottle glass of Chardonnay.

An added bonus is that they are gluten free.
In my book, that means no calories.

Remember my Marble or Granite post?  Tery wrote to me about how much she loved having carrera marble in her kitchen.  She also told me a story about one of her children accidentally getting black sharpie on her marble top.  Tery said that she used  Barkeepers Friend and got it out completely!  She raved about this product.  Tery said that this little cleanser in the canister is worth its weight in gold.  By the way, I took this pic right after I ran to the store to buy two of them.

I bought this mascara last week thinking that this might be one of my new favorite things.  It's not.  First of all, this is a 2-step process.  The first step is the mascara and the second one is to "intensify."  The second step is a waste of time.  The tube is huge and wouldn't fit in a normal sized cosmetic bag.  Also, the mascara is clumpy.  They should change the name from "bombshell" to "clumpshell."  I think I'll spend the extra bucks and go back to my old favorite "They're Real!" at Ulta. 

This is the Mister's favorite thing.  Seems he thinks that I change my mind a lot.  Especially about furniture placement.  Also, the Mister  thinks his wife is a lightweight who can't carry heavy stuff.  So when I told him that I could not look at the credenza in the dining room another minute and it HAD to move to the den, he said he had to go to his home-away-from home, Lowes.  He came back with this nifty little box and it worked like a charm.  

By the way... I was so right about the credenza looking better in the den.  
Your welcome, Mister.

Zicam is one of Sista's favorite things.  Poor Sista gets whacked with killer colds.  If she sprays this miracle in a bottle in the back of her throat the minute she feels that first twinge of a cold, and continues to do it every few hours, she can lessen the effects of a devastating cold.  Sista swears by it. 

If it doesn't work for you, sue Sista.

Sista loves Airborne too.  She travels a lot and takes a couple of these before boarding a flight.  There is one problem with these though.  These little gummies are positively delicious so keep it out of the hands of little ones.  And actually big people too.  I could eat the whole bottle.  If I don't watch out, I may have to call  Dr. Drew.

If I have to be snowed in and George Clooney is busy, I want to be a shut-in with a book by Jojo Moyes.  I positively loved her last book and so I went to Amazon and ordered this book that she wrote earlier in her life.  

Jojo did not let me down.  This book is pure, raw, unadulterated  romance.  

If you loved An Affair To Remember, you will adore this book.

In the "if you can't beat them, join them" mindset I took these two photos over the weekend. 

It sure is pretty, but enough already!

Happy Hump Day!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Last Letter from your lover was the first JoJo Moyes book I read and have since gone back and read her older books before she was a best seller - all good!

  2. Katie,
    like your favs, may have to try a couple (or all) of them! Your pics remind me of when I lived in Green Bay Wi, it was beautiful for a while, then ya just wantd it over!!

  3. good tips. I like that you include the ones that don't work out.

  4. Thanks...nothing speaks for a product better than a good (or bad) recommendations! I agree completely with the kitty's sentiments! We are now in the midst of a big thaw - what a mess!

    Have a lovely day! xoxo

  5. Will have to look for the pretzels next time we are at Whole Foods, love their other products. And yes, Bar Keepers friend is awesome stuff. We use it all the time to clean our All-clad pans. I have not found a good replacement for "They're Real". Mac even came out with a version and it was awful! Your post reminded me that I need to pick up some Airborne before we fly next week! Stay warm. The snow is beautiful though.

  6. I thought everything that was natural and gluten free was calorie free. HMMM!!! That may explain the tightening of my waistband. Did I ever tell you that my sister babysat George Clooney when he was a toddler. He apparently was a bit of a brat. xo Laura

  7. LOve the Bar Keepers cleaner.. use it all the time!! That brownie brittle is dangerous I must say!! Are you ready to move back to Texas???Cheers!

  8. I love Bar Keepers Friend! It works wonders on Le Cruset cookware. Also, the furniture movers are a back saver. I've been a fan of Lancôme mascara, but will have to give "They're Real" a try.

  9. I was raving about barkeepers friend on my blog, as it did wonders on a stainless steel grill outside...and my snappy aunt responded "and I always thought that can was for lonely bartenders." Just had to share, not often I find a place to drop that quip! Fun post. If that sunrise/sunset pic is from your property, lucky gal!

  10. I've tried the food items:) .. except for the salted caramel goodie at the top. Heading to Whole Foods today and will be on the look out for those! Salt, caramel. It doesn't get much better and I'll be trying my Mary's Gone crackers with some Chardonnay. Regarding the calorie free "health food" .. yep! If it's organic chocolate it has to be fine. Samples are also calorie free FYI.

  11. I can get myself into deep trouble at Whole Foods because, like you, I figure if it's healthy the calories don't count. Thanks for the tip about Bar Keeper's Friend. I'm going to try it on some pesky rings on my marble top kitchen table. Stay warm and think SPRING!!


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