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Friday, February 24, 2023

Pillow Talk


TGIF!  I hope that you had a good week.  We have some painters here doing some outside trim work which has kept our thoroughly darlin' Millie very busy. 


We had a delightful dinner with some friends at our village's Italian restaurant.  Wine by the bottle is half-price on Tuesday nights, so if you are looking for the Mister and me on a Tuesday, you will know where to find us.

We're having new patio cushions made, so I am on the hunt for some new throw pillows.  I decided to take you along for the ride.  I hate shopping alone.

If you are not interested in pillows, scroll down for some great sales going on.


I've gotten several pillows from this company.
I was very pleased with the outcome.

I had monogrammed pillows made by this company.
Great workmanship and service.

This matches my phone cover!

Lots of colors on sale.

I like these mix-and-match groupings.




First Time Dog Owners Guide

I ordered this one.


Big sale on children's clothes.


Sale on toys too!
Train the grandkids to clean your house!

Big sale going on over at Tory Burch.

My #2 and our SIL had an Always pan on their Christmas list, and they are loving it.

Up to 30% off Sitewide Sale!


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  1. Good pillow round-up Katie. We got our daughter one of those pans and she is also really enjoying-says it has upped her fledgling cuisine game at University.
    I never met a Spring patio marketing campaign roll-out that didn’t encourage me to rethink our outdoor situation. My Mister thinks that’s always super fun. I had an interesting text this week. Michael, from Pottery Barn over on Knox Henderson, was concerned I’d not used my Gold 🔑 Reward points that would be expiring here at the end of February. And that he would be delighted to help me make any selections I might like😂
    I can’t wait to tell my Mister how lucky we are that Michael is running interference on our behalf. I mean, really. Can you imagine? Unused reward $’s??? New patio Pillows -here I come. Happy Weekend.
    Dallas, TX

  2. It sounds like your home is well planned with a village where you can enjoy meals with friends. I can never have too many pillows. Thanks for the sources.
    Karen B.

  3. So many beautiful finds!
    Thank you for taking us along.
    m in hi

  4. I love fresh new pillows! And it’s funny a couple of the clothing items you shared I’ve purchased for our upcoming trip. But I see some more I think I need! Have a beautiful fresh start to your week gorgeous lady!

  5. I am a little behind! Thank you for all the blue pillows. We need new outdoor pillows, now I know exactly where to find them. I am loving Millie's new moniker. Annie G.


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