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Friday, January 11, 2019

Wedding Update

Hello, dear friends.  You asked for it... you got it!  Here is the wedding update out of the mouths of babes.  Adorable Jonathon and my #1 took to their laptop over Christmas and wrote this post just for you.

#1 and AJ here to give you a quick update on all things wedding!

We have had so much fun over the last few months planning with both of our families. Early on in the process, we knew we would want a super small, intimate wedding, somewhere on the water. We looked all over Cape Cod, Seaside FL, and Mexico.

There were so many factors that played into our final decision - weather, travel ease, and something our parents keep calling a “budget.” We finally landed on the venue - the St. Regis Punta Mita!

We traveled to the St. Regis this past this Summer and instantly fell in love with every aspect of it. We knew it would be a place that was so special for not only us but our guests!

For those of you who have never visited, Punta Mita is small fishing village just north of Puerto Vallarta on Mexico's western coast. We love how quiet and secluded the St. Regis feels, and love the idea of all of our close family and friends spending the entire weekend together!

Next, we needed a date. We landed on Fall 2019!

Going along with the theme of our intimate wedding, we are enlisting only our siblings as our Maid of Honor / Best Man.

We have found a fabulous planner in Punta Mita (who has worked with the Kardashians!) and our Save the Dates have been sent! Our Save the Dates are blue letterpress on white paper. They're a little more fun with a "blind emboss letterpress" of the Mexican Otomi print around the border. (Thank you, Annie, from 5X7 Designs!)

Read more about my Nardos dress process HERE. Next steps are a muslin fitting in February - stay tuned!

We are so excited about the year to come and will leave you all with a few of our inspiration photos. 

We are heading back to the St. Regis with our parents in the Spring for tastings, site visits, and hair & makeup trials - more details to come! Please leave any questions below for our next guest post!

Ceremony Inspiration 

This tree was one of the many selling points for us at the St. Regis!

Rehearsal Dinner Inspiration

We LOVE mariachi bands and think that kicking off the weekend celebrations with one will be the perfect start!

Reception Inspiration

We kept going back to this picture while choosing a venue. We wanted to get married in a place that was naturally beautiful and didn't require tons of flowers and decor to make it special.

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  1. Looks like a naturally beautiful venue! And so fun to kick off the weekend with the mariachi band.

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  2. This is soooo exciting. The venue looks spectacular and I have no doubt, every detail will be incredible and it’ll be the wedding you’ve dreamed of. xo

  3. Sounds like everything is under control!! Best wishes to the sweet couple as they look forward to their special day.

  4. Love, love this! Such a beautiful setting. Thanks for letting us share in the excitement!

  5. IT is going to be lovely and look forward to the journey to the ceremony. Congratulation.

  6. How wonderful that this darling couple is planning their wedding along with their families. Our daughter and son-in-law married at the St. Regis in Puerto Rico which turned out to be beautiful.....we then all went on a cruise in the Caribbean....I think it's going to be a beautiful expierience for all of you.....how exciting!!!

  7. Sounds like a beautiful and intimate wedding weekend!! Can't wait to see it all come into fruition!!

  8. Oh how wonderful! What a beautiful place for a wedding!

  9. I am SO excited to follow along with the wedding planning. What a beautiful location!! If I had to do it over again, I would definitely choose a destination wedding with a small invitation list! This will be such a special time for your family.

  10. So much fun ahead! It will be so beautiful and speaking from our experience just a few months ago, having family and friends by your side the whole weekend and being able to really have quality time, not just on the wedding day, is a perfect plan.

  11. That looks like a great place! The inspiration photos are fantastic.

  12. The setting is absolutely stunning! It's been fun to follow along on AJ and #!s journey, and I definitely look forward to all the wedding details. #1 is everyday gorgeous, and I can just imagine that as a bride she is going to be one of the most exquisite brides ever. What a wonderful year this will be!!!

  13. Oh my goodness, the wedding festivities will be just perfect there!! How exciting!

  14. It looks like a complete dream! My son got married in San Miguelle de Allende Mexico and it was fabulous! We had a donkey with tequila shots and fireworks, Mexican wedding traditions! Can't wait to hear more!

  15. You two have it so together and will be so gorgeous. I can envision the music and dancing and all that fabulous blue! What an occasion to remember!

  16. This venue looks amazing. I'm so happy for you and your family. What a fun year this will be. With both of our sons married, and each with a different style of wedding, my memories are special of the planning, showers and weddings (respectively).

  17. KILLER!
    I may just have to book a room TOO so I can PEEK!!!!!!I can than do my OWN BLOG POST on my SPYING TECHNIQUES!

  18. Absolutely thrilled for the happy couple, family, and guests. It is snowing here right now so Mexico sounds warm and fun.

  19. Oh my goodness, it's going to be a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! Congratulations!

  20. Oh what fun!!! We went to a destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta a few years ago-it was just on the northern most part of the city in a beautiful resort. We ate at an open air venue and the weather and everything was perfect. I can't wait to hear more!!! Hugs- Diana

  21. What a sensational venue - elegant, natural. Looking forward to reading more! I think it is fabulous that you want it to be beautiful but also laid back - we wish in hindsight we'd married abroad - you never feel like you fully relax until you are in such surroundings on your honeymoon (we did an English wedding 'for the family') and the honeymoon in the Mandarin in Kuala Lumpur and then at the Andaman in Langkawi - tropical surroundings are perfect for enjoying the first moments of married life. It all sounds amazing and I can't wait to read more - Joanne xx

  22. you AND your parents will be so happy you chose a destination wedding! I experienced a first son's beautiful yet smaller church wedding, a baby boy's HUGE wedding that should have been covered in a magazine....and my middle boy's destination wedding in Mexico.
    By far..........best and most fun in the sand. And once the initial plans are made with your venue, you're done!! No second guessing, no changing your mind as your day grows closer. You will be so happy that someone else, besides your mom, is doing all the work.
    And hey!!!!! No wedding on the beach is ever anything but GORGEOUS. The light alone will be perfect, no matter the weather!
    (make sure ms katie has her own home really clean before she leaves for the wedding. That way, when she walks in her door when its all over, she will sigh a sigh of relief that she comes home to an empty clean home after all the partying. I remember that feeling so well!!!
    Can't wait to watch your plans unfold. ya'll are so sweet for including all of us bloggers in your big day!

  23. Such a dreamy destination location! Can't wait to hear more of your details and plans and it is so much fun to follow along. Thanks so much for sharing.........

  24. Wow -- so excited for the happy couple! That venue looks perfect! Congrats to all!

  25. Absolutely fabulous destination ... ole! Looks like I have a year to worm my way into your mother’s heart and onto the guest list! Looking forward to your next guest post!

  26. Sounds like a lovely event. My daughter is getting married this spring so we're in the thick of it now. So much fun! Enjoy this special season!

  27. Your post is definitely drawing a lot of attention...you were tied for the most clicked post at Best of the Weekend this week! Stop by tomorrow at 8:00 am to see the rest and to link up anything you might want to share! Congrats and have a great weekend!

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