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Monday, February 6, 2023

Prime Time

I hope that you had a good weekend.  It was lovely to see the sunshine and higher temperatures after a week of freezing rain.

The Mister and I had a lunch date with the Adorables.  They had to cancel because they were still testing positive after having Covid weeks before.  So the Mister and I got some errands done and enjoyed a nice lunch.

The highlight came on Sunday when I collected on a Christmas present.  My #2 gifted me a Mother/Daughter Day.  We began with relaxing facials at Hiatus and topped it off with a delicious lunch at Sadelles.  It was a no-photo zone, so I took pics of the food.  The company was the real star of the day.

Today, I am joining Tanya at her party for Prime Purchases.  It is one of my favorite link-ups because I love seeing what other bloggers buy.  

Btw... Tanya was my most recent Favorite Reader.

I ordered this cardigan (and a few others) for our trip.
This is the one I kept, and I ordered it in two other colors.
Good quality and fit.
And if you're wondering, yup, that's me, alright.

I ordered this one for Chowdah in my office since he's with us more these days.  I just ordered another one for our den.

I bought this cute little tray to stage my Nécessaire.

It says it is for women over 50, but I decided to get a head start.

I ordered another couple of Cuddlduds.  Not only are they warm, I now wear them under sweaters when a shirt is too bulky.

For one of my favorite Valentines.

I ran out of this nose spray before we went to Cabo.  I scooted to CVS,  Walgreens, and Walmart, and none of them had it in stock.  So I let my fingers do the walking over to Amazon, and I had a couple of these waiting for me when I got home.

If you suffer from seasonal sinus headaches, I highly recommend it.

Warning: it kind of feels like this, but to me, it's worth it. 

Had to throw some chew toys out and order new ones.

Millie spied me picking up her ragged bones, and decided to keep a closer eye on this one.

One of my beauty bloggers recommended this primer for lashes.

Save your $ - it didn't work for me.

Another beauty influencer raved about this rechargeable, heated eyelash curler.

My take: Save your $$

Finally got it right when I went back to my old brand.

A couple of weeks ago, a news show had a doctor on who said that older people should do a crossword puzzle a day to keep their minds sharp.

So I bought this set for the Mister.


The Mister loves his new handy-dandy travel pill organizer.


The Mister had his physical a few weeks ago, and the doctor recommended that he purchase a blood pressure monitor.
I think it will get some use when the credit card bills arrive.


Since we had our kitchen done, the Mister stores our big mixer in the garage.  He ordered this for the little jobs and is quite pleased.


Every once in a while, I mention my friend Cheryl's mouthwatering popovers.
Looks like he may be about to throw his hat in the ring.

You should see how excited he gets when gadgets arrive.


The Mister is now in charge of making the WW muffins.
Naturally, he couldn't use the old pans that I used.

He bought these for our cars.
That Mister, he's always thinking.

Last but not least, if you have been following me for a while, you know that I am a big fan of Etsy.  The shopkeepers are professional, and the workmanship is exemplary.

Today I would like to highlight ThePolishedPrep.  Victoria sent me this kitchen towel for my kitchen.  Pop over to her shop - she has darling things - great gifts for your galentines. 

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  1. I think we need to change your name to Ermma, as in Bombeck!!!

  2. If you haven't already checked it out, I know you're going on a big spending spree at MacKenzie Childs with their new toile pattern. But hold onto your wallet...the Mister not so much!

  3. Lots of great finds. The kitchen towel is great- thanks for sharing the shop as it is new to me. Please look over your new vitamins as it may not have iron in it & you might feel less energy. Just a precaution as us fans wouldn’t want anything to happen to our favorite blogger. m in HI

  4. Oh those popover tins- I may need to snag them!! You got some great things!

  5. I always enjoy your blog. So many goodies to explore. In fact this time you reminded me of Etsy. So I went there immediately and spent a pretty penny. Thanks. How about that WW muffin recipe? I know my husband would enjoy it. Keep it up!

  6. I'll be checking out the dog bed and Sinex too. Good to know about the mascara and heated eyelash curler. Sometimes things just don't live up to the hype! Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  7. Goodness, it just never ends. I've got to have the travel pill organizer for my vitamins. No wonder me and our UPS guy are best friends. Happy, happy week!

  8. What a fun read. I love Amazon and my hubby has a blood pressure tester that can sometimes get a workout when he sees the Amazon truck pull in. Better him than me.....Happy week! xo Diana

  9. This was a really good round up friend! Of course I love the valentine sweater for my Stella and we have those doggy blankets for the cars as well.


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