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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

My Summer Reading List

Did you have a good weekend? I hope that all of the mothers out there were spoiled rotten.

My weekend did not turn out as I had expected.  Saturday, I was supposed to have a mother/daughter day with my #2.  She made reservations at the spa and lunch at one of my favorite restaurants.

Unfortunately, it did not turn out that way. My poor girl woke up with everyone's least favorite house guest, Covid.  Luckily, one of her best friends is a doctor and prescribed Covid's Kryptonite, and she is feeling a lot better today. 

The Mister and I are traveling in June, so we spent some time at CVS yesterday getting an additional booster.

On Sunday, my #1 was supposed to take me to the Swiss Avenue Home Tour.  Unfortunately, we had rain storms, so we decided to take a pass.  I'm not the best driver on a sunny day, but when you throw in inclement weather, I am a disaster.

As it turns out, I have two shiny rainchecks in my pocket and gratitude in my heart for my two wonderful daughters and, of course, my favorite son-in-law.  And the Mister isn't so bad either.

Here is a list of some books that I read recently and some that I am looking forward to reading this Summer.  Many will be published within the next couple of months.

This novel was written by the author of Wild Game.  I received an early copy of this family-themed novel a couple of months ago and enjoyed it very much.  

A riveting novel about Cape Cod, complicated families, and long-buried secrets.

This book is about a widower who lives in a small town.  He is a linesman, a hometown hero, a doting dad, and a serial killer.
I could not put this book down.  This comes out this Summer.

A family of relatable characters and a picture-perfect backdrop in Maine in the Summertime. 

I enjoyed this light, sweet story. 

One woman. Two childhood loves. The dazzling place where it all began.


When it comes to Southern Lit, nobody does it better than Kristy Woodson Harvey.
Four women come together to save the summer camp that changed their lives and rediscover themselves in the process.

Ruth Ware returns with this adrenaline-fueled thriller that combines Mr. and Mrs. Smith with The Fugitive, about a woman in a race against time to clear her name and find her husband’s murderer.

Yes, Mister, I'm planning on reading another book about a murdered husband. 


After tragedy strikes, Hollis Shaw gathers four friends from different stages in her life to spend an unforgettable weekend on Nantucket.

FYI... that's me on the cover.

A Gothic chiller about a young caregiver assigned to work for a woman accused of a Lizzie Borden-like massacre decades earlier.

If you are warm, feel-good stories, this is not your book. 

Author Lisa See, inspired by the true story of a woman physician from 15th-century China—perfect for fans of See’s classic Snowflower and the Secret Fan and The Island of Sea Women.

I have read almost all of See's books and liked every one of them.

From the author of The Book of Lost Names comes a gripping historical novel about two mothers who must make unthinkable choices in the face of the Nazi occupation.

A thrilling story about love, sacrifice, and the pursuit of dreams, set amidst the glamour and glitz of Radio City Music Hall in its mid-century heyday.

Another favorite author of mine!

True confessions:  I was never chosen to be a Rockette.
If I didn't know better, I would think that the producers were biased against short, chubby legs.

Another favorite author of mine.

Beatriz Williams returns with a ravishing summer read, taking readers back to a mid-century New England rich with secrets and Cold War intrigue.

Marie Benedict is another favorite author of mine.
I hate to namedrop, but I am a friend of her aunt's.
Hi Dell!

A novel about the extraordinary partnership between First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and civil rights activist Mary McLeod Bethune

Welcome to Stanhope. A safe neighborhood. A place for families.

For some reason, I don't think it's as safe as they say it is.
Shari is one of my favorite domestic suspense writers.   

I read this and loved it.
It is the perfect beach read.

Love isn’t blind, it’s just a little blurry.

A whip-smart, propulsive debut about infidelity, backstabbing, and murderous intrigue, set against an exclusive summer haven on Fire Island.

This sounds like a slow day in my life. 

 A story about fierce family loyalty, good intentions gone awry, and the consequences of improbable love.

I have been in the mood for stories about dysfunctional families lately. The crazier they are, the more normal I think ours is.

I am counting the minutes until this one comes out.

A beautiful and moving novel about family, love, and growing up.

I'm looking forward to this one.

The intimate, multi-generational story of the Kennedy family as seen through their Hyannis Port compound on Cape Cod—the iconic place where they’ve celebrated, mourned, and forged the closest of bonds.

This just came out.

A great teacher's gift!


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  1. Great list, will be adding some of these to my Goodreads Want to Read list.

  2. Looks like some good reading! Thanks--STILL waiting for your Blog Friends to reappear??

  3. I look forward to reading quite a few of these, especially The Paris Daughter. I loved the Book of Lost Names.


  4. I didn't know Patchett has a new one coming out. I guess I'm not surprised. Mostly I'm thrilled! The Hyannis Port looks like my cuppa, too! Nice to see you, Katie!

  5. I want to read ALL of your recommendations! Where do you find the time?? Thanks for the mention! Dell XO

  6. So many great books for summer! I haven't given much thought to a summer reading list... I tend to just pick as I go.

  7. Great picture of the Clooney girls! Ohhhh I had forgotten all about Lisa See so thank you for recommending her latest book. Love her and your list. I've got my hat, Jackie O sunglasses, my new linen frock from Faherty and I'll be out on the patio reading from your list incase anyone is looking for me? It's finally summer here! KTG

  8. Thank you so much for the recommendations! Even though I did my own summer list blog post, there were several that I hadn't seen. My TBR list is so long right now because my brain is too scattered to read much with my upcoming move.

  9. Thank you for the great list of books that are coming out! Too many books to read and too little time! I enjoy your blog and I have already thought about how I will miss it when you take a break this summer!

  10. Thanks, Katie!! Your book lists are always interesting!! Hope your daughter is well by now and that you and your hubs will have safe travels coming up! xo

  11. You always have the best book recs so of course I am pinning this post. Glad your daughter is feeling better and that you can prolong the Mother's Day celebrations!

  12. Not that I don’t have an impossibly long TBR list but all of the ones you listed in your blog sounds great and will have to be added. Thanks for your little blurbs - it really makes them sounds so good and some of your favorite authors are mine as well. Have a great week and I hope you can have your postponed Mother’s Day soon.

  13. Thanks so much for the reviews and recommendations Katie! Sorry about your Mother's Day plans but now you still have them to look forward too!

  14. Hope your daughter is feeling better. Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns


  16. Sharing the book list on Saturday! My daughter just got a Covid test because her bachelorette is next weekend. Love this list. Saved!

  17. Lots of good books suggestions! (I hope that Paxlovid does not cause rebound Covid for your daughter as it did for 8 friends and family members.)

  18. So sorry about the Mother’s Day plans. But look what you have to look forward to and look at those beautiful girls! Such a lovely crew and thank you so much for these recommendations!

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  20. Belated Happy Mother's Day. Thank you for the summer reading list, I can't wait to bring all of them to the beach. I love that photo of all of you, Millie is very photogenic.

    Annie G.

  21. Kristy Woodson HarveyJune 6, 2023 at 7:21 PM

    Thank you for recommending The Summer of Songbirds! Only a few more weeks until Pub Day! xoxo


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