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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

An Impatient Hodgepodge

Hello, dear friends.  How is your week going? All is well here.  I continue to watch the coverage on Irma's devastation, and it breaks my heart.

Today is Hump Day which also means that it's time for Hodgepodge

1.  Is a picture worth a thousand words?  Elaborate.

Some pictures tell their own story.
No elaboration is necessary.

2.  Have you ever driven any part of the Pacific Coast Highway?  If so, what was your favorite stop?  If not, is this sort of trip on your bucket list?

Although the Mister and I have lived in Southern California, to my dismay, we have never driven the Pacific Coast Highway.  It is on my bucket list, though.

3.  How do the changing seasons affect you?  As the seasons change, do you find yourself looking more forward or backward?  Which season - season transition bothers you the most?  Why do you suppose that is?

The only season change that affects me is Winter.  
And not in a good way.

  I absolutely detest everything about Winter - the freezing temps, the snow, the ice, maneuvering myself in and out of the car in bulky winter coats, sloppy snow boots, runny noses, dry skin, increased appetite, iced windshields, just to name a few. 

Hallmark Christmas Movies and Starbuck's Hot Chocolate can't even snap me out of it.

This is me praying that winter goes away and never comes back.

There is one person in the house who loathes Winter even more than me, and his name is The Mister.  
Btw... I gave him that beautiful necklace for Christmas.

There are two family members, however, who do appreciate the Winter.

4.  It's your birthday and you get to pick the dinner menu.  What are we having?  

Instead of a birthday dinner, I would ask the Mister to make me all of my favorite hors d'oeuvres and accompany them with my favorite Chardonnay.

Do you ever lie about your age?

Lucille Ball was one smart cookie.  Yes, I lie about my age but I do it a different way than most people do.  I learned that when I would claim to be younger, people would give me a sympathetic look because they thought I showed the physical signs of having a rough life.

But since I've been sharing with people that I am ten years older, people tell me I look maaaahvelous.  

I'll take a compliment any way I can get it.

5.  What's a life lesson you've learned recently?

Let me put it this way, I have not mastered the lesson of patience, but I have been working on it.  This bathroom reno really has tested me.  This is the before pic.  After pics are coming next week as soon as I find the patience to put the post together.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

I started two new books this week.

Eleanor is a quirky single woman who has held the same dead-end job since she got out of school.  Her closest friend is a bottle of vodka which warms her heart on weekends.  Then one day she meets the new stinky IT guy, and slowly Eleanor's life becomes a whole lot more interesting.

Although I am just several pages into Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine,  I am totally besotted by Eleanor and looking forward to spending more time with this unorthodox woman through the pages.

I put the thrillers aside and downloaded this one for my walks.  It's all about old Hollywood glamour, and it grabbed me from the first page.

Do you ever lie about your age?

Until next time...

Ugh... I know it's coming...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

I'm Katie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am an empty nester meandering through my middle-aged years while entangled in the never-ending process of renovating an antique home on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I love to write about books, movies, TV, celebrities, decorating, and weekend adventures. My favorite writing material is derived from my family: the Mister, my girls, #1 and #2, and my two untrainable, rambunctious pups, Chowdah and Chili.


  1. I never lie about my age - I am just happy that my feet hit the floor each morning! Were you furious that your pups tore up that pillow? Naughty kids! I also hate winter and wish we could go from Fall to Spring, with a dusting of snow on Christmas morning - wouldn't that be great?

  2. This was darling Katie..I do not miss those long Maine winters at all...totally agree with you. Renovations seem to always be on the contracters time which is forever...or when the simply get around to it...I know the feeling....marvelous appetizers but do y'all ever just have chips and dip? Have a great weekend!

  3. Well we're certainly in agreement about winter!!! And what on earth did Chow and Chili tear apart?? They must have had a blast! And it's funny about age. I used to always call myself the number higher than my actual age because in some perverse way it made me feel better. I'm no longer doing that. It can be depressing. LOL

  4. I can totally relate to the mess made by our furry friends. Winter is not my favorite season either and I live in Florida. I might not survive yours. Yikes!
    I never lie about my age. At this point, I am glad I am still here and healthy.

  5. Katie when we had our anniversary dinner our waitress claimed we could not be celebrating 41 years...I took it as a complement until Marvin reminded me that she did want a nice tip!! I do not know how you stay so thin with all the good cooking your Mister does!! And I am waiting on the Eleanor Oliphant book to become available at my library. Several readers I know highly recommend it.

