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Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Luncheon for Some Lovely Ladies

Hello, dear friends.  How is your weekend going?  Yesterday, was surely the highlight of 2017 for me.  

It all began a few years ago when I met dear Mary, who was a reader for lunch.  We really hit it off and a couple of months later she hosted a lovely luncheon at her home and introduced me to her neighbors, the Sudbury Sweethearts.   That day I met Laurie and she was kind enough to ask me to a sensational luncheon at her stunning summer home on the Cape last November.  You can read about it here.  I had such a great time that I wanted to have them all over for lunch.  By chance, my buddy Mo, of Mocadeaux was in town visiting so she was able to come too.

 Thank goodness, the Mister was totally on board and had the menu written weeks in advance.  My guests were lucky - if I had been in charge, the main course would have been peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Let me begin with the "wow" factor - the cheeseboard ala the Mister.
What can I say?  
The guy's a gift for cheeseboards.  

Here are some pics from behind the scenes.  Let's just say the Mister does not appreciate me posting the kitchen pics, so don't tell him.

I've been married to the Mister for almost 27 glorious years, and it wasn't until last Spring when we had my cousin Louise and dear Peter over for lunch that I discovered that he makes the creamiest, most heavenly quiche I have ever tasted.  So needless to say, I made this one request for the menu.

The sous chef was called away on business for his own safety as well as that of the guests.  He still thinks that he is a five-pound lap dog and nobody can convince him that he's not. 

The Mister warmed these pretzel nuggets and sprinkled them with sea salt.  They are soooo good with a glass of Chardonnay.

He bought them at Whole Foods - he can't make everything from scratch, for heaven sakes!!

We enjoyed our 'tails and d'oeuvres in the sunroom.  There was never a dull moment.  The afternoon was chock full of laughs and entertaining stories.

These mini sandwiches were filled with roast tenderloin, horseradish, blue cheese and fresh strawberries.

There were also roast chicken sandwiches with prosciutto dressed with a basil pesto and fresh strawberries.

The Mister made jumbo croutons out of cornbread and sprinkled them with sea salt for the salad.

Since I'm watching my waistline, I decided to skip the salad and just eat the croutons.  

The quiche was made with pancetta, shiitake mushrooms, shallots, and 24-hour tomatoes. 

I was in charge of the flowers and the table.  
I slept for four days after I finished my tasks.

I grew my own plants and made the tablecloth and napkins by hand.

OK, that's not true.
I just wanted to make sure that you were listening.

Have you finished oohing and aahing about my table?

OK, back to the food...

For dessert, the Mister served a lemon frangipane envelope stuffed with fresh raspberries and a side of butter caramel gelato topped with pistachios.

The entire meal was less than 200 calories.

OK, that isn't true, either.

I will tell what is true - the company was even sweeter than the dessert!  I feel like I've known these ladies forever.  I look forward to many more fun times in the future with these funny, smart, wise women.

That is if they'll have me.

Until next time...

This is how I felt after I set the table.

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  1. What a lovely luncheon! Everything looks delicious and your dining room is beautiful.

  2. That was one amazing looking lunch!!! I can't even imagine the happiness I would feel having someone make that lunch for me! And then to sit and eat at that beautiful table....heaven!!! Makes my weekend of cleaning closets and drawers feel so depressing.....lol. Glad you had a wonderful time!

  3. Blown away by the Mister's meal! I wanted to Pin the cheese board but wasn't able to. Definitely Pinterest worthy!
    You are lucky to have a chef hubby.
    What a wonderful luncheon your friends were treated to.

    1. I couldn't either the first time I tried, but I did it again and the second time worked for me.

  4. It is about time Anne (my former roommate introduces us), your blog, food and home are unbelievable!!!! I can not wait to hear about this feast from Anne .It looks delicious. I want to be able to enjoy one of the Mister's luncheons!!!!! Looking forward to meeting you soon. (we can discuss Housewives/Bravo!!! )

  5. I was lucky to be one of these Lovely Ladies included in this wonderful luncheon. I once fashioned myself a good cook. I am humbled after sitting at the Mister's table. Katie and the Mister have a keen sense of design, and their beautiful home is bright and modern while in keeping with the historic essence of the house. Our eclectic group could have talked on and laughed for hours about movies, books, travel, work and wisdom. I am so grateful to Katie and the Mister for their generous hospitality. I look forward to our next gathering. Thank you.

  6. Just beautiful - all of it! Your hubby is something special.

  7. Wow! What a lucky woman you are. Everything looks amazing. Have a fantastic week, Katie!

  8. Everything looked wonderful. What a mister that man is! I loved your table...that is hard work putting a pretty table together.

