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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Now or Never Hodgepodge

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Hello, dear friends.  As they say, April showers bring May flowers.  We are expecting plenty of rain today.  

I have a couple of busy days ahead.  Tomorrow, I am off to Beantown to meet my Sista for my birthday dinner.  We're staying overnight so we will get some power shopping and lunching in the next day.  This weekend, the Mister and I are meeting some friends for lunch and then we are going to the MFA for the Art In Bloom exhibit.  I smell blog post! 

If it's Wednesday, it's time for Hodgepodge.   

1. They say you learn something new every day. 
What did you learn yesterday?

Yesterday, I learned how to tell if a text has been read.
If you're curious, you can find out here.

2. Have you ever had a now or never moment? Elaborate.

I have many now or never moments.  For instance, at least once a day I say to myself that it's now or never that I am going to buckle down and lose weight.  
Unfortunately, never always wins. 

3.  April 25th is National Telephone Day. 
Do you still have a landline or have you gone mobile only?


We have to have a landline because we have our burglar alarm tied into it.


We just ordered a new set of phones.  This model supposedly will block sales calls, of which we get plenty.  I'll keep you posted as to its effectiveness.

telemarketers usa

I'm going to miss that perky lady who calls me every twenty minutes to congratulate me on winning a cruise.

When you receive a text message, do you respond immediately?


I can't say the same for other members of the family.
Remember question #1?

Last time you turned your phone off?  

The last time I turned off my phone was when I was on a group text that involved more than ten people.

In two or three sentences share with us a story/memory/incident from your childhood (or something current if that's too hard) where the telephone is featured.

I have a vivid memory of my Mother being on the phone with her best bud, Mrs. B.
She kept saying Oh my gosh!  When she got off the phone, she told me that Mrs. B was expecting another baby - #8!  Turned out to be the Prince in this photo with #1.

4. Close call, at someone's beck and call, call the shots, call a meeting, call it quits, call in sick, call on the carpet, wake up call...which call have you 'heard' recently? Explain.

Beck and call 24/7. 

5. What subject do you wish you'd paid more attention to in school?


Unfortunately, Home Economics was not taught at my high school.
The Mister has said more than once in our 29 years of marriage that he wished it had.

  By the way, in my research, I came across an interesting article listing the Ten Things That You Should Have Learned in High School.  You can find it here.  

If you have a college-bound senior,  you might want to go over a few things.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I saw this heartwarming story on the News last week, and I thought I would pass it on. 

Until next time...

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Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. I wonder about young people and their ignoring text messages. I wonder what would happen if you ignored theirs a few times. Love your Beck and Call duo. I had home ec in Junior high and we learned to make blue mashed potatoes and wash them down with Hawaiian Punch.

  2. First of all, I love the opening quote! I tend to procrastinate so I really need to keep repeating that one! It's pouring here this morning so I am sure by the weekend, the trees will be blooming like crazy - along with my son's allergies...poor kid. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. I also had home ec and I would say I probably use what I learned there more in everyday life than the algebra I struggled through!! Oh and I tried the Witch Hazel you recommended from Amazon. I love it and I think it has made a difference! Thanks for sharing. Happiest of Birthdays Bloggy Friend.

  4. Katie,

    Home Ec was a required subject for Junior High School girls. I took it grades 7-9. It seems I took it in my Senior year of high school, just because I needed another class so I picked an easy one. :) My favorite part of Home Ec was baking cookies. :P I totally relate to other family members not responding to text in a timely fashion and when questioned they say, I replied. Well...it's funny how their replies get lost in space so frequently. Just saying is all. Have a good time celebrating your birthday and thanks for dropping by for a visit!

    ~Curious as a Cathy
    A2Z iPad Art Sketch 'V' Victorian Lady

  5. Back in my substitute teaching years, the class I was most often asked to sub for? Yep, Home Ec! Birthday dinner in Beantown, whoop whoop and sista is buying, even betta! Have a ball beautiful Birthday girl! Take Miss Daisy!

  6. We had home ec in our high school and it was taught by the very same little old lady who taught my mom. That was fun. Ha! Please don't get me started on group texts. They drive me NUTS! And the ones I'm in are FAMILY based. LOL

  7. I'm still confused about how to tell is my texts have been read so I just do it the old fashioned way....I call and ask "did you get my text!

    As far as those pesky cruise calls, here's how my husband handled it. The first time he told the caller he didn't think his old clunker car would make it to the port to get on the boat....that still didn't stop them so the next time he said he'd have to have 2 rooms, one for his wife and one for his girlfriend! Believe it or not, they haven't called back (LOL). Of course his car is not a clunker and he doesn't have a girlfriend (only me...I'm wife and girlfriend)!

    1. Judy... I've tried calling, but 99% of the time it goes to voice mail. My last resort is a text that says: ARE YOU ALIVE? TYPE YES OR NO. As far as the sales call goes, the lady is on a recording. Hope you have a wonderful week, dear Judy.

  8. Darn you, Katie! I didn't plan to start my day bawling like a baby. That bus driver deserves our love and admiration for going beyond the call of duty. As far as school, I took a typing class for one quarter in junior high or high school (it's been a while so hard to remember) and it has provided more benefit than any other thing I learned back then. My husband pounds on his keyboard and wonders why he wears his laptops out so fast. I can still hear that typing teacher say, "light strokes, light strokes."

  9. What a beautiful story you shared! That bus driver is a God Send! I took home ed in high school, it was fun. Yes your dogs must keep you busy, I have 2 little ones and they keep me busy as well.

