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Monday, January 28, 2019

Valentine Gifts for Him

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you had a good weekend.  We got a lot done and also managed to fit in a movie.

I originally wanted to see Serenity.  But after all the disastrous reviews, we decided against it. 

The Mister wanted to see Stan and Ollie.  It wasn't on the top of my list, but being the amicable trophy wife, I let him choose.  I must tell you that I was pleasantly surprised.  It is the story of Laurel and Hardy's last years of their waning career.  Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly had great chemistry which made for a very entertaining film.

I don't know whether I would run out to the theater to see it, but it is worth the time to watch it when it comes on TV.

If you haven't gathered from the title, today is all about Valentine gift ideas for him.  If you're wondering what the Mister is getting this year, he already got it, or rather them.  He bought himself a couple of goodies.  

That's fine with me.  
This way, I have more time to concentrate on myself. 

If you feel overwhelmed by work and household chores, why not encourage your Mister to take on some of the load?  Give him fun gifts that involve cooking.

He'll be knocking you down to get outside to use his new cool grill kit.  Tell him the case looks just like the one James Bond uses.

How about some manly inspiration?

A tool to prevent food poisoning is always an added bonus to the neighborhood barbecue. 

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you know that my Mister positively loves his Sous Vide.  It's easy and there is little clean-up.

Some cooking and romantic inspiration.

A little something for his study or his desk at work.
He'll be the most popular guy at the office.

This is a cute idea for the newlywed or empty nester hubby.

Did your man get a new phone lately?
You may consider upping his phone game.

I thought this was a cute book.  
The Mister always complains about all the meetings he has to go to.

The Mister bought me these earphones a couple of years ago, and I love them.  Well, he decided to order a pair for himself a couple of weeks ago.
Happy Valentine's Day, Mister.

How about a mic for the guy who has music in his heart?

This game looks like a rip-roaring fight instigator.
You may not want to play this on Valentine's Day.

Is he a traveling man?
Does he need a refresh of his accessories?

If leisure travel is in his future, how about a camera to record your memories?

This little contraption is the perfect gift for the birdwatcher/peeping Tom in your life.

Here's another gift that the Mister ordered for himself.  
It's funny, when I ask him what he wants for a gift-giving holiday, he always says nothing.  And yet, weeks later, he will turn around and order it for himself.
Happy Valentine's Day, Mister.
Oops, I already said that.


The Mister ordered this watch for himself several months ago and really likes it.
This is the gift he bought himself for Christmas.
That's okay, I got him an Instapot.
It was returned the next day.
I'm not bitter.


The Mister put one of these hats in my stocking.
The sound quality of the speakers is impressive and the hat keeps me toasty.


Does he have cold hands but a warm heart?


For the man who runs in the dark or needs to find his way to the grill. 

If your man is always fiddling with the thermostat, this one is a lot more fun to play with.  And the Mister says it's easy to install, too.


The Mister bought these a few years ago to improve our internet, and they have been game changers.


I know that a unique bowtie always brings a smile to my man.


I'm ordering about a dozen of these cups so the Mister can bring a few to work. 

If the only thing that you lack in your life is a man, not to worry.
You can always grow one.

I will be back later this week with a post suggesting Valentine Gifts for Her.

Between you and me, that one is a lot more fun to write.

Until next time...


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  1. Lots of good choices Katie. Thanks!

  2. The globe decanter, tech things, those fabulous bags are right up Mr. Nines alley but the kitchen things, not so much. He has assured me the only thing he’s whipping up in the kitchen is peanut butter and jelly, and I don’t even like PB&J! Have a marvelous Monday beautiful! Stay toasty

  3. What a great list! I though am looking forward to your list! My hubby gave me Bose earphones for Christmas..Wish I had had had them on our China trip! Have a great week Katie!

  4. That leather duffle is going straight on my Amazon "shopping ideas" list. It would be a perfect gift for lots of guys in the family. I actually love it when Michael buys his own gifts. I feel like my spending far outweighs his, so it helps even it out a little. Have a wonderful week!

  5. Love that cup/mug!! Thanks for the great ideas!!

  6. Left you a nice long comment and then my internet went out....blizzard here- sketchy internet- so I was here-I read-I am gone! lol xo Diana

  7. Thanks for the great ideas, I think my hubby needs an Instapot!

  8. Ooh those travel bags are gorgeous. Wonder if he would love one. I think men are so hard to shop for. Hubby just received two boxes for himself today. We were laughing about sitting up at the cabin and both shopping online. Wonder what he got!

  9. Well, what a list, lots of great items. Love the travel bags! Okay I'm off to check out a few of these. Thanks Katie for always helping me find ways to spend $$$.

  10. I got both of my boys the two-fingered gloved with the lights on them...they loved them. So many great gift ideas!

  11. All good ideas as always, Katie! And I am really looking forward to Stan and Ollie!

  12. Good stuff Katie, and you reminded me that my son badly needs a new wallet, and Valentine's Day is his birthday, perfect gift! THANKS! Can't wait to see the list for the ladies!

  13. Although I don't have a "Mister" to shop for, these gift ideas look great. Will store them for birthday and Christmas suggestions. Saw Serenity - had not read any reviews, but who could turn down the two leads? Oh boy, I debated whether to walk out. There were a few scenes that held one's attention as well as a plot twist that I did not see coming. All in all, just not worth it.


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