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Monday, July 27, 2015

Buongiorno Roma!

Hello dear friends. Today really felt like a Monday all day to me.  I woke up to an early morning storm and knew that Chili was safe in her crate and couldn't cause too much damage.  I did not put on her thunder shirt last night because I didn't know we were expecting a morning storm.  I was so tired from the conference, I crashed at about 8PM and skipped the News.

Note to self:  if there is even a chance of rain, put the thunder shirt on and administer Benadryl.  And that's just for me.  I'll figure out what I'll do for Chili later.

Chili's new casa.  
We'll see how long this one lasts.

Lamb Chop & Chili catching up on some shut-eye.


Before I begin my first segment of our vacation, I must mention my friend, Sandy, from You May Be Wandering, who handled every detail of our vacation.  Everything went smoothly, thanks to Sandy's hard work and attention to detail.  

If you are planning a trip, I highly recommend getting in touch with Sandy. But don't push her too hard, the poor thing broke her arm.  Feel better, Sandy!  


We took the red eye to Rome, which was a feat in itself.  The good thing and bad thing was that it was a direct flight.  It was a very long 7 hours.  The Mister slept the whole way.  Unfortunately, I could not enjoy a snooze because I cannot sleep on planes.  I'm always afraid that the Captain may need my help if the plane experiences mechanical problems or his GPS goes on the blink.

We flew Air Italia which does not furnish individual TVs.  They showed one film 5 miles away in the cabin on a TV the size of a lego.  When you are height-challenged, such as myself, seeing the screen was only a pipe dream.  I spent the majority of the time reading my book, listening to the Mister snore, and keeping count of how  many times I heard a sneeze or cough in the stuffy air tight cabin.  

If you are thinking that I am not fun to travel with, you are one hundred percent right.  Ask the Mister.

We arrived in Rome on time.  Praise the Lord.   

Last year, Sista hired a wonderful driver. He was not available to take us around because of a family emergency, so he sent a very handsome replacement, Vilio.  When I saw this Hunk of Italian Love holding a sign with our name on it, I whispered to the Mister "How do you say 'jackpot' in Italian?"  The Mister gave me a jealous eye roll.  

Vilio was supposed to give us a tour when we arrived, but due to a transportation strike and bumper-to-bumper traffic, we opted to leave the tour until the next day.  We planned to depart for the Ship a couple of hours early so we could fit the tour of Rome in.  That way, I could get a full night sleep, put cucumbers on my bags, re-do my manicure, have a facial, re-do my roots, buy some heavy-duty Spanx, find a place to give me Italian Botox, and greet Vilio in full make up and a sparkling teeth-whitened smile. 

While the Mister checked us in, I took a stroll around the lobby to see if I could find a couch to curl up in and catch 40 winks.

The hotel was lovely and was packed with European charm.

I've never been so happy to see a bed in my life!  Travel experts tell you not to go to bed until night time because it's easier to adjust to the jet lag.  It wasn't easy keeping my bloodshot peepers open.  I thought about ordering some tooth picks from Room Service.

Until I spotted this on our dresser... Who needs sleep when you've got champagne and sweets!

We decided to have a glass of wine and some appetizers at Harry's Bar.  For you youngsters out there, this restaurant gained international fame when it was featured in director Frederico Fellini's classic 1960 film La Dolce Vita.

Gotta love Audrey!

The menu features black and white photos of famous film stars.

He's not one of the film stars.

The old Hollywood stars pictures are also etched on the glass partitions.

We chose to take a seat on the side walk.  That way, the Mister could ogle the Italian sports cars, while I could people watch, my favorite pass time and only daily exercise I get.  I kept an eye out for celebrities. 

Lots of wheeling and dealing was going on at this hot spot.

NO George!  
I told you... I'M TAKEN!!!

Looks like Forever 21, Italian style.

We then took a walk around Rome.  
It truly is a beautiful city.

The Mister did some menu hopping in the hopes of finding the perfect spot for dinner.  We went back to the hotel and took a little rest.   

