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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Shark Tank: My Guilty Pleasure

Hello, dear friends.  Happy Sunday!  It looks like some more snow is headed our way.  Lucky us. 

It's time to 'fess up with an addiction that I have kept hidden from you for a few years.  I am a compulsive Shark Tank viewer.  I not only watch it on Friday nights, but I have also been known to watch it on five other nights in reruns.  I am ashamed to admit I have seen some of the shows over and over again.  And yet, I still cannot get enough.

The Mister has no idea that I have developed this addiction.  He usually falls asleep about 8:30.  That's when I quietly maneuver the remote from his hand (I told you that he is a control freak) and I gently push the magic numbers that take me to my porn of clever ideas and innovative inventions.

I like some Sharks better than others.  I feel that I can be honest considering we have carried on this long term relationship behind the Mister's back.

Barbara strikes me as very bright and extremely pushy.  I don't think I would pick her as my Shark.

Sista and I have had a long discussion about Lori's dresses.  We think that she has 4 basic patterns and has them made in many colors.  Lori strikes me as having great business sense.  I'd be very comfortable having Laurie as my Shark. 

Mark is the most disengaged of all the Sharks.  You can tell he'd much rather be watching the Mavs than sitting in an uncomfortable leather chair listening to a woman from Iowa pitching her toaster koozies.

I feel as though I witnessed Robert's midlife crisis right before my eyes on national TV.  We went through the divorce, Dancing with the Stars, falling in lust, and his remarriage.  He seems like a nice guy, though.

I think Daymond is my favorite Shark because even if he is not interested in the product, he is always civil to the contestants and offers helpful advice.

Mr. not-so-Wonderful is my least favorite Shark.  He is rude and gets a kick out of being a bully to the nervous contestants.  He thinks he's funny, but he's lacking one thing - humor.

Here are some products that are on my radar.

At last!  
The solution to my shrinking clothes.
Obviously, I'm not the only one who has a closet that shrinks clothes!


Lori is quoted as saying that this little number was her best deal.
I walk around with readers on my head, face, and on a granny chain all at one time.  And then I spend half the afternoon looking for my glasses.  I think that I need to order this, so I have one more place to hang my Dollar Store Rhinestone Readers.

This is for the person who will remain nameless who can't keep his glasses in place on his nose. 

Happy Valentine's Day, Mister.

This is something I can definitely use since I spend about 12 hours a day sitting on my duff.  This is a device that helps to correct your posture while you are sitting.  
Don't try running in it, though.

This little device helps you to break bad habits.  Every time you indulge yourself with something naughty, it gives you a zap. 

I think I'll save my money and wear Chow's bark collar instead. 
It's a real conversation stimulant, as well!

This is very typical of something that I would order because it looks like a fun way to watch my favorite shows and get in shape at the same time.  But it would only take me a few minutes of use to figure out it's a lot more fun to sit on the couch.

The Mister bought me one of these potty night lights the week before my colonoscopy.
Thanks, Mister, hope you enjoy that Nerdwax. 

Anything that claims to be 100 times stronger than duct tape has got to be on my gotta have list.  

These snow storms are giving me a lot of extra time to pursue new hobbies.


These sponges have gotten great reviews on Amazon.  I don't know how you can get that excited about a sponge, but people are crazy about them.

Cancel my order for the shrinkage solution.  
I'll take a case of the Skinnies.  

This is one product that I've actually bought.  I am not a popcorn lover, but I do enjoy a bowl of  Pipcorn.  The kernels are small, and it's much easier to eat and they don't get stuck in your teeth.


If I ever start running at night, I will be sure to order a pair of these sneaker lights.
Any bets that this will ever happen?

This pencil sharpener is another product that gets stellar reviews.  I think that the last time I actually used a pencil was when I took the SATs... and that didn't turn out so well.

This is a phone charger and sanitizer, another popular product according to Amazon.  If you're a germaphobe, this one's for you. 

I ordered a few of these.  I have learned that part of an old house's charm is a clogged drain. 

If you are concerned about having your identity stolen, Signal Vault is for you.  Good reviews, too.

Now, this is what I call a manly gift.  This is a bottle opener that is made from a real US military, once fired 40 cal bmg bullet.  
Don't ask me what cal bmg means.  


