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Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Favorite Things by #2

I asked my #2 to write a post for me and she asked me if she was going to get paid.  I told her yes, her father would continue to pay her college tuition.  

Moving just a few miles from a beach, I've decided to embrace the oceanographer in me. This print is the perfect expression of that. Well, that, and the closest Momma will let me get to the animals. 

Asking for a scuba suit for Christmas. 

Love these earrings, and, they even give back through Red Earth Trading Co. 5% of proceeds from each purchase goes to non-profit organizations in East Africa. 

Might give these to #1 for Christmas so she can "give back." 

This navy winter wool snood is courtesy of my latest discovery: the Firefly online shop. Since the move, I've been gravitating more towards scarves, jackets, gloves, and hats - anything that will fight the bitter cold. This scarf is the perfect defense against even the most chilling Boston winds. Also, I've found snoods to be exponentially more warm than the conventional wrap-around scarf - and they never blow away with the wind.

Sephora has invented my dream product. Its a tinted balm that has 5 different shades in one stick. Remember those coveted pencils in elementary school that you'd replace the lead when it dulled by pulling it out and popping it to the top to move down fresh lead? Well these are just an upgraded version, providing some color rather than dull tip after dull tip. Every day can be different. 
These are perfect for the everyday girl who doesn't feel bound to a daily makeup routine. 

Thanks to our newest move, I have been relocated from desert-like conditions to Antarctica. This means that slip-ons are no longer considered acceptable in December. LL Bean has created the perfect replacement for my sandals with their shearling-lined duck boots. These are warm, waterproof, and really don't look bad on anyone. Also, they're a little lighter than pure rubber rain boots. 

This headband from BicBands is just another thing on my Christmas list. 

They don't fall out. Ever.

Every option is covered in a different fabric to appeal to just about everyone. They're well priced at $12-$13 and long-lasting. 
And, if that isn't enough to sell you, look at the names of the headbands - this one is: tortoise saves the hair


Thank you, #2, for a great post.  The check is in the mail.

Stay tuned for next week when I will be offering my very first give away!!!

Stay warm and toasty!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Great job #2! I might have to order one of those snoods for my daughter to keep her warm on her Boston commute! And that Sephora tinted balm stick is a fabulous stocking stuffer. Maybe I'll wrap it up with one of those pencils mentioned by #2 for a nostalgic twist.

  2. Great ideas! I love the definitely checking those out for my girls. Mine are asking for the Bean boots as well....hope you are staying warm!

  3. B is always losing headbands during field hockey game. Thank you #2 for helping her never lose a headband again!

  4. Beautiful and nice stuff. I highly appreciate your sharing.


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