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Monday, December 14, 2015

Scenes from a Holiday Fair

Good morning, dear friends.  The Mister and I spent the weekend in the Big Apple in sixty-degree weather.  I took lots of photos to bore you with and I will post them soon.  

A few weeks ago, I dragged the Mister to the Annual Christmas Market at the World Trade Center.  I made many promises of cookies and a sumptuous lunch to follow.   

Usually, we get to these fairs as they open and it has yet to get crowded.  We couldn't do it this time though due to the pups' beauty appointment.  It was packed with anxiety-ridden, hyper women pushing ankle aiming strollers.  I thought I would have to medicate the Mister.   

I had never seen this booth before.  They had lots of unique items.  Love this switch plate.

I tried to strike up a conversation with these handsome guys but they were on the quiet side.

It was great to see my buddies, Anne and Debbie from Fudge Everything!  Their sauce is beyond delicious.  

The Mister can spot a cookie counter within 5 miles. 

I met the lovely couple behind this counter last year.  She makes the prettiest tassells.

Cute idea.  Even I could make these!  Maybe.

Look at this girl on the right.  She's picturing herself being the belle of the ball in her new fascinator on New Year's Eve.

We headed over to Boston - Legal Harborside for a couple of lobstah rolls. 

We sat at this bar so we could enjoy the water.

What a great way to end the day!

Until next time...

I would give my right arm for those eyelashes!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Love holiday markets and your hubby is such a good sport! Happy Monday Katie :-)

  2. Wow, I am impressed. My Mister would have turned tail the minute he saw that crowd of ladies!! Looks like you both enjoyed yourselves.

  3. My husband would have dropped me off at the World Trade Center, headed over to Legal Harborside and waited for me at the bar. It would take more than cookies to get him in a Christmas market - unlike me.
    Have a great week!

  4. Katie,
    honestly, tell us, do you hypnotize your hubby or what to get him to go on those kind of outings? I could not get mine there for a million cookies! Looks like you saw some really great stuff and had a lot of fun!
    PS. I thought you might like the elves!

  5. I would have loved that show...darn this full-time job. I'm not sure, but the view from the Boston-Legal Harboside looks a lot like the view from the former Jimmy's Harborside. I used to love going to Jimmy's a very special treat.

  6. Wow -- you two know how to enjoy a weekend! The market looks like loads of fun! Cookies and fudge -- yes please! The view of the water -- gorgeous!!

  7. Mr. Doctor would have had a panic attack, I can't even take him to WalMart!

  8. Katie, did you by chance obtain business cards for the switch plate or tassel vendors? Would love that information if you have it in the event they have an online store! Our new home would benefit from both. Merci beaucoup from your North Carolina connection! Deborah

    1. Sorry Deborah, I did not. The booth was packed. If I run into them again, I will get one. Have a good week!

    2. The tassel folks have their website on their banner: http://www.dancingbeartassels.com/

      I'll bet the folks at the Christmas Festival would be happy to hook you up with the switchplate vendor!

    3. Hello! I am the owner of dancing bear tassels. You can reach me through my website: dancingbeartassels.com or through my Etsy store, dancingbeartassels

  9. What a fun event! Those tassels are amazing!

  10. A man who will shop with you and cook for you can only be an alien from another planet. That sort of human man doesn't exist! How lucky for you to have been selected as the perfect wife!

  11. Loving the comments posted here as well as your post. I simply adore festive shows such as this and am delighted to find another one. Even if it is across the continent, in another country.


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