  9. What a beautiful luncheon! Beautiful table, wonderful friends and exquisite food. My grilled cheese can't compare!!

  10. Really?? Really??? R U Kidding me?? O. MY. GAWD!!!!!!!
    Well, he's really outdone himself this time.....does he do the shopping and the cleaning up the kitchen too??
    I have now proclaimed you to be the luckiest lil lady in all the land! How glorious it would be to sit at THAT table! does he hang around the corner just listening to all the compliments he must recieve after a meal like that?
    Oh mr. preppy empty nester.....as a fellow cook, I applaud you for your creativity and beautiful presentation...I am only imagining the great taste of your foods!!
    Oh yeah.....Katie....you did a great job too!!!!

  11. How fun for you and the other girls! Times like this are so special but when you have a handsome man who prepares the food it's even better. :)

  12. Oh, my! That meal is amazing! You can tell the mister I said I have a cheese board he can work with the next time he is in Austin. Seriously, he outdid himself with the beautiful food, and have to say your table was equally as fine. I know you girls had a fab time laughing and enjoying the day. What a great idea!

  13. The Mr's food looks exquisite and your table setting and flowers gorgeous too! It is rare to have a group of friends who stay connected as you all do. What a beautiful occasion. Chili and Chowder make my day every time!

  14. Your table is beyond beautiful! And the food is making me salivate...wow!

  15. How beautiful, elegant and just a lovely feast for the eyes and tummy! I know your lovely guests enjoyed the afternoon Katie! The "Mister" certainly creates a grand presentation. I wish I could take a class from him! Hugs and y'all have a lovely week!

  16. Those ladies won the LUNCH LOTTERY!! Katie, everything looks so nice and I am sure it was very tasty as well.

  17. Ah, such bliss! Such a lovely afternoon....and what a fabulous husband you have to create such scrumptious, beautiful food! Lucky ladies to enjoy this pretty luncheon!

  18. You are the perfect trophy wife and as a super model I can understand why you served a 200 calorie luncheon. Tell me, is The Mister available as a live-in chef - for someone not a super model. Cathy

  19. That is a book worthy spread, including you talents for setting a beautiful table. I think you and the Mister should publish. I'd buy your book for all the inspiration ideas you two provide! What fun, and only 200 calories! Hahaha.

  20. I'm repeating comparison is the thief of joy over and over to make me through my Monday. Just when I was so excited about posting my healthy quiche, you go waaaaayyy over the top with this beautiful lunch with beautiful ladies. I want blue and white anything now in my home.

  21. Wow, looks wonderful. You and your hubs make a great combo for putting on a great get together!

  22. You are a lucky girl...to have a live in chef! My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Ha ha ha. Love your gorgeous tablecloth and napkins in your blue room! Will you share the source of the tablecloth? Have a wonderful week! Sheila


  24. Absolutely stunning food and table presentation. I am hungry just scrolling through the pictures, lol. He did an amazing job and so did you. Everything looks so warm and welcoming and those big smiles on everyone's faces say so much! Looks like a great day!


  25. Wow - fantastic! I could've been wholly satisfied with just that cheeseboard (and dessert, of course!). Lucky ladies, all, to have you & your Mr. Chef as hosts. Your tablescaping is beautiful, as is the entire room. I bet those gals are still talking about how wonderful a day it was. Have a great week, Katie.

  26. Oh yes indeed these lucky ladies won the Lunch Lottery! I have no doubt that they have not enjoyed a more delicious lunch in a more beautiful home with a more delightful group of women. Everything was perfect; what a hosting duo you and the Mister make.

  27. I am blown away by the beautiful luncheon you had for your lucky friends. Does Mister share recipes? If he doesn't he should consider doing a book. Seriously.And your table was exquisite. I recently bought a blue floral and paisley tablecloth and white napkins with blue stitching, which I am having monogrammed. Can't wait to use them for a Mother's Day luncheon. This is only my third time to receive your blog and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Love your wit.Can't wait for the next blog to arrive.

  28. Katie,
    What a beautiful and amazing luncheon and such a lovely group of ladies too.
    Your mister is something else and I would imagine that the two of you make one dynamic duo. This is one gorgeous table!
    Have a fabulous week. I will be watching two of my grandbabies this week while the parents go on a trip. (3 months & 4 years)!

  29. Katie,
    Would the Mister be willing to give up his recipes? The sandwiches, quiche, salad and dessert made my mouth water!

  30. What a wonderful luncheon! I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves... such a beautiful home, delicious food and delightful hostess. We'll be looking forward to more inspiring posts after you recover from all the work you did!

