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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Ten Things Our New Mama Couldn't Live Without


I hope all is well in your world. On Friday, we had lunch with one of our dearest friends, whom we hadn't seen in over twenty years.

I met TJ, or Teeej as I call her, on the tennis court in The Woodlands, TX. She was working as a tennis instructor. We hit it off right away. My tennis game didn't improve (no fault of hers), but I found a lifelong friend.

Teej is living in Houston.  She had a wedding in the area, so she squeezed us in for lunch. It was like no time had passed. She is forever a ball of energy and so darn funny.  

I have heard from so many readers asking me about baby accessories that our #1 and AJ have liked for baby Lucy.  I asked my #1 for a list of her top ten favorite things for baby Lucy. Just like her mother, who is a compulsive overachiever, she even added an extra one!


Baby Brezza Formula Dispenser Machine 

This is basically a “Keurig” for formula bottles. You fill the machine with a can of formula and water, and then you simply enter how many ounces you want in the bottle. It pours and mixes it for you. It is so easy and convenient! 

Doona Stroller


A car seat & a stroller all in one!

Lucy falls asleep every time she gets strapped in. 

Keekaroo Peanut Changing Pad

We like this because it is wipeable but still soft and comfortable for the baby. (Lucy actually loves diaper changes on this!) We ended up getting two, so we have them in different spots in the house for quick changes. 

Lovevery Play Gym


Lucy LOVES this play mat and is so happy when she is on it. Lovevery is great because all of its toys are developmentally rooted. You can even subscribe for monthly toys that are geared to your baby’s age and stage. Right now, at 2-3 months, babies love high-contrast (black and white) toys, which help with mental stimulation and eye muscle growth. 

Nanit Monitor 


We love watching little Lucy on this monitor! It has great video resolution and quality, and you can also see the room temperature and humidity. Our favorite part (as anxious new parents) is that when using one of their smartbands, you can monitor the baby’s breathing. 

                                              Boppy Pillow 

This is so great for feeding, holding the baby, and tummy time. We found it especially great for visitors as it makes them more comfortable holding the baby (and, therefore, makes the baby more comfortable!). The Boppy covers aren’t the cutest, but other brands make cute ones. We have this one from Pottery Barn, and I love these from St. Frank. 


Kissy Kissy

This is Lucy’s favorite brand! It is so classic and sweet, and they hold up so well. Our favorites are the zipper footies, the gowns for nighttime, and the rompers for summer. My favorite patterns are this floral one and this tulip one!

Kyte Baby

The softest clothes (footies, gowns, onesies) for every day—babies are just so comfy in these. And they have the cutest colors and prints! Our favorite color for girls is the Sakura color (light pink), and we love the Strawberries print. Pro tip: Only get footies with zippers if you can—they're so much easier for diaper changes!

Lucy loves a shushing noise, so this helps us so that we are not always having to “shush shush shush.” We use it in her crib, around the house, and in her car seat. It puts her (and Mama!) right to sleep

WubbaNub Pacifier


Lucy loves her WubaNub pacifier - basically a “binky” attached to a little stuffed animal. The actual pacifier (the Avent Soothie) is one that she loves, and then she is always petting her little pink duck (named “Pinkie”) while she is sucking.


Baby Bjorn Bouncer

Lucy loves hanging out in her bouncer—she is so comfortable and happy in it! It comes in a ton of different fabrics and prints (quilted, etc.), but we had friends who highly recommended the mesh fabric to keep the baby cool and more easily clean. 

A big thanks to my #1.

If you have any questions for our new Mama, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to contact me through comments and email. I love to hear from my readers!


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  2. Lucy is adorable and our new granddaughter has many of the same favorites. Aren't babies fun??

  3. Lucy is a doll! Enjoy her! - Cuz, you know how fast they grow up!

  4. Lucy is so cute!! I know you are having so much fun!

  5. Even though I'm not (yet, if ever) a grandmama, I had such fun looking at your #1's list! Things surely have changed. I think the best is the baby formula "Keurig" machine. Brilliant. Baby Lucy is so darling, I know you & the mister are loving every moment! πŸ’šπŸ§ΈπŸ’š

  6. My youngest daughter has a 17 month old - Adelaide - and they used the Bjorn Bouncer. Adelaide loved it. That picture of Lucy smiling just melts my heart!

  7. As a future grandma, I appreciate this list of must-haves. Thank you.

  8. Oh my Lucy's smile is adorable. Love the list even though we are a few years out from new titles! Of course, we are the granpaw parents to Russell. I had no idea there were play pens for dogs while mama is on work calls! Maybe I should get Russell that binky! And the Keurig formula is genius! And the susher machine. xo We are in Europe and getting Elliott updates from a dog sitting app. xo laura

  9. Hello old friend and neighbor! I am so enjoying your enjoyment! Lucky Lucy!!

  10. Have I told you yet...Lucy is the spitting image of YOU!!!!!!


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