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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Prime Time


 I hope that you enjoyed your week.  I certainly did and look forward to sharing the highlights with you very soon.

Today I am joining my buddy, Tanya from The Other Side of the Road, for her link party, Prime Purchases.  I enjoy this particular link-up because I love seeing what other bloggers are buying.  I usually walk away with at least one or two added items in my cart.

Speaking of which... for the first time ever, the Mister outspent me on Amazon.   I assure you, I am not proud of it.  You will also see that most of his purchases are travel-related, which hints at where we were last week.

The Mister's thing is chargers.


Another charger.
Fun fact:  The Mister's phone runs out of juice much more than mine.



Our two girls stayed at our home for a few days and used the showers.
If you have girls, you are going to need one of these.

I kid you not, The Mister bought this table to fold his clothes while packing his suitcase.  And if you are wondering, yes, he does own one of these.



The Mister's packing cubes were MIA since our move, along with every bowtie he owned.
He replaced the cubes and hasn't thought twice about the bowties.

 The Mister's "Prime Packing"

Our #1 and Adorable Jonathon tossed some of these AirTags into their moving boxes so they could track the moving truck.  The Mister thought that it was a brilliant idea and popped these into our suitcases.


Who knew that there were so many accessories for the Tags?

A nifty case for his beloved Tags.


I had to replace my keyboard, which was on the fritz.
It probably burned out from typing my incredibly interesting content too fast.
Or, then again, it may have been the spilled coffee.


He uses these tins to warm up food in his air fryer.

There are very few people or things that can make Millie behave.
She loves these little nuggets so much that she will do anything for one.


I have no idea what these gloves are for.
They are probably James Bond special dishwasher stacking armor.

A certain preppy buddy of mine who loves to cook has a birthday coming up, and I thought she would get a kick out of this.  It's coming out today.

It amazes me how many hotels do not have lighted makeup mirrors,
Heck, I need all the help I can get!
As it turned out, I didn't need it, but I will pack it on all my future trips.

These travel bottles are the best!
They have suction cups on the back.

I ordered a six-pack over a year ago, and we are finishing our last bottle.  This is the best glass/mirror cleaner in the world.

This may answer your question if you are wondering why we go through so much glass cleaner.

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  1. Love seeing what others purchase! I think those air tags are going to be a must.

  2. I love the idea of tracking your suitcases! I'm also now kicking myself for not using any of the disposable tins we own when heating up food in our air fryer...

  3. Haha - I remember dog noses on the sliding doors! 🤣 Thanks for all the tips - now I'm trying to figure out what those gloves are for ... Happy Tuesday!

  4. With the current luggage lost news, the tags sound ideal! I can see them as a great gift idea for my kids as well. Thank you for this, i always find one or more must haves!
    Karen B.

  5. HI M-Katie! Can I use those air tags on the baby-Evan? Oh I should put them on Chloe and Elliott's collars when they go after the squirrels. Those might make a fun stocking stuffer! Okay, my husband's fancy suitcase broke in Seattle and while he grabbed an interim case he snagged those clothes bags. He loves them. Now just waiting for his suitcase to get fixed! I am almost done with The Maid. Love it! xo laura

  6. I think those air trackers will make a perfect stocking stuffer! Your mister sure is a neat suitcase packer. You should see my hubby's...yikes. Can't wait to hear about your travel. Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  7. Puppy nose prints on the glass. I have cat nose prints on windows. I always enjoy your Prime Time posts, Katie! Many of your recommendations have found their way into my home. xo

  8. Yes, Invisible Glass is the BEST!!! Might have to check out those air tags. What a cool idea. Leave it to Apple!

  9. I am sure your old keyboard did in fact go on the fritz because of your typing amazing content - the wit alone would cause a breakdown! Loved this so much Katie!

  10. I just might need those air tags. I love seeing what you have purchased. Happy Wednesday, Katie!!

  11. You know that somewhere out there, there is a mover suddenly wearing cool bow ties. I can't live without my packing cubes, Invisible Glass glass cleaner and lighted travel make-up mirror too. Have a good week.

  12. The photo of Millie and Chow, I love it. Putting the glass cleaner on the list. It is freezing and rainy here, grumpy muddy paws abound.

    Annie G.

  13. I am SO glad you are back! I just realized that you said you were going on hiatus through the summer and would return in September. So, I made an extra large pot of coffee and spent the morning on our just-cleaned fall porch slurping and catching up. I've missed your humor and suggestions for what to watch. I will probably be binge-watching things next week while on my fall break from schoolwork. I decided to comment on this post because I live and breathe the same problem with window smudges as you - well, we also have the addition of living on a farm and visits from grandchildren - but the dog is the one who seems to do the most smudging of windows. So, I appreciate the tip for a good window cleaner. Glad you are back!


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