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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Let's Go Shopping/Beachwear


Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you had a wonderful weekend.  
We lucked out with the weather. 

Saturday, I spent some time with my Tinder date.  We then met The Adorables (my SIL's Parents) for lunch in Plano at Toulouse, a favorite of ours.  We had a great time catching up.  No question about it, we hit the lottery when it comes to our co-parents-in-law, which is an actual term.  Or at least that's what Google tells me.

Easter was pretty quiet around the old homestead.  Our #2 was expected to come for lunch, but she tested positive for Covid a few days before.  Her symptoms included a sore throat, congestion, and a slight fever.  I am happy to report that she is on the road to recovery.

Yesterday, I ran to Half Price Books.  I was in search of cheap, thick books to fill up my bookshelves in my office.  While I was there, I met the sweetest lady named Maureen.  We chatted it up, and she filled me in on her family.  She referred to her ex-husband as her wasband.  She told me that she never liked the term ex.  I thought that was the cutest. 

Let's begin with my least favorite article of clothing... 

the almighty swimsuit.

This is called a Miraclesuit.
I would need a major miracle for me to look this good in it.

I bet if I put the same suit on, you wouldn't be able to tell us apart.

Lots of colors and patterns.

Option: tummy control!! 

I have a couple of these suits and love them.

UPF 50+

And now, on to one of my favorite articles of clothing... 
the coverup.

50+ UPF

The Vintage Contessa has her own line of caftans, which is also an option.

And now on to headgear.

UPF 50+

I love this hat, but since I am height-challenged, I'm afraid I would look like a mushroom.

UPF 50+


Marley Lilly

Marley Lilly


Yeah, the hat's cute too.

Some footwear...

Marley Lilly


Yup, these are water shoes

Remember Jellies?
Jack's version.

Beach bags anyone?

This goes into my why didn't I think of this file.

Now onto some beach bag fillers

Voted Best Overall beach towel by The Spruce

GH named this best overall sunscreen for the body.

GH voted this best sunscreen for the face.

And don't forget your readers!

Nordstrom Rack

Or non-readers
Great price on these.

Some of my recs for beach reads

Until next time...

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  1. These days the cover up is definitely more important than the suit! Hope your #2 is feeling better and a belated Happy Easter to you!

  2. This post is giving me all the beachy feels!... and it's not even 50 and it's raining out. Boo. I have GOT to plan a Florida vacation for next spring!

  3. I loved the covered up items. What I really want to wear to the beach is a burkini. Can I do that even though I'm not Muslim? I hope so!

  4. I am going back to check out a couple of the shoes but I have no plans to put a swim suit on!! LOL Cute cover-ups and totes. You always find great things to share with us! xo

  5. As usual your commentary cracks me up Katie! I'm with you - swimsuits are definitely my least favorite article of clothing. I do love a cute cover up and anything with a monogram wins my vote!

  6. I never understood why my mom stopped enjoying bathing suits when she was my age LOL. Well now I understand. Thank you for your sweet retirement wish on my blog. I could not be any happier to start my new life. xo

  7. Good stuff Katie! I actually have the bathing suit from Swimsuits for all, love it! Also I just finished Family Money, couldn't put it down!

  8. HI Katie, I just ordered from Marley LIlly! I have never heard of them. I ordered a coverup for Cape Cod trip (and yard work). You tinder date needs to a good shave! I am 30 minutes from finishing Midnight Library. I'll email you. We just finished Killing Eve and it was just ridiculous, but there would be one funny line that kept me going. Ugh! Started Dexter. I just think he is the cutest, good intentioned serial killer. Dallas apartment search continues. Thanks for suggestions. xo laura

  9. Katie, I don't think I'll be ordering a swimsuit, but the coverups are cute on their own over shorts or pants. You always round up the best things. I want to read Family Money.

  10. I am a MaryLilly fan...have ordered many things from them... I love their items, but find a few things run "roomy" which I guess is a good problem to have...also I swear by the Grecian swimsuit from Lands End. Beemie


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