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Friday, February 10, 2023

The Friday Files


Welcome to the first Friday Files of 2023. 

I hope that this post finds you well. 

We've had our share of rain this week, which means lots of muddy paw prints in the house.  Our home is also featuring the sweet scent of clammy canine. 

I've been keeping busy reading and listening to two good books.  The first one is Hello Stranger by Katherine Center, which comes out in July.  I've been listening to Jojo Moyes' new book, Someone Else's Shoes, which came out this week.  The Murdaugh trial has kept me riveted.  If you are not aware of it, here is a recap.

Yesterday, I got the gang all together from the 'hood and enjoyed a delicious lunch at Gloria's.  I am blessed with some wonderful neighbors.  Tonight, the Mister and I are going out to dinner in celebration of Valentine's Day. 

This beautiful traditional home in Atlanta was designed by Mallory Mathison Glenn.

Designer Blaire Murfree helps her client downsize from estate to townhouse.

For those who appreciate the charm of old houses, this beauty is for sale in Lyman, SC.

Take a tour of this magnificent Colonial Williamsburg 1695 home designed by Heather Chadduck Hillegas. 

Dill Pickle Hummus

Irish Nachos

Walking Taco

Here are 50, count 'em, 50 recipe ideas for your Superbowl gathering.

This one's for you, Annie.

And don't forget the best part!
Click here for over 40 Superbowl desserts.

What's the story, Morning Glory?

Have you ever had a Morning Glory Muffin?

I have not, but I have a feeling that I would like them.  Here is a recipe and the history of this muffin, or should I say moofin?

Here's a list of the best hotels in the US  according to US News & World Report.

Here are the best places to go for families during Spring Break.

Here's some good news for travelers.

More Good news!

I'm doing something right!

Here are several ideas on how to store your wrapping supplies.

If you don't know who Elizabeth Chambers is, she was married to Armie Hammer.  Btw... my #1 worked with her before the Pandemic and said that she is a real sweetheart.  This is her side of the story.

Have you been watching Dear Edward?
You can read how the author, Ann Napolitano, felt about seeing her book come to life on the small screen in her own words.

Is Yellowstone coming to an end?  

Here's the scoop.

She's back!
After working on her book for a couple of years, she has come back to blogging.
Stop over to see what my very funny buddy Kelly has been up to on her blog, 

Here are a few Instagrammers who have kept me entertained lately.

If you like puppies, this sweet Instagram comes to us from Finland.

If you enjoy watching well-behaved doodles (is there such a thing?) and sweet children, this one is for you.

If you have a great sense of humor, these sisters will keep you chuckling.

I have been following this darling couple for several months.  They do 15-second dances that are so darn cute. 

In a nutshell, Chad is a goof who gives marriage advice, and his patient wife is his straight man lady.

This is a darling older story, but I just became aware of it now.

It Cosmetics is having a great sale.
I replenished my makeup brush supply.

As you can see, the above shirt looks nothing like the real thing.  It is a light fleece that is perfect for traveling and, if I may say so myself, quite flattering.  If they came in more colors, I would have bought them all.  The best part is the price.

Lots of colors! 

Love this look!

Big sale happening at Macy's.

A BIG Sale going on over at Serena & Lilly

Only a few days left to snag my favorite Nécessaire trio, which includes the ultra-hydrating body serum, incredibly rich body cream, and the best neck cream that I have ever used, which is a $150.00 value.
It is being sold for $110.00, and now because you are a buddy of mine, you can get it for $99.00 with the code PREPPY10.

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  1. I so miss living close to Colonial Williamsburg. It is a beautiful area.

    1. It is. I wanted my #2 to go to William & Mary so much. She chose W&L. Have a great week.

  2. As Chow ages, he becomes so photogenic. I just love their faces in this photo. I believe that is carmelized bacon on that cupcake. How are we just discovering that now? I would love these! I have been using the Necessaire neck cream religiously on my neck and my multiple chins. Several of the chins have faded to the degree that I found my missing set of pearls that had been in hiding in there! I also plan on making those Irish Nachos. Happy Friday! Love Annie G.

    1. So glad that you love Necessaire as much as I do. And what a lucky turn - you found that string of pearls! The Mister was talking about making the Irish Nachos tomorrow night! I knew that cupcake had your name on it. Have a great week!

  3. Sis, you're the best! Thanks for including me today. As for Morning Glory muffins, they are huge here in Vancouver. Huge. Both in popularity and size. Coming in at probably 255 WW points, they are often comparable to softballs. Wolf one down for breakfast and you're good to go 'til noon. Maybe even dinner ...

    1. Sis, 255 WW points is a slow day for me. So glad that you are back to your blog again. You were missed!

  4. This was so fun. Thanks for bringing laughter to my day ♥️Cheryl

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Cheryl. Enjoy your week.

  5. Katie, so many great things! I love the houses, especially the Colonial Williamsburg House. IT is such a beautiful place and there is so much history.
    You had me at Super Bowl dessert, I cannot wait to check out all of the great things I will need to make.
    There are so many interesting and entertaining people on Instagram, I have been following that dancing couple since the pandemic. They are so sweet.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. We love you , darling Katie ! Thanks for laughing with us everyday! 😘😘

    1. The sisters from Sophistication Is Overrated!

  7. The Slageter sisters from Sophistication Is Overrated 2 love Katie!

  8. I've printed the morning glory muffin recipe. It sounds like it will be delicious. You always share the best of everything, thank you. Clothes, movies and books are always top in my book. Retirement is fun!
    Karen B.

  9. Super fun post! I always enjoy taking time and digging deeper into the links. Have a great weekend!

  10. Love it all! That's crazy about #1 previous gig with AH (ex) wife! Got my eye on that talbots navy and white trim piece. scrolling back up! laura

  11. Oh boy ~ I can relate to muddy paws and I'll raise you one...My 1yr old Samoyed, Kira, is a digger and our yard looks like the cover of the middle school book "Holes." Like your two ~ it's a good thing they're cute! In my next life I'm going to find a house with my study overlooking the ocean like the one you show in your post. How did I not know about Irish nachos??? Thanks for making my day! KTG


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