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Friday, May 24, 2024

The Friday Files


I hope that you had a wonderful week.  We've had quite a bit of rain lately but it looks as though we will have sunny skies for the holiday weekend. 

We had a delightful lunch with Lucy and her Mama at Cafe Pacific.  The food and service were exceptional, and I have been dreaming of their Signature Pecan Ball ever since.

Our little Lucy was all smiles for our Wednesday lunch.

 Lucy is beginning to chat, and she gets a big kick out of it when you chat back. 

The day has finally arrived. As customary, I bid you adieu on my last blog post until September.  It's time for me to renew my Supermodel Trophy Wife license.  It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

On my agenda is a quick, fun trip to the East Coast, a no-holds-barred closet purge, never-ending husband training, a generous amount of dog spoiling, a copious amount of reading, deleting 40K+ emails, a ton of TV watching, and lots of Lucy cuddling.   

Take a tour of this magnificent estate in Palm Beach designed by Mary McDonald.

 This newly renovated 1930s French Country home is Magnifique!

I know the meaning of a Cardinal sighting, but I was not aware of other birds meaning.

Are you sleep-deprived?  Here's some advice from the experts.

Looking to put more spice in your life?
Here are 10 award-winning Southern barbecue sauces.

Are you thinking of doing some freshening up around the house?
Here are some designer's favorite neutral paint colors that aren't white.

Here are four common tips found in 100 commencement speeches.

Our latest Instagram obsession is @feraflix

These shows are on our Summer TV Watchlist.

There's a new vicar in town on Grantchester.

In theaters in June.

In theaters 5/31

In theaters in August.

In theaters June 28.

That's it for now. I wish you all a wonderful Summer. I will be on Instagram posting my adventures, as well as pretty design pics, for which I can take absolutely no credit.

Also, if you have any ideas for blog posts, please leave them in the comments or email me. 

I will update my Summer Reading list with current reads throughout the Summer.

Need a good book?  Click here.
Are you traveling this Summer? Click here.
Are you going to be a parent/grandparent? Click here.

As the song goes... I'll see you in September.
Stay safe.

No iron!


Big Sale!! 

Great for dry eye!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Have a wonderful summer! What you have planned sounds delightful-especially time with Lucy!

  2. How about keeping us updated on your goings on on Instagram. We miss you when you’re gone!! Also would love to follow your closet purge and trip to the east coast ! Have a great summer!

  3. Have a great summer! Will miss you and your blog....look forward to September when you return!!

  4. Have a great summer. I'll miss you. The Kevin Costner film promises to be a good one, and Longing looks really intriguing. We'll catch up on the grand girls in fall. 😘

  5. Have a terrific, cuddle-full summer! I always await your fall return with much anticipation!

  6. OHHH NO, I just realized that I will not get to see pictures of Lucy for 3+ months. How will I manage??! I will spend my time looking back at her baby pictures from these last few months.😘Have a wonderful summer!

  7. Katie,
    Have a wonderful summer. We will miss you and your blog. I am also doing a closet purge that should have been done last year. Enjoy Miss Lucy.

  8. Have a great summer! You will be missed, but I will be looking forward to September when you're back blogging.

  9. We will miss you! Hope you have a relaxing and fun summer! <3

  10. Have a great summer - you’ll be missed. I won’t believe how big Lucy is when you come back in the fall since I think she’s so big already. She is such a cutie. Enjoy your summer.

  11. Have a wonderul summer, friend. See you on the 'gram!

  12. Enjoy your well earned time off! Love that sweet Lucy smile!!

  13. We have had plenty of rain too and are forecast thunderstorms over the weekend. Hmmf.
    Aww! Lucy is just adorable. What a happy little one.
    Have a great summer!!

  14. Wishing you a wonderful summer filled with lots of Lucy snuggles! 💕

  15. Katie, I think we may need to visit so we can finally get our closets cleaned out- hasn’t this dreaded chore been on our to do this for 5 years??? Just kidding, I know I’d rather do anything than go through my wardrobe. Enjoy Lucy & super model trophy wife camp! Us readers will wait for September & your return . m in Hi who’s moving to CA this Summer.


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