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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Waterlogged Hodgepodge

Hello dear friends.  It's so great to start getting my groove back after spending the past few days in a jet lag fog.  Last night I did not wake up once in the middle of the night looking for a breakfast buffet or cocktail.  That's progress.

So, you know the drill.  If it's Wednesday, it's time for Hodgepodge!

1. When did you last swim against the tide?

The Mister and I felt like we were swimming against the tide when we had to change planes in Paris and had to find our gate in another terminal within an hour.

By the way... four years of French One did not help us one bit.

2. What's the last self-help or self improvement book that you read?

The last self help book I read was not for me, but rather, for  a couple of family members who will remain nameless.  

FYI.. I may have to re-read a couple of chapters.

3.  "Tolerance is a tremendous virtue, but the immediate neighbors of tolerance are apathy and weakness. "  (Sir James Goldsmith)

Agree or disagree?  Discuss.  With civility please, because I think we have a good thing going in our very diverse (in geography, age, religion, political persuasion, ethnicity, marital status, upbringing, and cooking abilities) neighborhood here on This Side of the Pond.

Bette Davis once said..."Old age ain't no place for sissies."  I would add my own twist to that adage. Air travel is no place for sissies.  Feel free to quote me anytime.  Huge amounts of tolerance is the key to a peaceful plane trip.  Forget the apathy and weakness - it's the anger and frustration that needs to be kept in check.

Note to self:  include private plane on my Christmas list.

4.  What is one of your most vivid memories of the kitchen in your childhood?

My Mom did not enjoy cooking, so I can't say I picked up any tips from her.  (I know the Mister will be shocked to hear this little tidbit).  But I do remember enjoying our scintillating conversations while she was in food prep mode.  By the way... she never tackled dinner preparations without a martini in hand.   

5.  How did/do your own children's summers compare with your summers as a child?  If you're not a parent, answer as it relates to what you've observed about the current generation of children vs. your own childhood.

I spent 4 summers at Camp Tegawitha in The Poconos.  I just LOVED every minute of it.  Unfortunately, it was closed when my girls were old enough to attend.  They did go to a church camp for a couple of weeks and enjoyed it.  I still felt badly that they missed out on the fabulous Tega experience, though.

The bored looking chick in the cardigan is Dude, the beautiful height-challenged hottie is moi, and our cabin mate, Stephanie on our first day of camp.  Oh yeah, the over-dressed pipsqueak front and center is Sista.

I met another Tega girl many years later in Texas.  Judy and I both wanted to be a song leader but neither of us made the cut.  
Their loss.

6.  Tell us what body of water you most like to be on or near today, and why.

I grew up going to Fairfield Beach on Long Island Sound.  I have always loved the water and am not particular as to what body of water I am enjoying.  I am very fortunate because now that I am living on the South Shore,  I cannot go very far without seeing water.

Whenever the Mister and I are going out to eat, I always vote for  the restaurant on the water, whereas it's all about the food for the Mister.

7.  Share a favorite song about water, or a favorite song with the word water in its title, or a favorite song to listen to as you sit by the water.

I would have to say Moon River because it was the first song that the Mister and I danced to as husband and wife.

"Don't ye wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" was not written yet.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Three years ago, yesterday, I sat down at my kitchen table in McKinney, Texas and wrote my first blog post.  I was the farthest thing from being tech savvy.  My girls spent endless hours displaying unwavering  impatience tutoring me on downloading pictures, hyperlinking, googling, and Facebook, just to name a few.  I loved to write but the actual mechanics of the blog were mind boggling.  

I'm glad that I stuck with it because I am so grateful to all of you who take the time to read my posts.  I have been blessed with dear friends - whether in person or "virtually" that I would never have met, had it not been for this silly little blog.

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

I'm Katie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am an empty nester meandering through my middle-aged years while entangled in the never-ending process of renovating an antique home on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I love to write about books, movies, TV, celebrities, decorating, and weekend adventures. My favorite writing material is derived from my family: the Mister, my girls, #1 and #2, and my two untrainable, rambunctious pups, Chowdah and Chili.


  1. Oh flying! Thankfully I don't do it very often. I really think that the seats should not be allowed to go back...it just causes grief. And, it's nice to read that another person's mom did not love to cook. My mom did it because that's what moms had to do back then but I don't ever remember hearing her say it was enjoyable. Thankfully, now-a-days moms/women have more choices.... pizza delivery, fast food, restaurants, etc.

  2. Katie, I'm so glad you started blogging too! I always preach that you need to fill your day with the scores of little things that bring you happiness. For me it begins with my cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee and ends with a good book before bed. In
    Between, I love it when I can include such treats as a post from you. Please keep on writing my friend, and congratulations!
    Cathy in NJ

  3. Welcome back Katie...cannot wait to see pictures and learn more about your trip abroad! Isn't flying horrible now....not like the elegant manner we used to enjoy in the 60's! Have a lovely week...oh and the garden tour was just stunning! Thank you!

