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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Beautiful Beacon Hill - Take 2

Good morning, dear friends.  Long time no chat.  I hope you all are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  The Mister and I have had a busy few days filled with a bittersweet graduation of my #2 and Susie's gorgeous wedding in Connecticut.

A couple of weeks ago, my BFF, Anne, and I made our annual pilgrimage to the Beacon Hill Garden Tour.  We lucked out with an sunny, cool day.  The lines were long but flowed quickly and there was always someone entertaining to strike up a conversation with during the wait.      

Beacon Hill is a historic neighborhood centering around federal style row houses showcasing beautiful doors.

The neighborhood is famous for gas lit streets and brick sidewalks. This picture depicts the reason why I opted to don sneaks this year.

This shop looks like it should be on a movie set.

Each patio and garden area held its own unique style.

I've always wanted to invest in a live wreath.  The Mister usually talks me out of it.  Evidently, he doesn't have as much confidence in my gardenting skills as I do.

I could not take enough photos of the winsome window boxes.

Some of the homes included an inside tour as well.  I fell in love with this charming powder room. 

Some famous residents of Beacon Hill past and present include:  John Cheever, John Hancock, Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, Carly Simon, and Jack Welch.

We topped off the delightful day with a lovely lunch at Beacon Hill Bistro.

Enjoy your weekend!

Until next time...

Callie, the dog star of Beacon Hill

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  1. Thank you for including your readers on your many delightful adventures! Your photos and explanations are enchanting!

  2. The live wreath is gorgeous as are the window boxes. Such a fun tour in a really cool area!

  3. Oh, How I miss Boston! This looked like a really enjoyable event!

  4. Beacon Hill is such a quaint neighborhood. Thanks for sharing the tour. All the flower boxes make me want to add some to our windows, but with the Texas heat I'd be watering them twice a day. Love the idea of a living wreath. Go for it!

  5. Beautiful photos! All those inspirational flowers pot designs, and yet unfortunately I still plant my pots the same old way year after year.
    Enjoy the holiday!

  6. Great day!!!

  7. Loved this tour! Beacon Hill is such a beautiful neighborhood and I would live there in a second if I could! How cute is that Callie?! Enjoy your Memorial Day. It rained last night in NJ but I think we might get away with just clouds today.

  8. What a beautiful tour! Thanks for letting us tag along!
    PS I think you need a living wreath too.;-)

  9. Gorgeous live wreath...I have to say that while I do think I have some garden skills, I may actually kill a live wreath...also that powder room adorable and blogworthy. Have a great rest of Memorial Day weekend and concgrats to #2...a dear friend who let us use her beach place this past weekend has a granddaughter who just finished her freshman year at W&L.

  10. What a lovely tour! Love all the little features and that powder room is just darling! Enjoy your day :-)


  11. What a fabulous tour! I love the little powder room, that snick is beautiful.

  12. Congrats to your number 2! She must be so excited to have that behind her and you are probably thrilled to be done with tuition payments! Yay! Loved your tour of Beacon Hill. I haven't been to Boston in quite some time but I remember loving that neighborhood! So incredibly charming! I just bought a cute window box planter and I'm waiting for my mister to install it! By the way, I loved your tour of Newport! That is another place I need to get back to! We took our daughters when they were younger and they loved the audio tour! Have a wonderful week! xo April

  13. I want window boxes now! Gorgeous doors and entries! Kids is hard. We mark our lives based on their milestones...or I do. I cried like a baby when our first graduated from college. And I cried like a baby when our second, and last, went to kindergarten! 😊😊 sheila

  14. Oh, these remind me of a home tour we took in Charleston about 4 years ago. Many of the houses remind me of these. Lovely!

  15. What fun to peek behind the garden gates...Beacon Hill is so charming! Enjoy the rest of your week!! xoxo

  16. I'm so very fond of the Beacon Hill area. Whenever I visited Boston I stayed not too far away and would always walk through. But oh, how glorious to take a home tour there! I would be in seventh heaven! Thanks for doing the walking for me, Katie!

  17. Katie , you take us on the best tours/adventures!
    Thank you for sharing this at TOHOT.


  18. Katie, this is my kind of weekend. Home and garden tours are my happy! Those beautiful window boxes are the kind of thing hot Texans just dream of, you know. :)

    Happy TOHOT friend.

  19. Beautiful! I love those birch pieces in the window box!


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