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Monday, February 24, 2014

Dude Goes A Packin'

A Guest Post ala Dude

On a recent 10 day trip which involved plane and train travel I am proud to say that I packed a carry-on (and personal bag) ONLY!! I never in a million years would think I would be able to do that! 

Ok....so here's what I did...Three weeks ahead I went through my closet , planned out  my outfits (all items that could work with each other) then packed a "test run/practice bag"... OMG! Everything fit!!!  After seeing a packed suitcase hanging around, a confused Mr. Dude asked , "wait...when  are we leaving ?!? " I proceeded to tell him, "not for three weeks , BUT he would be so happy that I'm going  to be sooo organized and  I will only be taking a CARRY-ON! "Then, I unpacked the bag , took pictures of everything (so I could remember what I packed). 

 I also made a list of my planned outfits including shoes and accessories (10 days in one small bag has to be an exact science)....

In conclusion , I found that if I planned  out all my outfits ahead ( and referred back to my "outfit list") then all of my clothing  decisions were  made  ahead of time...no aggravation or taking time away from my vacation trying to decide what to wear!!!

P.S. I also had to fill my "personal under-the-seat bag" with food for my gluten and dairy free diet...yikes

Thanks Dude, for  another great post!  The only thing that I have packed on in three weeks is 10 pounds.

Hope your week is as organized as Dude's suitcase!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Great post! Thanks for the wonderful ideas Dude! I will definitely be using those suggestions on my next vacation. Happy Monday! Dawn

  2. Great suggestions!! My youngest and I too have to plan for all our supplements and dietary needs. It can be frustrating at times.

  3. GO Dude for fitting everything into a carry-on! Great idea doing a test run. And, the picture at the end...priceless!

    Have a happy Monday! xoxo

  4. You have inspired me - I am determined to learn to travel light. Testing it out in advance is a great idea so there is no last minute packing panic - or that's what I call it :-)
    Hi Katie!

  5. Great idea, Katie. I pack lighter every time I go somewhere. I have been buying Travelsmith clothes for the past few years and they are just indispensable to me when I travel. Good for you for planning it all out. xo Diana

  6. Love that you can fit it all in a carry on bag, I have gotten quite creative myself with packing...ANYTHING to avoid baggage claim. Traveling is NOT what it used to be thats for sure!!

  7. Shoes are usually the killers. I love that Dude could put together so many outfits that fit in such a small suitcase. Very well done! My usual solution is to just pack black clothes. Maybe I'll follow Dude's example and throw in an animal print of two to spice things up!

  8. I'd have a tough time fitting everything into a carry on! I've heard that if you roll clothes you can fit more in;) This type of organization is important though as there's nothing worse than loosing luggage.


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