  6. It appears I am in the minority with my love for all things winter. The fact I don't live in Maine but in the south could possibly color my opinion. And, incidentally, your pictures today do speak 1,000 words. Love your taste in fine jewelry! Can't wait to see the after post next week or whenever. LOL!

  7. Drove the Pacific Coast Highway many years ago from San Francisco to Monterey.It didn't look real.So beautiful.I wanted to move there and own a boutique in Carmel.My dream life.


  8. Winter? Anyone who wants my share of the snow can have it.

  9. Amen about winter. I love it one day -- if it's pretty. That's it. Snow starts at 10 on Christmas Eve, gently covers the ground so nothing shows through and melts by December 26. Of course, if I ruled the weather there wouldn't be hurricanes or earthquakes, either.

    Love the dog photo. Made me laugh out loud! And I'm with you on the birthday dinner -- give me loads of hors dóeuvres, wine or champagne with a few lemony things or macarons for dessert and I'd be over the moon!

  10. I hate winter too Katie, because even though we rarely get snow, when we do, it is a TERRIFYING experience! I try never to think about my age. I have remodeled 8 bathrooms, 5 kitchens, 3 houses, and various other small additions/redos, and I'll tell ya, I am DONE! I can't handle the mess anymore! Thank you Irma and Harvey for leaving me alone! Happy Hump Day, and yes favorite appetizers and wine is THE perfect birthday...well, any day actually!

  11. Last May, I retired from 35 years of teaching and as a school board member gave me a gift from the district, they said you must of started when you when you were twelve! I tell my age, 56. My husband teaches at the same school and has 25 years of experience (this was his second career) so everyone would ask if we were retiring together. So I would use your line that I was going to be his "trophy wife". Lots of laughs.

  12. I read Elinor Oliphant recently and loved it! We are feeling the effects of Irma still- no power til possibly Friday. AAACK!!!

  13. I feel so guilty up here in beautiful New Hampshire, enjoying gorgeous warm, sunny September weather, while others are coping with loss of power and much, much more.

    But then, we do get winter here. With a vengeance. So we will have our own share of power outages, downed trees, and more.

    I don't lie about my age. Recently I was in our local supermarket and passed by the pharmacy, where I heard a lady state her birthdate while picking up a prescription. The pharmacy tech burst out and said that was her birthday too. Imagine my surprise, because the day in question was also my birthday. Later, I saw the lady as she was leaving the store. I couldn't help but mention the shared birthday. Of course she asked if I would be turning 61 also. I had to admit I am ... quite a bit older than that. And she told me I looked amazing for my age! Quite a confidence booster that day.

  14. I never lie about my age maybe because people never ask and frequently they think I am younger than I am. That is lucky but I thinks its because I have good genes.

    I used to love winter, until I loved away from where it was 6 months long. Now I hunker down with books, movies, cocoa and magazine from the first flurry. In my neck of the woods we typically get 1 snowfall that cripples the area because we do not have many plows and they do not plow the side streets to include my neighborhood.

    I love the photos of the pups and the pillow. I think anyone that has had a dog has a photo like that.

    As for your birthday dinner, I love the idea of platters of all of the things you like! I might try that for my own birthday!

    Have a great day!

  15. I really enjoyed my visit to your blog today :) Your answers always make me smile. Those pups look so sweet and innocent in that first picture... Surely they weren't responsible for that mess :)
    Kathy (Reflections by Kathy)

  16. Lie about my age? Maybe I do, maybe I don't. But maybe I do. :) Love the humor today! Please don't get me started on bathroom renovation. The man here has been going to do the master bathroom for over 10 years now. I figure I can take a few more showers before the floor falls through. UGH. The only thing worse than him not doing is him doing it.

  17. The problem with fall is that there doesn't seem to be any way to avoid what is coming next. I have no patience for that season. xo Laura

  18. Well, you and the mister just need to move back to Texas! ;-)
    Since we don't have snow and ice (usually), I rather like winter. I love the cool temps, the opportunity to wear sweaters and sit by a cozy fire.
    I never lie about my age, but I admit I'm not crazy about entering this next decade. Seems way too soon to me!!!!
    Happy Wednesday!

