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Monday, June 13, 2016

Beautiful Brew-stah

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you enjoyed your weekend.  Saturday was a cool, overcast day here in the Northeast.  The Mister and I decided a road trip was in order.  We had never been to Brewster, or Brew-stah in Boston speak, so we decided to head there.  

Your geography lesson for the day.

As soon as I spotted this darling farm stand, I told the Mister to hit the breaks.  

They weren't open, but that's never stopped me before.

Pretty sad when a potted plant wears a pair of jeans better than me.  And I doubt that they're even wearing spanx!

The farm stand may not be open for another week, but their book swap is still in business.  Can you see the sign "free beer tomorrow"?

You can't visit a small town in New England without making a stop at the General Store.

I tried to talk the Mister into one of those hats, but it was a no-go.

He told me that he would rather spend his "hat" money on cookies.

Evidently, the Mister doesn't know that cookies and scales don't mix!

Across the street from where we were going to lunch, I spotted this darling shop.

Stringe Gallery houses gorgeous antiques as well as breathtaking original oil and watercolor paintings by Tom Stringe, one of the partners.  Every day they receive more furniture and accessories.  

We hopped in our car and drove across the street to Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club for lunch.  

Even though it was a cloudy day, it did not take anything away from the beauty of the grounds.  Their large waterfront patio is the place to be to enjoy a cocktail and watch the sunset.

The main building is a renovated mansion. The owners managed to retain the integrity and beauty of the building.  

It was too chilly to sit outside, so we had a delightful lunch in the darling bar.

The food and service were spectacular. 

As if we didn't have enough magic this weekend, we went to see Now You See Me 2 on Sunday.

I enjoyed this film more than I thought I would.  I told the Mister that it reminded me of Ocean's Eleven laced with magic.  The cast was great, and the screenplay and effects made it very entertaining.

Many times I tell you to wait for a movie to come on TV.  I think that this one needs to be seen on the big screen to capture the sensational special effects that are the crown jewel of this movie. 

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. I just love visiting small towns and their stores and road side stands. My girls would have loved all that candy to choose from! Lunch looks lovely and the movie sounds intriqing, will have to check it out. Have a great day!


  2. Just chatting earlier with my friend who lives on the Cape, and we were talking about Brewster. Fun day trip. Lunch looks really tasty! Thanks for taking us along. Have a great week!

  3. What a quaint place! But, I am in love with that patio searing and fire pits at the golf club. I would like to sit there with a gin and tonic and possibly never move :-)

  4. You have some great photos. Love the jeans planters. Ha ha ha. So many creative folks out there. I love old general stores too. Sheila

  5. I need a day out like this! What a great Saturday!

  6. Sound like a fabulous weekend! Your dinner looks like my kind of dinner, sliders and tacos. Yummy.

    Did you find any treasures to take home?

    Have a great week Katie

  7. Looks like you had a great weekend! FYI, I had lanterns made for my kitchen and five lanterns made for the outsude by Josiah Coppersmythe in Harwich, just south of Brewster.

  8. What a fun day, and like Mister, I'll always choose the cookies! Hope you're having a great start to your week!

  9. Brewster sounds positively charming! You always take us along for the most delightful tours!

  10. Glad you enjoyed the Cape! Food looks fabulous!

  11. Thanks for sharing your travels. You find some wonderful places to poke around in! The Ocean Edge is beautiful! What gorgeous wood work! -Jenn

  12. We stayed at Ocean Edge Resort about 15 years ago. Rented a condo; loads of fun. Thanks for the beautiful photos. Sherri

  13. You find some of the most interesting places to visit, Katie. Thanks for letting us tag along!

  14. Brewster is a nice, quiet town. The Brewster General Store brings in yummy donuts every morning. The Ocean Edge mansion is the perfect place for a sunset cocktail.

  15. Looks like a very cool place to visit! That food looks divine and will put that movie on the "need to see" list! Hope you're having a great week!

  16. THAT LAST PHOTO should WIN a photo contest!!!!!!!!!CHOWDAH.......did I spell it right!
    THANK YOU for the MAP!
    I would have thought your husband would have jumped for that HAT!LOve his shorts........the men out WEST for the most part do not wear COLOR!MY SON does.......I bought him the CANDY CANE pants in GREEN for the HOLIDAYS!He gets LOADS of compliments!!!!!
    I love how much time YOU two spend together.............ADMIRE THAT!
    Look forward to the movie!

  17. Brew-stah looks charming! It's much appreciated that you allow us to experience your wonderful adventures long distance. Thank you for a good movie recommendation, also.

  18. I have got to plan a trip to this part of the country ASAP! DC is the furthest I have been in the northeast. All of your pictures of the Boston area look beautiful. Brewster looks like a movie set. The blue jean planters are hilarious. I love the Mister's green shorts. So cute...I mean handsome. ;)

  19. I like your hubs shorts. I feel certain our husbands would be friends : )

  20. How fun, looks like a great outing and a fun place. Love how the mister is such a willing model, a good sport indeed...guess he earned those sweets:) Hope he shared!

  21. Those shorts are indeed splendid. Shame I can't get Bert to wear a pair. Mind you, he is a Large so perhaps they'd not be the most appropriate choice ...

  22. I'm not sure you could have packed any more fun into your weekend. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics with us. BTW, love the pillows on the sofa on the patio.

  23. Fun fun fun. Very inspired by the gorgeous gold framed watercolor painting. Wonder if I could do that? Just saw the first movie Now You See It on video, thought it was great.

  24. What a fun weekend! Things we have enjoyed in Brewster the two times that we have been there....The Brewster Fish House and the beautiful and amazing Brewster Flats. So fun to walk out there at low tide where you can walk a mile out, if not more. Such a fun thing to experience. Love all of those charming Cape towns.

    1. Yes! I was going to suggest The Brewster Fish House - especially at lunch!

  25. I just happened across your blog at the perfect time - my son wants to see that movie and I agreed to take him because it's like a mom/son date! I wasn't super excited to see it, but you've changed my mind! I'm from the south but love New England . . . looks like a great day you and the mister enjoyed!


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