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Monday, April 9, 2018

This & That

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you enjoyed your weekend.

Yesterday, the Mister and I drove to Connecticut for a funeral of a dear family friend.  The Mass was packed to the doors with mourners.  I have known this great man all of my life and even had the pleasure of working for him.  He left a beautiful legacy.

I got to catch up with a lot of old friends at the reception afterward.  They're the ones that are old - I haven't changed a day.  It was great seeing them and I look forward to seeing some of them at my Dad's 100th. 

I chose The Ghost Writer audiobook for our car ride.  It is a tangled tale with plenty of twists and turns.  No question about it, this book keeps you thinking.  When we had a glass of wine that night, we tried to guess the ending.  I'll keep you posted.

I watched another heartwarming story on my favorite Sunday morning show.  Here is the segment if you missed it.

It's been awhile since we had been to the movies.  I was dying to see ChappaquiddickEvidently, everyone else on the South Shore felt the same way because there were very few seats left in the  theater.  There are very few movies that we can agree on but we both thought this one was quite good.  

I don't usually talk about really personal things on my blog, but today I am making an exception.  My Mister has been speaking a lot to another woman. Much more than he speaks to me.  She has even taken a place in our bedroom.

Their conversations usually include weather, alarms, music choices, groceries, and trivia.  I guess she's pretty smart because she has yet to say I don't know

I can't stand know-it-alls.

The Mister has even managed to get into her head to check on me.  I've got two words for you Mister:  No Threesomes!

Her name is Alexa.   After the Mister goes to work, I'm going to throw her in the toilet and see if Little Miss Smarty Pants can swim. 

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

I'm Katie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am an empty nester meandering through my middle-aged years while entangled in the never-ending process of renovating an antique home on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I love to write about books, movies, TV, celebrities, decorating, and weekend adventures. My favorite writing material is derived from my family: the Mister, my girls, #1 and #2, and my two untrainable, rambunctious pups, Chowdah and Chili.


  1. Oh, Katie, Thanks for posting the story from CBS. I missed the show yesterday. What a wonderful man. We also saw Chappaquiddick. The woman singing Ave Marie attends our church, so I get to hear her beautiful voice often. Our one year old grandson can say "mama',"dada" and "Alexa"! Hasn't learned "Grammie" yet, so I may have to change my name to Alexa!

    1. Hi Maureen! The singer of the Ave Maria has the most beautiful voice. That song always makes me tear up. Too funny about Alexa!! Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, Maureen.

  2. LOL-I am a little afraid of Alexa. After all, she hears EVERYTHING we say and I wonder where that information feeds to--just call me a bit paranoid! lol

    Sorry about the funeral but it is always nice to catch up with people we only see at weddings and funerals.

    Looking forward to seeing the movie about Ted Kennedy!

    Hope you have a great week, Katie. We are at 11° here this morning- lucky us! xo Diana

  3. yes we have Chaaquicddick on your list of movies as well And really who needs another woman telling your husband what todo? That is your job Katie...toss her in the toilet.

  4. Just saved the book to my list...sounds great!

    And as for Alexa...you definitely must show her who is boss.

  5. Alexa makes the rounds cause my Mr. converses with her too. What a hussy and a smarty pants, lol. I’m so sorry about the loss of your friend, the packed mass is a testament to a dutiful life. Wishing you a sweet Monday!

  6. Have you seen the Saturday Night Live skit on Alexa for seniors? So funny!

    I'm sorry for the loss of your family friend. Will your Dad be 100 this year? My mother in law will be 97 in the autumn.

  7. Katie...I loved this post! For some reason, funerals can be the saddest of times, but the happiest also when reconnecting with those you have known and loved. I always look forward to your book recommendations! Wishing you a lovely week ahead!

  8. Oh Alexa, I do kind of like her... She plays me lots of music. Classical music puts Gus (my 10 month old puppy) to sleep.
    One of my daughter's friends was telling me the other day that her two year old tries to get it to do things for her. It was the funniest story. These kids will grow up with all kinds of new wonders.

  9. Katie,

    I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Though it sounds nice to catch up with all many of your old friends. I have not seen that movie but it is on my list. I did read an interesting review of it in which the author said the movie was a "character assassination of Ted Kennedy."
    The book looks interesting as well.

    Have a great week.

    P.S. I always love to see photo of you pups!

  10. That CBS story - I didn't see it, so moving. It's good to know there are still such kind, generous people in the world. I definitely want to see the Cha movie. Looks good. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. And so funny that Alexa is the other woman. I had our Echo in the kitchen, but just didn't use it that much. I much prefer to have my iPad there as my assistant. So the Echo moved up to Jack's room and he loves it. It's kind of funny to hear him talking to "her" at random times from upstairs. :)

  11. Tell Alexa to get a life.

    Chappaquidick is on my list. Partly as much for a dose of New England scenery as the story, but that, too. And yes, I saw that Sunday morning clip and I loved it.

