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Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Bowl of Thanksgiving Chowdah

Hi, Everybody!  It's me, Chowdah.  Mom is doing some decorating, so I asked her if I pitch hit for her, and she said yes. 

Chili is in one of her diva moods, so that's why I'm in charge.  

Today, I wanna show you some pics from our Thanksgiving weekend.

I think my #1 Sista has been spending too much time on Instagram.  She was home for less than an hour and she started dressing me up.   

I'm closing my eyes cuz I'm embarrassed, and I don't want anyone to see me.

Chili is making fun of me behind my back.

#1 didn't even try to dress Chili up cuz Mom lost 2 fingers getting this new coat on her.  Between you and me, I think Chili should be on medication.

Meanwhile, #2 Sis was in the kitchen cooking her own dinner.  She has special dietary requirements, so she likes to cook her own food.  
Dad's not happy when he has to share his kitchen. 

He never has to worry about Mom ever using his stove, so this is a new experience for him.

Dad's googling: How do I get my kid outta my kitchen.

Here's a few pics of some of the food they noshed on over the weekend.  I can't tell you whether it was very good cuz nobody offered me a bite.

Not that I'm bitter or anything...

Garlic and herb goat cheese and tomato concasse

Pork belly tacos and naan

Dad's famous Brie

My family also went out to lunch and to the movies a few times.      
I can't tell you if it was fun because I wasn't invited.
Not that I'm bitter or anything...

Mom also took the girls out to buy them some new makeup so they would pose for a picture for a Christmas card with a smile.  

This is where I am sad that I can't sit on the girls' laps too.

Oh yeah?
Who said I can't?!

I told you that she was a diva.

But unfortunately, the pics didn't come out too good, and no one could agree on which one to use.

But Mom still had fun.

After the girls left, Mom took a zillion pics of us.  She was so happy with this one.  Mom was all set to have them made up for the cards and then realized she lost her address book.  So if there's no card in the mail from the Preppy Empty Nesters, you'll know why.

Not that Mom's bitter or anything...

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  1. Oh Chowdah, you have the most wonderful sense of humour, much like your mom. I didn't realize what a BIG dog you are until I saw those last pictures where you are sitting on your sister's lap! I would understand if you were bitter, looking at that delicious meal! Do your mom and dad eat like that every day?? I think you look best in pearls. -Jenn

  2. Love Chow's Thanksgiving report! Sounds like a good time was had by all. So impressed with The Mister's culinary talents. Your girls are beautiful and I know you loved having them home.

  3. What a gorgeous family you have, Katie! And a fine narrator today. I must admit, I can't resist animals that know how to dress! What a great, fun time you had. It looks so warm and inviting. Will you adopt me?

  4. Wonderful pictures, Katie. Your girls are just beautiful. I think the one with the lighter hair looks just like you-both equally gorgeous girls! How does you hubby make the brie? I love the presentation! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday-even if your blog is going to the dogs! lol xo Diana

  5. What a fun, lighthearted recap of your Thanksgiving. It was just what I needed today. Have a great week, Chowdah!

  6. Was just getting ready to say...Hands down, the dogs need to be the christmas card!!!
    But your girls are gorgeous. Reminds me of my boys...17 months apart and different as night and day. Perfect in their own perfect ways!
    and yes please.....pork belly tacos??????? crap. my mouth is drooling down my chin. Would you plz have a party and invite all of us bloggers who spin with happiness every time you post pics of food he makes???? and make him be the chef???? I'll bring the wine!!

  7. Chowdah, you gave a great recap! Love your Christmas photo on the porch. You could teach Sadie a thing or two about how to pose for photos.
    Looking forward to your mom and dad's TX trip. Wish you and Chili could come along. Want to work on that?

  8. Looks like a fun holiday weekend! Your girls are lovely and so are the pooches!! Lucky you to have a hubby who knows his way around the kitchen!

  9. How fun! Your pup and girls make me smile! They are beautiful just like you. I have two daughters as well. They clash a lot...two very different personalities but a lot of love there. We're lucky, aren't we?


  10. Lovely post Chowdah, so nice to see your point of view. So happy you got to see and play with your sisters and tried to sit on their laps. Certainly you are a big boy. xx

    1. Thanks, Miss Lillian, for taking the time to comment on my post. xx, Chowdah

  11. Katie...your girls are just so pretty. I'll just bet that they are as gracious as their Mom! Darling photos with the "boys" too! I know you and your Mister must have so enjoyed having them home for Thanksgiving. It all passed to quickly didn't it? Have a lovely Christmas season!

  12. Chowdah, you're funny! You and Chili made a great Christmas card!

  13. I do not believe I have EVER seen a dog in pearls but hey, it works for her!! And Mom, if buying make up makes your girls smile for the Christmas Card photos, it was a worthy investment. I have to say I am not a "pet" person but your dogs make me reconsider.

  14. You have such a beautiful fmaily Katie! The food looks wonderful and there is nothing better than a dog in a sweater. Blessings of the season to you!

  15. Ellen, thank you on behalf of my daughters and you are right about our only son, he's a handful!

  16. A bowl of Thanksgiving Chowdah is good any day of the year!

  17. Precious! Both the four and two legged varieties!
    (and that taco holder is pretty nifty too!)

  18. Those GIRLS of YOURS........are a CATCH!
    The check bones alone!!!!!!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the MISTER in the kitchen standing behind DAUGHTER number TWO!!!!!!!
    Looked like a TV commercial!
    I can IMAGINE how SAD you are when they LEAVE!
    AS for those TWO furry PUPS.............GOD LOVE THEM!

  19. Katie, your girls are absolutely beautiful! I love the look The Mister was giving her for being in "his kitchen." Those tacos look amazing. If I were your daughter I would never leave. I would hang out let you entertain me with your sense of humor, and The Mister to cook gourmet dishes every night!!!

  20. Chowdah, you are so articulate and funny! And handsome too! Looks like you had a very special Thanksgiving. :)

  21. What fun! Chowdah is quite a talented writer and had me laughing out loud. Lovely family.

  22. Hilarious! And your girls are absolutely stunning.
    Have a wonderful week!


  23. Awe, Chowdah, you do give your Mom a run for her money don't you? So enjoyed hearing your "take" on things. Looks like to me you are a pretty lucky fella!

  24. Your girls are beautiful just like their mom :-) Love the puppy jackets, so darling! The food looks delicious!! I agree it's tough to share a kitchen sometimes lol. Have a wonderful evening!


  25. Chowdah, You are so handsome in your cute sweater! You and your mom must have been thrilled to have both your gorgeous sisters home at the same time! The photo of your Dad in the kitchen with your sis #2 is hilarious. I'm sorry no one offered you a bite, but maybe you can snitch something when no one is watching. I know I would if those tacos and the cheese were around! And please ask your mom how she keeps her trophy wife figure with all those goodies coming out of the kitchen! Linda


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