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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Valentine's Gifts for your Man

Hello, dear friends.  Happy almost Superbowl Sunday!  Yesterday, the Mister and I went to see The Comedian.  I've got a short, not-so-sweet review for you:  don't waste your money

I've put together two, count 'em, two posts with suggestions for Valentine's gifts for your man.  Every time I ask for an idea of what to buy the Mister for a holiday or birthday, he always barks the same answer, "NO CLOTHES!"

Needless to say, my gift lists hit all price points, most can be bought on Amazon,  and there is not an article of clothing in the bunch.

For the car lover

I am married to a certified car nut.  The minute he drives off the lot in a new car, he starts talking about the next one he is going to buy.
I'm glad his wandering eye only pertains to cars...

My Our motto is Safety First.  If your love doesn't have one of these handy-dandy road kits in his car, show him you care by giving him one.

The Mister loves his car vacuum and uses it at least a couple of times a month, which is a lot considering his wheels sit at the train station four days a week.  


If your guy loves his car almost as much as you, he will jump for joy if you give him this handy-dandy car care kit. He'll love you even more if you include two guys to do the work for him.


My Mister just bought a set of these magnetic phone holders.  He LOVES them.  
It doesn't take much to make my guy happy.


We bought a car a few months ago, and it came equipped with a car starter.  I never thought about purchasing a starter before, but now that I have one I don't think I would buy a car without one.  Especially if I'm still living through Northeast winters.
They also have deals on Groupon which includes installation.


A car locator and charger all in one.
I've been known to hit the panic button and make a call to the Mister telling him that my car had been stolen because I couldn't find it in the lot.  
I might have to order this one for me. 


  My Sista gave me a set of these Coco Car Mats a few years ago for my birthday.  I loved them.  They were great looking and never showed the dirt.


For the man who thinks he has everything for his car.

For the music lover


We have these speakers in our house and are very pleased with them.  They are user-friendly, and the sound quality is beyond compare. 


The Mister gave me a pair of these wireless headphones for Christmas and I love them.  Not only do I use them with my iPad while I am running on the treadmill at 90 mph, I also use them at night when the Mister falls asleep and starts snoring so loud that I can't hear the TV.  I missed 40 minutes of Real Housewives one time because of him sawing wood.  
Lucky for him, I don't complain.  

Another suggestion is a pair of concert tickets to someone that you he wants to see.
Are you reading this, Mister? 

For the techy


We have this printer and it's gotten great reviews.  It uses very little power and not a lot of ink.  Good price, too.


If your man wants to fill his office with framed selfies of the two of you, he'll love this mini printer.


For the guy who loves TV almost as much as you.


If you don't mind sharing the love of your life with Alexa, this is also an option.


No excuses for not calling you due to his phone running out of juice.  This little charger can handle 2 devices at once!!


One of my fellow bloggers raved about this extra large mouse pad.  I ordered one of these for me.
No Mister, this is not considered my Valentine's gift!


Orbi single-handedly cured our Internet problem and saved our marriage.

Dr. Phil:  If you're reading this, forget I called.


Nothing beats laying in bed on the weekend watching a movie.  You don't even have to take turns holding the tablet!

For the sentimental

Mark & Graham

Secret message cufflinks.

For the boyfriend who needs to be kept on his toes... 


More ideas coming this week.

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Wonderful gift ideas. I think every man thinks "No clothes" when it comes to gift-giving occasions. Sometimes when I pick something up for my son Jack at the store, I'll tell him "I got a surprise for you today, but it's clothes." Just to give him a little warning not to get TOO excited about it! Anyway, Michael has that magnetic phone holder and loves it! Happy weekend!

  2. Hi Katie,

    This definitely does not fit into the category of gifts for your best guy, but it is my best housekeeping tip. I ran onto a product called Lemi Shine. It has saved all my water spotted stemware. Okay, that's my Valentine's Day tip for you and all my other blog followers. Have a great week!

    1. Bobbie... thanks so much for your tip about Lemi Shine. I've never heard of it and it feels like a lifesaver! I will mention it in my Friday Files too. Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. In all your car research, did you come across a device that locates a missing car fob? Mine fell off my key ring. It hasn't surfaced in the house, but it has to be somewhere here because I couldn't have locked the car without it. Mystery! ;-)

  4. What great ideas and a few of them I would enjoy as well. Happy weekend!

  5. Wow...love all these ideas. Hubby and I just exchange cards but I'll jot these ideas down for his birthday in July. I could definitely use that car locator!

    Jane x

  6. I don't know if Rick would be into any of these -- if you can't ride it, ski on it or make music on it, maybe not. But I sure would!

  7. These are all excellent ideas!

  8. Great ideas for our true loves!
    Happy Monday!

  9. What a great list! And lots of good ideas for him to give to me as well!

  10. Fabulous ideas! Love all of them and jumping to Amazon asap! Have a great week!

  11. Men are so hard to buy for, and least mine is. Great ideas and reminder to start thinking now instead of the morning of!

  12. Lovely ideas. We are techy people, so we have many of these gadgets...LOL

  13. Great suggestions! My daughter and I took a road trip this weekend and we could have used that Road Kit! All ended well though.

  14. I had to laugh at that key ring, Current boyfriend. Since we built our little house, we are using it as our gift for all special occasions this year!!


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