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Sunday, December 8, 2013


Happy Sunday, everyone!  Hope you are enjoying a weekend of great shopping deals and/or lots of relaxation.

I had planned on doing a post on awkward holiday photos of my own family.  Unfortunately, or fortunately for you and my family, all of my photos are in storage.  I can hear a sigh of relief from my beloved family members right now.  So I improvised and found some great pics online.  

Hope these bring you a few chuckles!

This baby is thinking "please adopt me!"

Even the dog can't believe they are posing for the photo!

I see nothing wrong with this.

Life is so much more fun in a Christmas cat sweater!

The hats definitely make the outfit.

The little girl is thinking, "I better not get tagged in this."

Somebody got a sun lamp in her stocking this year!

Just goes to show you... every family has got one...

Nothing warms my heart more in the holiday season than "a man and his cat" picture.

There's got to be a good story that goes with this picture!

Star Trek holiday?

Now why didn't the Mister and I think of this pose for our card?

So many questions come to mind on this one... Some that I don't even want to hear the answers.

Hope your week is anything but awkward!!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. You have me laughing out loud...OMG tell me these are jokes and not REAL PEOPLE???? Are they by any chance the same crew that makes the Walmart people rounds all the time:) It is to be believed.......I am speechless:)

  2. I am dying here!! I hope these were staged and not everyday people!! WOW I am not sure what to even say-LOL!!

  3. thanks for a good chuckle. Still not understanding the naked Dad picture!

  4. Priceless!! Have to laugh at the first comment. It is a SCARY thought to think these people actually exist. But, one weekend at our local mall and I can tell you for sure that they do!! LOL

  5. Hilarious! These photos are just amazing! A few years ago my son got the Awkward Family Photos Game. The object is to come up with clever captions or stories behind each photo. You would be great at that game and I definitely want you on my team!

  6. Well now, that provided for more laughs than I have had all day. Thanks for the many chuckles ;)

  7. You NEVER let me down. I'm sure the children with the naked "dad" are still in therapy......xo

  8. Om my that was hysterical! My daughter wanted to know why I was laughing so hard she could hear me from the other room. I loved your comment about there being "one in every family"!

  9. Omg............. this is absolutely hilarious! What the heck are all these people doing and I hope they are not serious!! What's up with the tanning booth lady?.. and the guy with the diapers? So funny!

    I'm way behind on blog reading.. my computer has been down so I'm catching up. Hope you are enjoying the festivities of the season and that the move is going well.


  10. OMG that is way TOO WILD, but a great way to get me to wake up, laugh and go on my merry way in the snow and ice!

    KATIE! Dear oh dear, what are people thinking? teeheheheeheheheh

    Thank you SO much for coming to visit me last night! Wishing you a magical Christmas season! Anita

  11. I can barely look at these photos...I don't know whether to fall on the floor laughing or to cry! Thanks for making me smile! xoxo

  12. I love your blog but have never commented before. I just have to say this post is priceless! It made my day. Have a very merry Christmas xx

  13. And here I was wondered about our card this year!!! ;)


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