  10. I love hodgepodge! Beck and call, landline, now or never -- I understand them all. And loved the bus driver story!

  11. I did take 4 years of Home Ec in high school and can say that it was beneficial as I was able to make all my clothes and some for my daughter until she told me one day she was ready for a label in her clothes. The cooking skills might have needed another 4 years. What a sweet story about the bus driver. There are good people out there.

  12. I learned it's your birthday. I hope you have a wonderful celebration. Your daughters are beautiful. That furry duo call the ball throwing shots.

  13. Both of my teen (17 and 19) grandsons ignore their texts most of the time...until they just get tired of the repeat texts. I did take Home Ec. but did not enjoy it that much. I already knew how to sew and cook in my own way. They wanted you to do things "their" way. When I got my seams ripped out of the dress I was making because they were not 5/8 inch", that was it for me! Ha!

  14. I agree with you about that thing called `diet`
    It always seems to be never and exercise is somewhere in there, too.

    I would like to know if you get less sales calls on your new phone, and is it costly?

  15. I love the idea of a phone that blocks 'sales calls'. Please let us know if it works!
    Thanks for sharing that heart-warming story. I loved it!
    Kathy (Reflections)

  16. I get so frustrated with people who never reply to a text or it takes forever to hear back from them. I am glad to know we aren’t the only ones who still have a landline! Have fun with sista and the hubby! Happy birthday!

  17. The group texts! aiyiyiyiyi! Hubs siblings love them, LOVE them. I escape as soon as I realize that's what's happening. Have you seen the meme that says 'I've never been held in Guantanamo, but I have been on a group text?' Ha! Kinda how I feel about them.

  18. Hi Katie, Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes my Blog was taken over by a Porn Site! It happened during a time when I was in the hospital and having spine surgery! When I got home I had an email from a friend who told me what they'd seen! Call me shocked! Now I am trying to get my comment section to work!
    We also kept our landline, but it's more because of my husband's deafness. He simply cannot hear very well on a cell phone.

  19. I taught Home Ec for way too many years to count! But it's not really cooking and sewing anymore....I taught child develpment and parenting classes. A Life Skills class where they learned budgeting, banking, family dynamics...all the things that when you get out of high school you go "now what am I supposed to do and how do I do it?"
    I made my classes so much fun that they all wanted to take it. My last yr I had 148 students every day! I miss it just a leetle bit...but I like being lazy better!
    and thanks ms katie for your post about Mark and Graham cross body bags....I got the cream and navy blocked one and love it!!!

  20. That phone though! I hope it does manage to block the sales calls. I've quit answering my home phone for that very reason. Keep us posted!

  21. Most text messages aren't urgent for me, except when I text the mister. I text expecting a reply, which is rare. Unless I ask a specificc question, he rarely answers. "Can you at least let me know you read the text????" Drives me crazy!!! Still have a land line, but don't really use it. Only calls we get on it are ones trying to sell us something. As for Home Economics.....yes, indeed! All girls! I also took drafting, but I was the only girl in that class. What can I say, it was the 60s! Beck and Call for me ~ Sadie!

  22. Oh, Lordy be, group texts! It was a great day when I found out how to leave the conversation. Annoying with a capitol A. Oh, your "beck and call" are just so stinking cute! Happy mid-week!

  23. That is a sweet story about the bus driver. I enjoyed reading your Hodgepodge answers and we got new phones, too, that have a button "Block" and we use it daily. Wish it did it automatically!

  24. Hope you have a lovely birthday dinner with your sista! Maybe you will run into my daughter, she is headed to Boston (from Houston) for a girls weekend with her college bff's. They plan to eat at Stephanie's on Newbury after I told them you recommend it!

    I get the same DRILL!!!!!!He takes OVER IRONING CAUSE I'm DOING IT WRONG!!!!!!!

  26. Yay Katie , thanks for the phone tip. I ordered one.
    Happy Birthday,

  27. Telephone story just popped into my head: When I was in 5th grade, I got a phone call from a boy I had a crush on. My first call from a boy! At last! I was babysitting my little brother at the time. To my horror my brother managed to set fire to a wad of toilet paper ... in the toilet! Right next to the hallway where the one and only phone was located. I was too embarrassed to tell the boy on the phone that the toilet was on fire, so I made a quick excuse and hung up. He never called back. I was devastated, and the coating on the toilet seat melted. NOT a good day.

    Oh, the joys of having younger brothers.

    LOVE your blog.

  28. Last year I purchased a phone that blocks unwanted calls. I don't know if yours works like mine: I have to go through a couple of steps to enter each number that I want to block. I can block about 30 phone numbers, but after 2-3 months I used up all the blocked number slots. So then I had to go through steps to unblock old numbers and reenter new numbers. Then I grew lazy and stopped deleting and entering numbers to block. Seems like every month I have a new barrage of different numbers to block. I wish my phone allowed me to block about 200 numbers - that would be handy.

  29. Thank you for sharing that beautiful bus driver story, Katie. I have always tried to drill into my children’s heads that one act of kindness can create a world of difference. I passed it on to them and. Few others!

  30. HI katie
    Hey, there is a way to opt out of group text. My daughter does it all the time when it's a big family text. Of course, I can't remember how to do it, but when I do I'll screen shot it. My daughter also introduced me to the word, "convo." As in, "I am out of this convo, mom." laura

  31. Oh how I love your hilarious Hodgepodge posts...


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