Just when I thought I've heard everything.  
This is a disposable dog potty made with real grass.  

This would never work in our family.  Chili refuses to walk on grass and prefers to take care of business on a much-utilized walkway or a brand new doormat, and Chowdah would need acres of this stuff. 
Until next time...

Taking a disposable dog potty to a whole new level.
Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Here in Canada, we have a version of Shark Tank called Dragon's Den. Robert and Kevin O'Leary are part of ours as well. Did you know Kevin O'Leary is going to get into politics here? Oh my!
    So... what product would you pitch to Dragon's Den, Katie? -Jenn

  2. A fun post! I enjoy Shark Tank too. I often am amazed at what clever products people come up with - and also what seemingly unprofitable products people spend their life savings on to develop (yikes).
    I'm going to send my Texas brother the bullet bottle opener for his birthday.
    I plan to order a couple of the bathroom drain stoppers too.
    I would buy one of those bad-habit zappers if it wasn't so complicated to use.

  3. Oh- No! I have never watched Shark Tank! Am I off your "I like her" list now? Now I am AFRAID to watch it for fear I will get addicted. I am addicted to old Columbo movies late at night. I probably know them all word for word. Peter Falk and I go to bed together every night and he talks me to sleep. Sadly, he has been gone from this earth for a while now so it is like hearing a voice from the beyond.

    I always get a kick out of your product reviews and have actually ordered a couple of things you recommended--so thanks for looking out for all of us. xo Diana

    ps- I will NOT be ordering something to light up my toilet thank you.....

  4. My husband is also addicted and has purchased the magnetic eye glass clips as well as the sponges (and I have to say I don't know how I lived without these sponges - oh, and he knows how he lived without the magnetic clips - never uses them!!)

  5. My husband is also addicted to Shark Tank. The only one I like is Daymond :-) That sponge was gifted to me by someone who cannot live without them. I think I should check out the Pipcorn. I hate getting kernels stuck between my teeth.

  6. Katie, It's amazing how many products have been on Shark Tank. I've purchased a few. The best are the Drop Stop Seat Gap Fillers that prevent things from dropping between the car seat and the console, and the Teddy Needs a Bath laundry bag. Looks like Gund bought that product. I've washed the trash bags full of my daughter's stuffed animals that I saved for my granddaughters. It's also great for pieces from the ExerSaucers that kids put in their mouths. We tried Coffee Joulies that my husband used twice. And the sponges are great because they don't scratch any surface. I'd like to try the Vibes, hi-fi earplugs for concerts.

    1. Susie... I am familiar with all those products. I forgot about Teddy Need A Bath! Glad to hear it works. Again, I have heard time and time again about those sponges. I'm going to order some today! Have a great week, Susie.

  7. We both watch Shark Tank. We love seeing the new inventions and how well the sharks approach the product. I despise Mr. wonderful. Lori seems nice, along with Damon and Robert. Have a wonderful week.

  8. My homeschool high school son takes a business class and every now and then, I'll assign him the task of watching Shark Tank. It's a great lesson on businesses, what works and what doesn't. They also have a show with the same people called, "Beyond The Tank" (I think that's what it's called) that follows up on some of the businesses after they leave Shark Tank. Very interesting!

    I enjoy your sense of HUMOR VERY MUCH.........those dogs are the CUTEST!

  10. i love me some scrub daddy!! And I like to watch Lori Grenier on QVC. Don't tell anyone.:)

  11. Such a great post. I like the one that zaps you whenever, could do with one of those. I need all the help I can get.

  12. Happy Valentine's Day dear Katie! xoxo, Dawn

  13. you'd think after all the laughing i do when i read your posts that i'd have abs of steel by now. you slay me! get a book deal will ya? love your picks. and i'm buying that rfid thing right now. i gotta blog about all the breaches we've been dealing with...its ridiculous! thanks for the tip!

  14. I've never seen this show -- I might want to turn in, thanks to you!

  15. I love Shark Tank! My favorite thing is to try to predict if Laurie will think a product is a hero or a zero. I'm wrong a lot. I guess that's why she is the Queen of QVC and I am a wannabe inventor. My dear son-in-law, the patent attorney, hates the show. It drives him bonkers to hear the people talk about their patent applications like they are a sure bet. Nails on a chalkboard to him.

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