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Friday, April 22, 2022

The Friday Files


Hello, dear friends.  TGIF!  I hope that you had a good week.  The painting is done in my office. Next up is the electrician.


Last night, I had a delightful time with my decorator bud and an old tennis pal.  It was gorgeous weather, so we took advantage of it and sat outside at my hood's wine bar.

The Mister is taking the day off today.  We are spending the day at T- Mobile getting new phones. Neither one of us have the stamina for the Apple store. Too crowded and too many geniuses for my taste.

Tonight we are headed to our neighbor's home for happy hour.  We'll need it after dealing with the non-geniuses at T-Mobile. And tomorrow night we are having some dear friends for dinner.

A decorator (and shoe lover) owns this beautiful home in North Carolina.

Take a look at this vibrant NYC apartment.

For all of you old home lovers, this gem is for sale in Newton, Massachusetts. 

Does anyone recognize this Manhatten mansion?

Impress the youngsters with your cool new apps.

Do you need some pretty porch inspo?
There is plenty more here.

The Mister tends to have a heavy hand when he sets the sprinklers.  This is the first time that we have planted hydrangeas in Texas which need a lot of water.  Oh, how I miss all of my gorgeous hydrangea bushes in Massachusetts!  Anywho, this article lists plants that do well in wet soil.

Yesterday was the Queen's birthday.

I know that you are dying for a Queen Barbie.
They had them at Target, but now they are sold out. 

KTG... you know Ellie would have bought one!

Here is the real scoop behind the dress.

Are you planning a getaway?

Here are the most luxurious British hotels.

Here's some good news for movie lovers like me.

Have you read this book?

I've got good news for you too!

If you're looking for a chuckle, stop by my buddy Laura's blog, Everyday Edits to read about her Wine Tasting at her son's frat house.  

Remember the lovely lady that I told you about in my last post that I met in Half Price Books?  Her name is Maureen, and she is the author of this book chronicling her struggle in finding the best care for her beloved autistic son, Jonathan.  I listened to it in one day.  It opened my eyes to the challenges that families face when one of their members is Autistic.  Maureen is a great storyteller, and I found myself chuckling as well as shedding a few tears.

If a family member or someone you know has been touched by Autism, I highly recommend this story of resilience and hope.  

Need to up your beachwear game?

I've got just the ticket.

Until next time...

Half price!

Great value!
I ordered two.

Macy's has 15% off all Beauty.

I picked this sweet side table up at half price and one of my favorite stores.  I'm having a glass top made for it.

This darling cooler is marked down too!!

And this bar is on sale too!

I ordered this dress.
I've never ordered clothes from Etsy, but a lot of bloggers do.
Of course, they're about 40 years younger.

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  1. Speaking of British hotels, I would love to stay in the new Fairmont Windsor Park. It is right by the Long Walk and one of our favorite pubs. Looks gorgeous! I rarely see hydrangeas down here in Houston. They are so pretty and I hope they grow for you in Dallas. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I'd love to be planning a trip to England now. (I was supposed to go in 2020 and 2021. We'll see on this year). Happy Birthday to the Queen and three cheers with completed painting in your office!

  3. Glad to hear that your office transformation is humming right along. I really like your cute new wicker side table. xo Laura

  4. Good luck with the new phones... I feel the same way about the Verizon store and will wait waaay longer than I should for upgrades because I hate dealing with everything to switch out to a new phone.

  5. Great edition this week...love the British Hotels section and Grace Kelly's wedding dress.
    XO Suzette (Tanya's aunt in Dallas)

    1. Welcome Suzette! I'm a big fan of Tanya's. Have a great weekend!!

  6. Oh the horrors of any of the phone stores. My husband keeps telling me I need a new phone (even though he can't figure out half of the features on his new one) and I keep saying..."no, my (very old) phone is working just fine". I dread those stores and having to learn a new phone.
    I can't wait to see your new office. From the little snippets you've shown us, Im sure it will be beautiful.

  7. I love that Etsy dress. Model it for us when you get it! Have an enjoyable weekend.

  8. I sure enjoyed this post, Katie, and wish that older home wasn't in Massachusetts. My taste, top to bottom (as if I could afford it). Enjoy your happy hour and your dinner guests! Happy weekend!

  9. OMG Katie. I am scrolling through this post and was like why is my face on the screen (tech issues all week). Thank you friend!!

    That Newton MA house's exterior is not what I was expecting when I saw the interior.
    Okay our new book for book club is Where the Forest Meets the Stars or something like that? Found out my audible account is linked to my daughter's. I had a venmo request withint 45 seconds of the charge ;0) And yet I think the pillows going downtown were charged to our family account. xo We planned to go to farmers market but it's a little chilly this am. Have fun tonight. And thank you again for sharing my baby Evan story! xo laura

  10. I had those chairs in the first home photos!I have one left that is a MESS!I should send you a photo!Husband will not give it up!!!
    Forgot my other comment!


  12. So, I've been dying to know...is your MR. working again? I knew he had retired before ya'll
    moved south but you've made lil comments about him working .. or taking days off! Is he a chef again??? or hopefully in the food world again??!!!!

  13. I'm thrilled to hear that Nancy Meyers will be making another movie. I rewatch so many of her films on a regular basis.

  14. I am dreading the time I will never get back when I have to buy a new phone which was technically 3 days ago, but keep your fingers crossed we have the same carrier as you, and I avoid the Apple store like I avoid confession...the lies I tell myself...I am hoping I finish the school year first. Beemie


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