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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Travel Must-Haves

I hope this post finds you well.  We had a wet and dreary quiet weekend but crossed errands and some chores off our list.

We finished this mini-series, which we enjoyed very much.  I would not be surprised if Jeff Daniels walked away with an Emmy nomination.  As a side note... Jeff can get so into his Southern accent that, at times, we had difficulty deciphering his words.

This came out last week.  
I am listening to it and loving it.

Do you know how some authors basically write the same stories with different circumstances and characters?
Jodi Picoult is not one of them.
The good news is this novel is one of her best.
The bad news is it doesn't come out until August.
It's worth the wait.

Summer and vacations will be here before we know it.  Let's face it, traveling ain't for sissies.   

The Mister and I put together a list of modern conveniences that can make traveling easier. These items also make great gifts for moms or graduates.

This has come in handy.

A universal travel adapter


Charge 3 devices in one!



  Portable Charger with built-in Cables


The Mister loves this luggage scale.
As for me... it is not my best friend. 


This steamer/iron is light and has great reviews.
Years ago, before we had a luggage scale, I ended up throwing out my brand-new steamer at the airport because my bag was too heavy.
I haven't spoken to the Mister since.



The Mister knows where our luggage is at all times.
He feels he needs to share his intel with me every hour on the hour.



This is a waterproof container with adhesive for your air tag.





These come in handy for overnight flights or unexpected delays.  I was happy to have them when we spent the night at Miami airport.  
I am still battling PTSD.

Don't forget your meds!
I keep my pill container in my toiletry bag all the time so I won't forget it.  I may have forgotten to fill it, but I have the case.


This is nifty with all the stickers.

Beautiful travel wallet.

Less pricey.

I have this set, which I love because it fits everything, but these are pretty cute too.

Don't forget to pack the crown jewels.

I have two of these versatile bags and a pickleball bag made by this company.  I love them because they hold so much and also don't show wear and tear.  They have tons of cute colors.

I was given a pair of scissors just like these by a friend of the family.
She told me to keep them in my travel kit and said that they would come in handy.  She was right!




The Mister has had these compression packing cubes for several years, and he loves them.

A hanging packing cube!
Why didn't I think of that?


This is great for watching shows on a long flight.


This is my tech case.


This is the Mister's.



I never travel without my laundry bag.


 Electrolyte Powder Drink Mix... The Mister's must-have!


Your cabin mates will be jealous when they see your fancy-schmancy footrest.

Good reviews on this travel pillow.


Better safe than sorry!

This is a new one to me.
A disposable mask for your tray table so you can keep all of your belongings germ-free.



My #2 is headed to Europe this Summer.  I have ordered this little doohickey for safety.


I ordered a couple of these for my girl as well.
Whether she remembers to pack them is a totally different story.

Keep your money and credit card safe with this neck wallet.




A backpack and a suitcase in one!

For the traveler who thinks tray tables are for sissies, the Bevledge will make their day.

This was Millie's addition.
I think she's trying to tell me something.

If you need gift inspo for Mother's Day or graduation, click here and here.

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Your comment about whether or not she will take the Birdie made me laugh. My daughter is headed to Europe too, and I'm not sure if she'll be following any of my (many) pieces of advice! :)

  2. Just forwarded your entire travel list to my mister. Stand by for your sales🤣.

  3. I am such a light traveler (though my husband doesn't think so!) but I don't usually have any of this in my luggage or even my wish list. However, I am thinking of that foot rest for our Hawaii trip; anything to try and make that airplane seat more comfortable!

  4. I am still looking for a voltage converter that works. If you find one, let us know! I can only find adapters. Also I would kill for a steamer with a European plug!.....Gray

  5. I love this list! We're planning a trip this summer so I'm passing this info onto my girls. Thank you for this amazing list!

  6. I’m loving! Loving and loving the Bevledge! I prefer window seats and this will make my airtime even better for my adult beverages! You’ve thought of everything. Happy Trails to #2! KTG

  7. Thank you for sharing these great travel ideas! I definitely found some that I need to purchase for an upcoming trip. Your blog is the BEST! It never fails to make me laugh, plus you share such wonderful ideas and interesting content! You are a very talented and gifted writer! We also have beautiful granddaughters who were born two weeks apart!


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