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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

My Favorite Reader... Tanya

I hope that this post finds you well.  I am reporting from our little nest a lot more refreshed and relaxed.  I am in the process of putting together a post chronicling my experience at the Supermodel Trophy Wife camp. 

 Today, my favorite reader is Tanya from the entertaining blog, The Other Side of the Road. Although I have never met Tanya in person, I consider her a friend.  Tanya has been blogging since 2004.  Her posts include travel, recipes, family life, and of course, books. I have watched her darling children grow into their college years. And now, Tanya and her Mister have stepped into a season of their own... empty nesterhood.


Tell us about yourself, i.e., your home state, family, career, etc.

Hey, y’all - I’m Tanya from Houston, Texas. I’ve been married for 21 years to Michael, and we have 2college-age kids. Before having children, I taught high school science for 10 years. 

Now I enjoy running our household, planning travel, working in the yard, volunteering at the library, walking, blogging, and of course, reading.

We have a dog named Albie, who keeps me on my toes. 

When did your love affair with reading begin?

 My mother told me I started reading at a young age and that she found me playing school and reading the encyclopedia when I was 4 years old. (Who remembers having a set of encyclopedias at home?) 
 I loved reading the childhood classics and weekly trips to the public library.

What are your favorite genres?

My favorite genres right now are contemporary fiction and mystery/suspense. I occasionally dip into historical fiction and would like to read more serious literary fiction in the future.

 Paper book, ebook, and/or audiobook?

If you had asked me this pre-2020, I would have definitely replied, “paper book.” Somehow my attention span shifted in 2020 - either related to my midlife years or the pandemic news cycle. Nowadays, almost all of my reading is via audiobooks. I am working on adding more traditional book reading into my routine.

What are the best books that you read in 2022?

What book(s) come to mind that you consider overrated?

Colleen Hoover’s books are so popular, but they’re not a fave for me.

If you don't enjoy a book, do you finish it or not?

I will definitely “DNF” a book if I am not enjoying it. Sometimes even if I am halfway through the book, I will set it aside if it is not clicking for me.

Favorite place and time of day to read?

Since I love audiobooks so much now, I love listening as I walk the dog, do things around the house, or drive. I am working on reading my traditional books before bed.

Your table is set for six. What five authors (living or not) would you invite for lunch?

Ruth Sepetys

Phillipa Gregory

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Kristen Hannah

Corrie Ten Boom

What book(s) resonates with you the most?

I had a hard time narrowing this list down! 

These are books that I still think about, even years after reading them.

What is the funniest book that you have ever read? 

The saddest? 

Most Depressing?


What are you presently reading, and what's next on your list? Is there a book you are looking forward to that will be published later this year?

Next on my List - I have downloaded several of the books in the Philippa Gregory Plantagenet and Tudor
series and I will start with the White Queen

We just watched the tv series, and I’m looking forward to
reading more about this historical period.

Looking forward to -


Thank you so much for your thoughtful answers, Tanya.  I've taken notes and added a few more reads to my TBR list.

To keep up with Tanya, stop over and read her fabulous blog, The Other Side of the Road.  You can also catch up with Tanya on Instagram right here.

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  1. What a fun series, Katie. The Marjorie Post book is next on my list! And I agree that The Only Plane in the Sky was fascinating reading.

  2. Great post! I've been reading Tanya's blog for many years - definitely one of my favorites. I've enjoyed watching her kids grow up and I've followed along with so many of their travel adventures. Now it looks like I have some books to read!

  3. Katie, I love reading your blog especially today while we are "enjoying" our -10 degrees in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. You inspire me in so many ways (interior decorating, fashion and my favorite--reading). Thank you for introducing us to Tanya, it was fun to read her interview!

  4. I love Tanya's blog and I am a loyal follower. I love her book recommendations, reading about her family, and her Prime link up each month.

  5. I love seeing what other people are reading and liking. I got my Necessaire trio a few days ago and looking forward to using it, thanks for recommending and sharing the discount!

  6. I find that Tanya and I have similar taste in books so I often use her suggestions for what to read next. I am loving this fun series!

  7. Thank you so much for the feature today! I'm looking forward to meeting some new blog friends!

  8. Hi Katie~
    I always enjoy your posts...and the book recommendation segment is one of my favorite reads! Tanya's book lists look fab- and I agree about using audiobooks as a means to "read" and " listen". I highly endorse the Gown by Jennifer Robson! I can't wait to delve into her other recommendations...The Wedding Dress Sewing Circle will start me off - read the author's first book..Ladies -Chilmark book. really good. btw- my Necessaire skin care set arrived last week. oh oh oh....can not wait to use!!! You never disappoint with your recommendations- books, skin care, interior design. Love your posts Katie!

  9. How wonderful to see Tanya featured - she is such a gem! I loved reading this and getting some great book recs!

  10. Agree with all the above! Love the suggestions! xo laura oh snd it was -27 windchill in minneapolis ( my son said our 10 degrees was balmy! co

  11. Love, love, love this series, KC! Thanks, Tanya. Albie is darling. I’ve added quite a few of your suggestions to my list.
    Dana S.

  12. How nice to meet one of your long-time blogging friends and learn more about her! Lots of books to consider!! Wow! Thanks, Katie!!

  13. Hi Katie, as always, this was a great post with lots of intriguing titles suggested. Tanya’s remark about shifting to audiobooks reminded me I would like to suggest/request that as a topic for one of your posts. I am not terrific with technology (aside from online shopping, of course) and feel intimidated about making the change. Is it difficult? Does it take a lot of storage on your device? I am jealous when you mention listening to all these books on your walks. Guiding some of us from our beloved Kindle apps to audio books could be your Public Service Announcement. Thanks, Jo

  14. I've always been a reader, too. I read a lot of non-fiction at this point in my life but I enjoy a good novel, as well. In the last couple of years, I've added audiobooks to my ways of getting more reading done. It has been a blessing and a great use of times when I'm just doing busy work.

  15. I loved the questions and answers. I've never read a Colleen Hoover and I'm less likely to try one now !


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