  4. Katie you are a funny, hot girl!...Using the word hot because truly believe the song was written for girls in our age range. I 100% agree with the patience and tolerance required to travel with the general population. A small hint for those sitting near me on a plane...If I offer you a breath mint, please take it. So glad you started writing because perhaps I may not have started writing a blog were it not for you.

    1. Oh Beemie... So glad you did start writing. Your blog is always guaranteed to give me a great chuckle!

  5. I'm about to have my three year blog birthday too! Very happy to have "met" you through blogging :-)

  6. I can't wait to hear about your travel adventure! I am going to pick up that Dog Whisperer book at the library today. Our puppy Albie is calming down a little as he reaches the 6 months mark, but still has a long way to go. I'm so glad you started your blog...it's always a highlight to read it!

  7. Such a funny post! My Mister and I were in Paris about the same time as you and your Mister! We almost met...in Paris no less! Can't wait to read about your trip!

  8. Ah yes, air travel (or travel of any kind) can bring out the need for tolerance! Very cute dogs! Happy Wednesday!

  9. Katie, so sorry for your problems in Paris, I would have been very happy to help you. Moon River has always been my favorite song, I don't know why it moves me so much. Breakfast at Tiffany's is one the best movies I have ever seen. A bientôt.

  10. I'm with ya' on the air travel woes. It really wears me out! Want to hear more about Paris!

  11. Congrats on your blogaversary! I bet our daughters could compare notes on IT instruction. I would never have managed this without my girls help. Air travel-sigh. It is definitely not for sissies. But Paris? That must make up for some of the aggravation, non?

  12. I'm so glad you started blogging - yours is one of my very favorites! Can't wait to hear about your trip too!

  13. Lol, if only Christmas wishlists actually worked......

    Happy blogaversary!

  14. Always enjoy my visits with you, your neighbor from just across the line in Shreveport. Isn't it great that a group of women from all over the country with different interests and personalities and lifestyles can come together once a week in complete unity? Thank you Joyce! Airlines definitely call for an application of tolerance.

  15. Such fun reading the Hodgepodge!! You always make me smile! xo Karolyn

  16. Happy blogaversary keep up the good posts.

  17. oh, girl, i don't fly AT ALL! we postponed our trip to Europe last year because of my phobia. the last time i flew i took ativan (sp?) and met a couple in the airport in b'ham who HE was afraid of flying and he was taking valium...we may have shared our "drugs" in the airport...my husband still teases me that i was dealing drugs in an airport.

    my mama and grandmother were good southern cooks but alas...i did not grow up learning anything from them...remember i am a southern child of the '60s and we had two maids...a housekeeper and a cook...no judging, please!

    wishing you a happy blog-anniversary....so glad you hit that first "publish" button!

  18. You know your blog is a favorite of ours, and I love your Hodgepodge days. Feeling your pain on air travel - just the worst now. You'll love knowing that when Kristy and I started blogging, we met at a Starbucks in a city midway between our two homes so she could teach me how to upload images into a post…big learning curve. Like you, the friendships and people we've "met" are the best!! Happy Wednesday!

  19. Ah, congratulations on your third blogiversary, Katie! Your camp experience sounds like fun. I loved summer camp except for the year every girl in the cabin got homesick. Always love your posts. And I'm with you on caring more about the water than the food. :-)

  20. If your kids give you a bad time about helping you with the computer, remind them you taught them how to use a spoon! Love your blog

    1. Hello CB!! No truer words have been said. Just read your bio... looks like you are thinking of starting a blog. Email me ... I will convince you - it's the best!!!

  21. Happy Anniversary to The Preppy Empty Nester! I'm so glad to have met you through the blogosphere. Always love the hodgepodge!

  22. Happy Blogiversary!!! 3 years in Blogland is like Dog Years!! :)

    Your post just had me grinning ear to ear. In no particular order…my kids' camp experience blows mine away. Oldest son is headed to France (thank goodness he speaks French) for a language/hiking program. Lucky duck. Little guy is headed to North Carolina, so mama is headed to Seattle (to see blog friends!) and then Nantucket (first time). I think Civility and Kindness are right up there with Tolerance. This weekend looks good, so I'll be right here on Long Island Sound soaking up the rays.

    Happy Summer!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  23. What a fun read, I am with you on the air travel, ugh! And yes to tolerance, because lets face it at no other time than now is it needed!
    Agree about Moon River, such an iconic song and What a wonderful world....two faves:)
    Wishing you many hours of relaxing on a sunny beach this weekend.....looks like its going to be a winner of a weekend, cheers!

  24. You were born to blog, my friend. You truly have a gift for it - the tech stuff is just stuff. All that we fans care about are your words. Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary!

  25. And, we are grateful that you persevered. Happy Blog Anniversary!


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