Later on, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner and a good night sleep.  Two of my favorite things.

Buona Notte!

Until next time...

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Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Katie...I am green with envy! Your trip looks and sounds phenomenal! I cannot wait to hear more about it!

  2. LOVE ROME................LOOKS like you did it FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY!

  3. I think Italy is like my most favorite place in the world!!!! Have a wonderful trip!

  4. I take exception to the notion that you are not an exceptional travel companion. Last weekend proved just how fabulous you are! I'll travel to Rome (or Salt Lake City) with you anytime! Looks like a great trip! Well done, Sandy!!

  5. So sorry to hear about Chili and her crate! I hope the new one works out and that she feels better with the thunder shirt. Our 10 year old shepherd mix was very anxious as a puppy. She would pant and drool constantly when we tried to put her in her crate. She did this so much that some of the metal connections on the crate came apart and she was able to get out. These dogs can sure cause us a lot of worry!

    Rome looks fabulous and I can't wait to see more pictures.

  6. Vilio and the lovely hotel are a great start to your vacation. I look forward to more details (and photos of Vilio).
    It sure is tough to stay awake the entire next day when you arrive in Europe in the morning on the red eye. I'm lucky that I travel with my husband, the international nap-prevention police. Don't even think about 40 winks in the hotel lobby on the first day if you are with him!

  7. Great post, Katie! Can't wait to read more.

  8. Oh gosh, it looks like a trip off to a great start! So happy to be traveling with you vicariously. And you are so witty. :)

  9. The champagne and pastries would have perked me right up too! Looking forward to more trip news.

  10. Oh I DO love Rome I love your plans while combating jet lag.....champagne and treats, touch ups, ha always needed! WAL Walking THE CITY! perfection, WHAT AN EXCELLENT HOTEL!!

  11. I so wish I lived closer to you ! You always put a smile on my face even when I am having a bad day! I love this post and I do think you need your own sitcom my dear or at least reality show. I need to call Sandy about a trip for next year! xo Karolyn

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I’m sure you are a fabulous travel companion. It’s the Mister that needs work. I sympathize. My mister falls asleep before the plane has left the gate and doesn’t wake up until we land - or until a flight attendant puts a drink in his hand. I on the other hand cannot sleep on planes and haul along a bag of magazines (old school) as well as downloaded books, TV shows and movies on my trusty Kindle to bide time between meal service and trips to the bathroom. I arrive at our destination a basket case while my Mister says something irritating along the lines of ‘that was an easy flight’ and we’re off to a great start. Yay vacation!

  14. I loved my first visit to Rome last year and am lucky enough to be headed that way again in a couple of months. Looks like you all made some great choices - we should compare notes! Poor Chili, I hope she is doing better with the thunder shirt!

  15. That Vilio is what dreams are made of, huh? Looks like a great start -- can't wait for the next installment!

  16. Love traveling vicariously through you. I also loved Rome and it is a city I would love to go visit again.

  17. OMG- You are such a terrific writer- I giggled throughout reading of your adventures. Whoa, that guide was the stuff of Italian legends! Poor Chili- our poodle is the exact same way.
    love reading your blog!
    -Linda, NY

  18. What a trip!!! Sounds and looks like such fun! I love Italy and Rome never gets your pictures and of course you hilarious narration...but one thing that is bugging me- when will George understand once and for all that you are taken? Geezz........

  19. Oh I loved every detail of this post! Rome is a favorite of ours too. I may have to wrestle you for George...although I swear he was looking right at you in the photo. I included GC in so many posts on my blog for awhile his name was bigger than my husbands in my 'Tag' Cloud. I decided I needed to cool it just a bit. ;) Hmmmm...we are planning on Lake Como next July so I will keep you posted on any sightings.
    PS-I don't sleep on planes either-just to keep an eye on any potential problems....
    Thanks for joining our lifestyle linkup darling!
    xx, Heather


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