  31. As I recent follower, I clicked on all the links. Here's to Mary for her generosity. Going out to lunch is one thing but opening up your home is another level. Cheers to Lauie for picking up the torch. Katie, thank you for being honest about how exhausting it is to be the hostess with the mostest! We want to have it all be perfect for our guests and we want it to seem effortless. You two certainly showed them the love. Pat yourself and Mr. on the back for making those connections. And thank Chowdah for letting it all go off without a hitch. Rita (Pistodog)

  32. Oh my word --I am drooling here over the food AND your gorgeous table!! How fun that must have been! You and the Mister are a perfect match, aren't you! Have a super week!

  33. What a beautiful Luncheon!
    I especially loved the cheeseboard and wanted to know the dimensions.
    Mine would never look as perfect as The Mister's!

  34. Wow - I want a "mister" like you have!! Everything looks lovely and scrumptious! Your table was set to perfection and I am sure the ladies all enjoyed this delightful luncheon! I am drooling.....

  35. How can it all look so elegant and involved, yet simple at the same time? I may have to copy this menu idea for my own luncheon sometime. Oh, also can you and your friends come too? It looks like you're having my kind of girl-fun!

  36. WOW...you have some lucky friends and of course, the Mister is one lucky guy because he gets to practice his rusty chef skills. Looks like it was a fabulous lunch! I just finished dinner and now I am hungry again.

  37. Hello dear Katie and your incredible Mister lechef,
    Your luncheon looks mouthwatering, wow !! I can tell that your guests all had such fun, and I know you will have laughed a lot

    I am loving your pretty table, and your beautiful home, blue and white is my favourite. You are a fabulous friend to so many people, and so kind to us all
    I hope you enjoyed the Oscars, I managed to see a little of the show.. It was worth it for Justin Timberlake
    Much love my dear, have a good week
    Sally xxx

  38. WOW! What a beautiful group of ladies and a wonderful friendship that came from blogging. The Mr."s lunch is fabulous! Please ask hime to share some of his recipes! The presentation id beautiful and your table is as well. Thanks for sharing!

  39. How do we get an invitation to lunch? You have me laughing out loud with every post!!!!


  40. Wow and wow again and again and again! This is such a fabulous feast and so elegant with that fabulous blue table cloth and napkins (even if you DIDn't make them yourself!). Oh, Mister, Mister -- no wonder you fell in love with that guy if he wined and dined you with food. This whole post -- every photo is like a work of art!

  41. Now we ALL want to be your Luncheon Friend!......Does you Mister do 'send out'....it's a bit far for 'pick-up'.

  42. Wow!! When are you having us to lunch, Katie? We'd love to sample the Mr.'s fare and would even help setting the table and doing the flowers... You are one lucky lady!
    C + C

  43. Oh my goodness, your hubby is a gourmet chef and certainly a keeper, and you're too funny for words. You're table was stunning. I so enjoyed reading this post and seeing all the glorious pictures.

  44. Many, many thanks to you and the Mister for putting together such a fabulous luncheon! The food was amazing and the company delightful! It was a real treat to get to know these smart, funny and interesting ladies. And it is always a joy to spend time with you, dear Katie!! XO

  45. Wow- all the food is prepared so attractively. Your table was so pretty- love the tablecloth and handmade napkins. Beautifully done!

  46. Oh my goodness...everything looks so delicious and beautiful!! Have a fabulous weekend!! xoxo

  47. Very elegant! The prepared dishes look delicious. Quiche is one of my favorites. That lovely blue floral tablecloth is a showstopper. Lucky guests!

  48. What a glorious story!!! I love the meandering way you got connected here and then there and your husband is a gem for sure! You had me laughing at your 2 fibs, so yes I digested every word of it and it didn't add a calorie to my day. :) thank you so much for adding this lovely post to TADA! thursdays.

  49. WHOA! So glad I did not miss this, what a feast for the eyes...do you know how lucky you are to have your own personal chef!!! I am so jealous, everything looks mouth watering good, must get the recipe for the quiche, pretty please:)

    Love how your group came together, so wonderful. A definite gift of blogging!

  50. Oh my, I am not even hungry but still I found myself drooling!! Your mister is truly an amazing chef. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  51. Katie,
    The menu and the table setting are spectacular! Recently I read a comment from you in which you wrote every time you looked at your mantel you felt you had your shoes on the wrong feet. I laughed out loud about that and know exactly how you felt. Yes, I was paying attention and laughed when I read you grew your own plants and made your tablecloth and napkins by hand. Then I laughed even more when you said that was a lie. Sort of reminds me a famous home stylist who has been around long before bloggers who really did grow her own plants, handmade her napkins and tablecloths, and made her own homemade ketchup.... you know who I'm thinking of, I'm sure. :)

    Thanks for wonderful post and for sharing it with us at Monday Social.


  52. This is is stunning! I'd be a very happy guest at this luncheon. Just letting you know I'm featuring your post at Best of the Weekend tonight!

  53. quiche was made with pancetta, shiitake mushrooms, shallots, and 24-hour tomatoes???? Recipe please???


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