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Friday, February 3, 2023

In My Heart ~ The One & Only


Were you wondering where I was last week?  I was at the gorgeous One & Only Palmilla resort in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico.  I decided that some serious team building was needed in the Preppy Empty Nester Corp., so I took my team of one to Mexico.

I did not take the above photo; my helicopter was in the shop for an oil change.  But the rest of the incredible photography is mine.

Our journey to the hotel was seamless.  We arrived and were greeted by four smiling staff members.  We were then escorted by our personal concierge to our suite.  Along the way, we were asked to ring the bell, which signaled to all the inhabitants that we had arrived.  They could now start to have fun. 

On our tour, we were then treated to a glass of juice and offered a shot of tequila.  A staff member approached with incense to rid us of the evil spirits.  I told the Seniorita to give a little extra to the Mister.

We arrived at our home away from home, and our host checked us in.  It certainly removes the stress of waiting in a long line at the front desk.

The best part was the view!
One of the amenities was a pair of binoculars for whale watching.  Because the nights were cool and we were safely on the third floor, we kept the sliding doors open and fell asleep to the sound of the waves every night. 
I didn't hear the Mister snore once! 

We stopped for a light lunch.  I could not believe how many whales we spotted within minutes of arriving, and that was before the margarita! 

The weather was beautiful - very nippy in the mornings and warmed up to the mid-seventies in the afternoon.  

As you can imagine, the guacamole was out of this world.  The Mister said he would start to include shrimp in his guac recipe. 

Here's a funny thing... we had a day-drinking discovery.  When you are over sixty, like the Mister, alcohol doesn't give you a good time; it just gives you a good nap. 

Here is PEN's Director of Security, CFO, IT Director, Director of F&B, Company Photographer, and last but not least, Director of Dishwasher Distribution.

On the first night, we had a delicious dinner in Suviche, which specialty is sushi.  The food and service were exemplary.

After a beautiful breakfast, we went to the pool.  It was just about 60 degrees and windy.  Can you believe that we were the first at the pool?  It was 9:00AM, for gosh sake!  The first sunbather showed up four hours later.

Speaking of pools, when we took our tour, our host told us that there was an adult pool and a children's pool.  

We took our chances and sat at the kid's pool.
It looked like this all day - no kids and very few people. 

The adult pool was a lot smaller and packed!
We were sure to keep that little secret to ourselves.

I took yoga from this lady.
It would have been a lot more fun if she had a personality.
Nice jewelry, though. 

Before I knew it, it was time to eat again!

The next night we had dinner at the signature restaurant, Seared and I wore my new Tuckernuck frock.

Everything was magnificent!

Team building taken up a few notches.
It's important to keep my team happy.

More reading and relaxing.

We began to refer to this Mexican paradise as Carbo because of all the fabulous delicacies we had been consuming.  

A Diet Coke is the new luncheon Margarita

This is one of the dresses I bought at the Lilly sale. 
They are great to travel with - no wrinkles except my own.
Note to self:  find a new pose.

More pool time and reading.

A last dinner, another Lilly, and a toast...

To PEN's Employee of the Year!

If you are looking to get away, I highly recommend the One and Only Pamilla.  The hotel and grounds were breathtaking, and the food and service were nothing less than exemplary.  

But the true stars of this experience were the staff members.  Whenever we came in contact with an employee, they would greet us with bueno dias, a warm smile, and a tap on their heart.  The F&B Director, Luis, was especially kind and generous to us, which was very much appreciated.

PEN's Security Detail
Killing it!!!

60% off Sale items.

60% off Sale items!

60% off Sale items!

They replenished their supply of my favorite sweatshirt in lots of new colors.

I am going to order this and tell anyone who asks that it is the year I was born.

Gap Factory

A girl on our flight had this on, and it looked so cute on her.
I wasn't home two minutes before I ordered one for myself.

Extra 40% Off Sale price!

I have this tunic, and it is very flattering.


Under 50 buckaroos!

There is a HUGE furniture sale going on at Wayfair.

My #1 asked for of these label makers.  I can vouch that there are very few things that are not labeled in her nest!

Nécessaire was kind enough to extend this fabulous offer!
Three full-size products:  the ultra-rich body cream, the extremely hydrating serum, and the best darn neck serum I have ever used.
A $150.00 Value!
On sale for $110.00
with the code 

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  1. What a fabulous getaway. Sometimes those spur-of-the-moment things are really treasures that you weren't expecting. Love that you enjoyed yourself and WOW the food and ambiance--spectacular! Have a great weekend. xo Diana

  2. This looks like an incredible getaway! I'm putting it on our empty nester bucket list! Stay warm in chilly Dallas.

  3. Sounds like a fun getaway - we are heading to the Caribbean in March and I cant wait for the warm sun!

  4. Looks fabulous! We stayed there quite a few years ago when we were still living in Boston. Glad to hear it’s still wonderful. Love, love all your outfits!❤️
    Nancy Berry

  5. This looks amazing. Thinking maybe CTL needs a team building trip.

  6. Sure looks beautiful but did I understand $2200/night to $4200/night??

  7. What a great getaway! We all need to get away from this awful weather!

  8. I hope you went to Flora Farms!!! The best! We adore Cabo!

  9. Cabo looked like fun. My husband went last fall on business and had a wonderful trip. And honestly - you always look cute in any pose!

  10. First, ordered the Necessaire set and it arrived this week. I have used it everyday since. I can already see that I will need the cream and serum lotion monthly. Ugh! Love the neck serum as well.

    What a fun getaway! Hubby and I need to go where the sun is shining and the weather is warmer for sure.

    Okay, saw a few sale items that I'm about to go check out. You are very good for my retail therapy habit. :o))

  11. Katie- It is always a delight to read your posts- you have a wonderful sense of humor! Glad the " Team" conference was a success- its important to foster bonding which can create synergy and motivation within the team- the PEN Empire will reach new heights of success. You have quite a talented team- keepers! Pay raises across the board!

  12. Dearest PEN - You snuck away to my favorite place! That's right. I'm familiar with Carbo. And the Palmilla in Carbo, there's nothing like it. Hope your team picked up some new culinary skills ... like shrimp in the guac ... and is hard at work perfecting them. xo

  13. What a lovely place you went to!
    I’m on the Necessaire waitlist since Feb 1. Looking forward to it being restocked so I can purchase it. Can you please let us know when Lilly has the next sale? I would love to get a new dress with sleeves from her. We are spotting whales over here too. Always enjoy reading your posts. A big fan. m in HI.

  14. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful get-away you had!! It looks and sounds amazing! Welcome back!!

  15. Thank you for taking us along on your vacation. I will probably never go to such wonderful places since I'm not keen on leaving the USA for pleasure. But to go with you via blog is perfect. Your photography, the food, the clothes you packed, and your sense of humor -- all are a delight.


  17. Hi Katie
    I loved your black and white dress. It looked like it was very full and short what did you think. Love you and Mister. He is my gadget guy!!!!!
    Great Blog

  18. What a beautiful resort! Can't get over that view! And the Employee of the Year looks pretty happy!


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