    Katie, I'm so sorry about your friend. It's getting harder and harder these days, isn't it? And will, but it doesn't make it the slightest bit easier. Sending hugs.

  12. Oh, that Alexa is something else! Hubby rarely talks to ours but I sure do and my 88 year old Dad thinks she is his personal assistant and I suppose she is. I bet he asks her 15 times a day to give him a weather report. So, funny! I heard other good review on Chappaquidick. Have a happy week and give Chili and Chowdah a hug for me.

  13. LOL at your Alexa comment. We have THREE of her in our little house. Sorry to read about the loss of your friend. Hugs.

  14. Hi my dear friend,
    I was thinking of you over the weekend, I was watching the masters whilst you were in Connecticut so now I feel sad that you were mourning at a funeral.
    Sorry for your loss dear Katie,but it must have been a comfort to see so many attending especially family friends who hold so many shared memories.

    You must be looking forward as your father's special day approaches, just as all the flowers start to bloom. How lovely to have a spring birthday ;))

    Love as always my dear
    Sally xxx

  15. I do love my Alexa! She's not so bad once you get used to her.

  16. We saw the movie too and thought it was very well done. Had to laugh at Alexa swimming for her life. We haven't tried her yet, but my heart is starting to thaw a little toward the idea.

  17. Katie, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend! We also have Alexa. We have stumped her several times. I enjoy choosing a random song and Alexa then plays it. My 87 year old Dad is intrigued by her.

  18. I do find it interesting that the movie Chappaquiddick is repeatedly advertised during CNN's Sunday program about the Kennedys (which BTW I am enjoying each week). The Pope follows it on CNN on Sunday nights, and I recommend it too.

    Alexa listening to everything in a bedroom.... No. Thank. You.

    Have a good week and enjoy the warm up.

  19. Hahahaha!! Love 'the other woman'! When we saw the trailer on TV both Chuck and I knew Chappaquiddick was one we wanted to see. (Haven't yet though.)

  20. Dear Katie, sorry for the loss of your friend. That is alway’s so hard and sad! The book sounds like a good one to toss in my beach bag this summer. The movie is definitely one I want to see, we usually wait for release so we can watch at home, we love our Friday night movie night. I have to think about Alexa, not sure if I’m ready for her and hubs hasn’t mentioned her, yet! Always love the pics of your two cuties. Hope you are enjoying a good weed dear katie.......

  21. I can't wait to hear when Alexa responds to either one of you talking in your sleep, lol! In the bedroom's a little too close for my comfort level, but hey,anything to keep the marriage alive and well, right?
    Condolences on the loss of your friend.

  22. My mister talks to Alexa's lesser sister 'Dot' and I have relegated her to a corner in the family room where I can boss her around and she just says "okay". I showed him your news and he was interested in finding one for our house. Men, always looking for the newer model! :-)

  23. Oh dang! Alexa lives in my house too and she's a pain in the neck! So sorry about your friend, but glad you got to visit friends. I've been to the Chappaquiddick bridge and was surprised at how small it is. It was even smaller when the accident happened. So sad. Hope your week picks up from funerals, sad movies and chatty women in your house!

  24. so sorry to hear about the death of your friend. On another note, as always, you are able to make me laugh!!

  25. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. It's a blessing to have had someone like that in your life and a comfort to be able to share memories with others who loved him as well. Happy birthday to your father! Enjoy the celebration!

  26. Cheers for the cbs segment. T'was great.

  27. Sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Alexa has a big presence in our home. Ask her to sing a song.lol
    Your humor cracks me up! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  28. Katie, I Love your blog! Thank you for sharing the lovely story about the bar owner and the "lost teenager". What a kindhearted man. Beautiful lesson on life and those who seek to make this world a better place.

  29. Awe, so sorry to hear of your loss of a dear friend. It seems at funerals is where I tend to see so many people and catch up with old friends. So sad that it takes a funeral and or wedding for us to be able to do that doesn't it? Well I must say, Miss Smarty pants seems pretty smart! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  30. I gave my husband and Alexa when they first came out and he hated it and returned it, however he is currently very dependent on Siri, which drives me nuts! Can't wait to see Chappaquidick!

  31. Hi Katie, Thanks for the book suggestion. I am so sorry for the loss of a dear friend.
    I don't think I can spell chapa- what! I don't think I have seen a preview, but I love Ed Helms!

  32. PS I saw that story too and loved it! Look for the good (news, stories).Stay away from Alexa... she has ulterior motives (funny thing is I just Googled the spelling of ulterior). God help us! laura


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