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Friday, November 24, 2023

A Millennial Gift Guide

I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had a fun one.  The Adorables, my favorite son-in-law's delightful family, joined us.  They also brought an honored guest, Aunt Mermie, from Canada.
Here are a few snapshots of our Thanksgiving.

Our security was on high alert.

The expecting parents, #1 and Adorable Jonathon.
We all agreed that we can't wait until next Thanksgiving when we will be joined by our sweet baby girl.

To say that Miss Millie was not well-behaved is an understatement. 
The Mister is now researching boarding schools.

Aunt Mermie, our special guest, is on the far right.  
As always, we shared a lot of laughs with the Adorables.

Proud Mama and her twin boys.

A good time had by all.

A few weeks ago, I got a text from my buddy, Skinny Delaney.  She asked me when #1 was going to write her annual Millennial Gift Guide.  So I texted my #1 and was delighted to hear that she had been working on one.

By the way, The Millennial Gift Guide was one of my top posts of 2022.  And the same goes for 2021.

This year, my #1 has a copilot - her baby girl, who will be making her grand entrance in early March.  


Color Wow Dream Coat
— This makes your hair SO smooth & shiny.  I have fine hair, so I use the regular version, but if you (or your recipient) have thicker hair, get the Extra Strength.

Silk Hair Ties — Such a luxe, fun gifts, and they help to reduce hair damage.

Dior Eyelash Primer – Have used this for 2+ years!  Makes your eyelashes look so much longer & thicker.

Long iPhone Cord — Great for people who travel all the time - the 10-foot is a must!

Blue Light Glasses — I get so many compliments on these on Zoom calls!  A statement accessory that is super functional for anyone glued to their screen.

Laneige Lip Mask — Keeps your lips so moisturized!  I love the Vanilla flavor.

Sleep Pillow Spray — I've been using this for a couple of years now.  There is nothing better than a good night's sleep!

Touchland Hand Sanitizer — Great stocking stuffer - so many fun scents and fits into every purse.

Necessaire Body Wash — I am simply addicted!  I will never use anything else!  Also, they are offering a free full-size Body Serum!  Use code: PREPPY10 for 10% Off.

An Apple Airtag is a great gift for someone who travels. They'll know where their luggage is at all times.


Engraved Lipstick — YSL does personalization/engraving, including this lipstick balm.  Such a special gift!

Personalized Pill Box — Always stays in my purse.  Super chic & great to have in your bag with Advil and prenatal vitamins for on-the-go!

Bala Bangles — Great for the workout junkie.  Comes in fun colors and is easy to wrap on your wrists or ankles.  It enables you to get a little workout in even while you're just doing things around the house.

 I have been loving Colleen Rothschild's shampoo & hair mask.  Not only do they smell incredible and make my hair feel amazing, but they have the chicest packaging, so it feels like such a special gift.

Personalized Notepad — Love all of the stationery and notepads from this brand!

Corkcicle Mug — Keep drinks hot (or cold).  I love the 22-ounce Stanley Cup. These cups have taken over the internet and are so worth it.  Great size, colors, fit in your car cupholder, and has gotten me to drink so much more water.

Bombas Socks — I got my first pair of Bombas last year (after my husband's many, many recommendations), and they truly are the best.

Dior Blush — My MIL got me the original pink color, and I love it!  Asking for one of the new colors this year: Rosewood!

UNDER $100

Pura — When I was at my parents' house recently, I could not get over how incredible it smelled - all because of their Pura!  I am adding this to my list this year, with the scents they had in their home: Sol Tobac & Frasier Fir.

Clarins Cryo Mask — So many influencers are loving this!  Similar to Clarins' original V-Lifting mask, this lifts & depuffs, but this one also gives a cryo/cooling effect and doesn't need to be taken off. High on my list this year!

Artis Makeup Brush — I have had this brush for 2 years and use it every single day for both foundation & concealer.  It makes makeup apply so smoothly and feels so lovely on the skin.  Pro tip: Don't put the makeup on the brush; dab it on your skin and then smooth it with the brush.  I am asking for another one this Christmas!

Waterford Ring Dish — My go-to gift for future brides, but also a great gift for any married gal!

Block Print Packing Cube — While I love my current packing cubes, they get a little lost since they are black in my black luggage.  I am so tempted by these.  The print is so cute and would feel like a fun gift, especially personalized.

Aervana — Great for the wine-o.  Not only aerates your wine but dispenses it like a soda fountain, so no red droplets running down the bottle.

Kindle Reader — I have finished almost 40 books this year, thanks to last year's Christmas gift!  These are a great price point and so good for any bookworm.

Slip Pillowcase — I got this for Christmas last year, and I am never going back to regular pillowcases.  So cooling and makes your hair & skin healthier.

Warby Parker Sunglasses — Best sunglasses - great price point, and the "Sonja" style universally looks great on everyone.

Ugg Slippers — The best Christmas gift.  The platform styles are very ~in~ this year.

