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Friday, June 10, 2016

My Weekend in Pictures

Hello, dear friends.  I don't know about you, but it's something about summertime that makes me include Friday as part of the weekend.  The Mister always says that every day is a weekend day to me.  Isn't he a riot?  He's a regular Jerry Seinfeld.  

Is it just me or is there an exceptional amount of pollen this year?  I have to wipe down my counters at least three or four times a day.  I don't mind though because I consider it my cardio.   

Last week, I drove to Boston to meet a new friend.  On my way to the restaurant, I stopped at the Farmer's Market. 

I met this cute little guy.  He was much better behaved than my two hooligans.

Enough with the veggies... on to a big fattening lunch.

Pattie is one of my wonderful readers from North Carolina.  Her daughter lives in Beantown and just had a baby.  Pattie and her Mister rented a condo so they can come and visit their new grandchild whenever they wish.  Pattie was so helpful with some questions that #2 and I had about Durham. 

We had a delightful lunch on a beautiful day on the patio of Stephanie's.  Pattie - if you're reading this, come back soon.  I owe you lunch.

Although Saturday morning was positively gorgeous, it started out on the wrong paw foot.  Just like when my girls were little, it's never a good sign when my two angels are quiet.  I was working on a post and realized I hadn't heard the poochies bark to come in.

I walked out to discover this crime scene.  I caught these 2 perps redhanded.  And I thought teenagers were tough!!

Chili got Chowdah to dig a hole deep enough to reach China for her to climb under the stoop.  She calls it her clubhouse.

It took me two hours to coax Chili to come out of her newfound home.  I tried to bribe her with every treat imaginable.  I felt like I was a hostage negotiator.  We finally came to an agreement.  When the Mister and I pass away and go to the great emptynesterville in the sky, we are leaving everything to Chili.  Sorry, girls.  We've got an appointment with the lawyer next week.

The muscle behind the madness.

My hero to the rescue!

A not-so-happy Mister repairing the damage.  He bought a hundred thousand dollar's worth of every product available to deter digging.  He felt pretty darn proud of himself.

Until the next morning.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  Not again!!!

Chili made me do it!
Meanwhile... my girl is back in her clubhouse.


No more timeouts for these two.
From now on the hooligans are assigned to manual labor - 

After the second day of clean up, we enjoyed our first al fresco lunch of the season together at The Scarlet Oak, one of my very favorite places for lunch.

You can tell... the Mister still looks mad.

We wore off some calories doing a little antiquing.  We are in search of unique door stops.  With all the windows open, the doors are constantly slamming in our house.  Scares the bejeezus out of me.  It's a virtual House of Horrors.

Needless to say, the "organization" of this shop does nothing for the Mister's OCD tendencies.

The Mister lost all color when he had to find his way through this room.

We did find one door stop that looked like an iron.  I don't know why I bought that one since I hate to iron.  I bargained with the lady.  It was ten dollars and I got it for ten dollars.  So much for my negotiating skills.

We then went off to the movies.  Kate Beckinsale was wonderful in her role.  The costumes and scenery were gorgeous as well.  I really felt that the movie fell flat, though.  I give it a solid C.

But what do I know?  
It got good reviews.

To drown his sorrows, the Mister insisted on stopping for a "light" dessert.  Will someone please tell him that just because it is a yogurt doesn't mean it is light in calories?

Have a great weekend. 

Until next time...

My neighbor, Susie, who knows Chow & Chil very well sent this to me.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Now this is what I call a great weekend! LOVE Stephanie's used to go all the time when my son was in school there. Such a fun place, love all your flower pics, makes my heart beat faster. The dogs are too cute despite their "mischievousness". Funny I stopped by a bday dinner last night and the table was divided on Love and Friendship too..most said it disappointed, still want to see it as they are always just so beautiful. Hope you enjoy your weekend!
    PS Love your idea of a "light dessert" now that is my kind of diet:)

  3. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I love those sweet little pups. The things we put up for our wonders have we lost our minds?!
    My hubby loves to stop in at those little shops and can usually see some treasure in all that chaos. I am like your hubby though, it drives me mad and I feel the need to just get to the door for some air.

  4. It's a darned good things those dogs are cute because that's some serious naughty. Reminds me of when our old collie Major ate his way out of the screened in porch that my dad hadn't even yet seen at the lake. We're sitting about a half mile down the beach at my cousin's -- the old cottage -- and Major comes lumbering down the beach to sit in his hole at the old place. Dogs like their hole in the ground. And apparently, there was nothing to herd on the porch...

    I love your photos. And I admire that your hub will go into those shops. Rick steers as clear as possible!

  5. Those puppies are naughty! I wish we still had windows open here. 95 in KC today.

  6. Oh, naughty dogs! My chickens like to dig in my gardens, this does not make me happy!

    Looks like a perfect weekend otherwise!

  7. As a part of our social activities, I am in charge of selecting a movie for us to see every Friday night. I too selected Love and Friendship. My husband and I walked out of the theater without much to say about the movie. That is always a bad sign. I had expected to really enjoy it, but sadly that was not the case. Will keep searching though for that great movie!!!!