  19. Renovations are like childbirth. Months of anticipation, a few days of hell and then years of joy! Hang in. If nothing else, we all have loads of stories from our renos!-Laurel

  20. I have never lied about my age. However, now that I find people calling me ma'am with a side tilted head and that look on their face...I may start!!

    Winter in your neck of the woods does not look fun!

  21. So glad you are back, Katie! I also live in Massachusetts. I am working on enjoying winter.
    Love September! Love October! November brings planning for gathering in the family and making memories. Ditto for December although that does take some serious planning so one does not become crazy, I mean overwhelmed. I can take January for about a week. I try to see snow as the most beautiful weather. Sparkling snow with a blue sky IS heavenly. Last winter I discovered the Danish concept of Hygge (hooga). It involves lots of candlelight, fireplaces, small meals shared with friends, twinkle lights, blankies, hot drinks and all things cozy. You always look so cute I am sure you are adorable in hats, scarves, mittens and puffer coats!

    1. Maureen... my middle name is Hygge! Enjoy your week!

    2. Maureen, I had the pleasure of meeting Katie IRL, she's adorable!!

  22. YES I hate EVERYTHING about winter too!

    I shall state the obvious: The Mister has a TALENT with appetizers! They are as tasty as they are beautiful.

    I don't lie about my age - but I do look in the mirror and wonder if anybody would believe me if I did. Probably not; that ship sailed.

    I look forward to photos of your new master bathroom.

  23. I can only remember lying about my age before I was 18.
    The trauma of the reno seemed to linger awhile afterwards for me/us....but it does fade over time. I've just been ignoring other small, random things going wrong around the house because I can't bear the thought of any repairman in the house. Period. Guess I'm not over it yet....it's been 4 mos, but who's counting....

  24. I am not a big fan of winter, and we get it with a vengeance. Husband hates it more than I do and wants to move to the Caribbean after we retire. Since my home seems to be in a constant state of renovation, I have just come to accept it rather than losing my mind. I don't lie about my age, but I am the oldest person at my work place at the age of 51! -Jenn

    1. Jenn.. you may get more snow but you also have Justin Trudeau. Hmmm...

  25. Hi Katie, I love the changing of the seasons and look forward to all. I get a little nervous with flu season arriving with winter, other than that i love winter. I'm hot natured so I'm housebound in our triple digit summers. Lie about my age, why, it wouldn't work! I'd rather not think about that number because the rest of me feels so much younger! Love the pic of your very bad boys and I love the necklace you gave your hubby! I would love a tray of appetizers and a glass of really good wine......Happy weekend.

  26. I have a love hate relationship with Autumn.

    Katie, no one lies any more. Just the alternative facts, M'am! Er, Miss.

    So great to have you back!

  27. Katie, The picture of your fur babies made me chuckle. The look on their adorable faces is priceless. My favorite season is fall, and I do not mind winter. Living in the South we do not have it as bad as you do, in fact we were swimming in our pool in March of this year! Love the Pacific Coast Hwy and been fortunate to have driven it 3 different times. It is probably the most beautiful drive in the country, well, and also the Blue Ridge Parkway. I have been telling people I was almost 70 ever since I turned 60. Ha. They can't believe how wonderful I look. If I am blessed with my beautiful mother's genes I will be a very lucky lady. She will be celebrating her 85 birthday in December and she could pass for 70. She is the most beautiful, active,
    kind and generous person I know.

    1. Charlotte... I have a sneaking feeling that you are probably as lovely as your Mom. Have a good week.

  28. I am so happy to be back in the world of blogging and to receive my daily dose of humor courtesy of your blog. Thanks for the smile! Hugs!!

  29. Golly, for a second there, I thought it was Bert shoveling snow. Must have been the necklace. But then, of course I recovered. He'd NEVER shovel ...

  30. I enjoyed reading your answers and love your sense of humor. Enjoy your weekend!

  31. Hi Katie! I avoid the age lying question by just not remembering what the right number is. It's very easy when you get to be this old. Your furry friends clearly did not like that bed! I hope they have one more to their liking now! For my birthday I'll have a huge slice of chocolate cake with chocolate chip ice cream, and maybe some chocolate sauce and kahlua on top! Linda

  32. Loved driving the pacific coast . Favorite stops Carmel, Pebble beach, and LaJolla. Unfortunately I also hate winter. Can't wait to see your bathroom renovation pics.

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