UNDER $200

Lake Pajamas — I just got my first pair of Lake Pajamas about 2 months ago from my lovely Aunt-In-Law, and I am truly obsessed (I wash mine 2x a week so I can wear them all the time!) They are so soft, fit so well, and have great quality.  If you are buying for an expectant or new mom, these are the ones I have!

Lily & Bean Hettie Bag — This brand has the most beautiful bags.  This "Kelly Bag" lookalike has been viral with influencers this year for its cute colors and ability to be personalized.

Brinker & Eliza Jewelry — I am in love with this mother/daughter-founded jewelry brand.  They have the most beautiful and timeless (but unique) pieces, and I want almost every single thing.  (A few favorites: HERE and HERE) They even sell some of their pieces on Amazon if you need to throw something special quickly in your cart!

J.Crew Cashmere Wrap — I love a wrap and have been eyeing this one for a while now, and it comes in the most beautiful colors!

Hot Brush — "Hot Brushes" are the new thing on social media.  They don't blow air like an Airwrap or blowdryer, they are basically a hot curling wand with bristles, so you run your hair through it / wrap your hair around it, and it gives you the flippy blowout look.

Augustinus Bader Rich Cream — The Rich Cream is truly the best & worst thing that has ever happened to me.  It is actually incredible how much it moisturizes & evens skin tone, but because it is so pricey, it is a hard habit to keep up!  So I always ask for it for Christmas and savor it the first half of the year.

Maison Pearson Brush — I got this last year from my sister, and I will never use another hairbrush ever again.  It makes your hair so smooth & shiny.  I even bought myself a small version for my purse!

Sonos Speaker — My husband and I asked for another one every single year so we can hear music everywhere in the house.  These are the best!

Print Fresh Robe — I love this robe.  Come in the cutest prints, and they are so easy to pack (if you need a robe when traveling, like me!)

UNDER $300

MZ Wallace — I have had my MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote for TWELVE years and still use it multiple times a week to lug things around day-to-day, use it as a weekend bag, as a travel tote, gym/tennis bag, and so much more.  It still looks brand new, but I am asking for another because I love that the new version has a sleeve to slide over your luggage, and I know I could use two!

Ooni Pizza Oven — This is on Adorable Jonathon's Christmas list this year!

Aarke Carbonator — We got this last year, and we use it nonstop!  And makes your groceries so much lighter to not purchase heavy sparkling water packs!

Boll & Branch Sheets — We got our first pair of sheets two years ago, and we LOVE them.  They survived 2 years of NYC commercial washer dryers and are not only in perfect condition but have gotten better with every wash.  These are such a special gift for anyone on your list.  Use PREPPY25 for 25% off :)

Away Luggage — The absolute best luggage.  We have all of the sizes, and use them all! 

Thank you so much, #1!  Great job, as always, but definitely this year has been taken up a notch by your copilot.

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to contact me through comments and email. I love to hear from my readers!


  1. I enjoy this post every year - so many good ideas for my millennial daughter. The Mister's apps and dessert look delish as always.

  2. You certainly set a beautiful table. I loved seeing the family photos. Thanks for all the recommendations! Tanya

  3. Oh how I love seeing #1's gift guide and it's not for just Millennials...plenty for their mothers too! I bought the B and B set for my daughter and husband last year and it's the gift that keeps on giving, will have to get a different color for them this year. I also bought a crib set for their baby, nothing is too good for the GRANDS! Always love seeing family pictures and #1 is simply glowing, as is AJ! So excited for your BUNDLE of JOY and all you will post as a GRANDMOTHER! KTG

  4. Great ideas #1!! You look beautiful and are absolutely glowing!!

  5. What a great post! You will LOVE being grandparents❤️.
    Love the rug in your entry… can you share source?? Also #1 sweater?.
    Enjoy the holiday!
    Nancy B.

  6. Thanks so much for the Millennial Gift Guide! I ordered the sleep spray last year and my girls, 30 and 24, loved it. I just ordered the wine aerators for this year! You have great suggestions and have helped me score points with Christmas gifts!🤗

  7. How I miss your book list! Is it possible to do one for 2023??? Thank you✨

  8. Questions for you…. What is under the turkey macaron? And what seasoning or glaze does the mister chef extraordinaire use on the shrimp & sausage??? I’d like to replicate those two things. Always a great list from your daughters. m in hi

  9. Would love Mister s recipes

  10. Sounds like you had an amazing Thanksgiving celebration with the Adorables and Aunt Mermie! The snapshots are lovely, and the expecting parents look thrilled about their sweet baby girl on the way. By the way, your mention of the Millennial Gift Guide caught my eye. If your #1 is working on it again this year, have you considered checking out Lily and Bean for some unique gift ideas? EMUCoupon has discounts for Lily and Bean that might come in handy for the holiday season. What's the most exciting gift you've ever received or given during the holidays?



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