  8. Your doggies crack me up! Oh those faces! What a fun weekend!

  9. You make the digging story so much funnier than it probably is. My dog doesn't dig, but I have been fighting a battle with a chipmunk that loves to dig up the same flower (just one) over and over :-)

  10. What a wonderful weekend! That farmers market looked fabulous and lunch with a new friend -- perfect! Oh no -- your pups are too naughty! We caught our Scottie recently on top of a large flower planter hiding a bone! Geesh! Antique stores make me a little jittery too!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Your photos of the farmers' market were beautiful - made me wish for a kitchen counter full of fresh fruit and veg. Then I remembered that someone would need to DO something with them and that the someone would be Yours Truly and I decided to appreciate all that freshness online.
    The digging. It took me back, made me smile........and that's something I always do when reading your posts. Wishing you a good weekend!

  12. Your fur babies are so precious! Who could be mad at those sweet faces? I love antiquing when I have a purpose, but I agree with your Mister. I can't handle clutter and chaos. I use two old irons as bookends on my mantle, but I love the idea to use them as door stoppers. I hope you two have a fantastic weekend, and C & C keep their shenanigans to a minimum. :)

  13. Good thing Chili and Chowder are cute otherwise...Hopefully the 100 grand worth of product(was it on sale?) will work!

  14. Ahh...loved meeting for lunch! Planning my next trip to see you! (Sorry baby Sam)

  15. Oh my goodness, Katie, your post is just what I needed after a long week at work. Just when I started to read a few lines, you dropped in something that made me burst out laughing and then you did it again and again. I haven't had such a good laugh in ages - perps, hilarious!

  16. You have me laughing out loud over here! Those naughty doggies! I have been in that situation many times with my Rosie! On several occasions when she was little, she pulled up the irrigation system hoses in our flower beds and chewed holes in them AND ripped out some of the landscape lighting wires. Luckily she didn't get electrocuted. She did this over a period of time and we didn't notice how much was destroyed until we saw her chewing on the hoses in the yard. To repair and replace all those cost us a ton of money and my husband was not happy! Luckily she grew out of it and as a complete angel now (for the most part!). Dogs are worth it though! So jealous that you got to eat outside on Newbury St. in Boston! Such a beautiful street with amazing shops! Enjoy your weekend!

  17. The hooligans are just having a little fun. How could anyone be upset with those sweet faces? Luckily Sadie isn't a digger or a chewer, but she has napping down perfectly.
    Would love to shop that market. The flats of flowers for $4....amazing! I'd be loading up the car!
    I enjoy reading your humor. Great way to start my weekend! ;-)

  18. Your little rascals are keeping you busy - not the quiet life one might think of an "empty nester". You two DO have too much fun!!! Hope this weekend is going just as well! xoxox

  19. Oh but your hooligans are so cute! Empty nesting is still my kids are in two separate towns and that keeps me hopping. Ha. The thing is...I still have my son's stuff. I figure I am not truly an empty nester until he removes his junk/ stuff. Ha. I have heard parents say the kids stuff stays fir years after they have left. Ha ha sheila

  20. You just make me laugh, thank you!

  21. Oh, I am laughing my arse off at your dogs!!!! And prolly because I have my own sophiejane who looks just like chili and I think acts like her too!! That pic of chowdah on 2nd morning after all the spraying???? Oh My STILL laughing at that one!!!!
    And right now my mister is filling his ice cream bowl up and I'm hoping he gets some with chocolate syrup on it (cuz of your pic) so I can take it from him!!!

  22. Katie, You are hilarious!!! Those two cuties look so proud of the work they have accomplished! I wonder what the treasure is under the porch? My lab used to dig just so she could roll in it to get dirty after a bath. I'm in Boston all the time now as the kids are there. Next weekend two are going away and we are taking over their condo! Thinking of Stephanie's for brunch and we are going to see the new Boston Public Market which they rave about for all scrumptious New England goodies, and maybe the MFA. I hope you brought home something wonderful from that antique shop, like maybe that picnic basket! Linda

  23. Sounds like a perfect weekend, except for the part about the digging in your pretty flowers! We have a five month old boxer puppy and she has just discovered the wonderful world of digging too. Our dog trainer told us to use bitter apple spray, maybe the Mister can give it a try. It can also be used on things we don't want her to chew on like shoes, etc. When things get quiet I know she is up to no good and can usually find her doing something mischievous! Hope you are having a great Sunday.

  24. Yup, good thing they are cute... That farmers market looks wonderful. I could see myself buying tons of healthy produce there, just because it is displayed so nicely. Wow, you go see a movie every Friday night? I guess that's what I can look forward to after our two are grown and out of the house! Have the doggies stopped digging? -Jenn

  25. I am dying at the Adventures in Hooliganism starring Chow and Chili. Chili looks like her next role could be as the Little Match Girl and I am sorry to say that central casting has the perfect candidate for Chowderella. Some day his prints will be all over the house?

    Love the photo of you and the Mister. That antique shop gives me the willies also. I generally wash my hands 5 times or more upon leaving. I vote for the four legged help to do the ironing.


  26. I literally laughed out loud at this post . . . Chili and Chowdah are my new favorite pups! So naughty but so funny!

  27. Sweet Mother of Mercy, I am SO glad I found your blog! I look forward to every post you will put out there for a huge laugh!!! Wow, you really cheer me up. NO...I am NOT stalking you I swear:) I just keep seeing these posts that make me LOL!!!!


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