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Friday, April 30, 2021

Blue and White Gifts for Mom

 Hello, dear friends.  
I hope that you had a good week.  
As for me... never a dull moment around my nest.

It began with a tedious struggle with who else?  AT&T.  For some reason, AT&T decided that even though we were living in Texas that we still wanted Boston stations.  So The Today Show began at 6AM instead of 7AM.  How's a girl expected to get her beauty sleep?  The Mister made countless calls and all of the agents were stumped. 

In a last-ditch attempt, the Mister made another plea for help in the early morning hours of Sunday.  He was lucky enough to have Trixie pick up the phone and within seconds, remedied our situation. 

Finally, I was back in business with Brian and Meredith.

Side note:  I sat across from Brian on a flight a couple of years ago.  He seemed very nice and friendly.

The Mister told me to quit gawking at him.

I told him that I not gawking, just looking out his window.

We had the bedroom and bath painted.  We chose the same color that we had in Massachusetts, Aleutian Blue for the master and Upward, which is a few shades lighter for the bath. 

You can check out the colors here.

Last weekend I celebrated my birthday.

I won't tell you which one, but I will give you a hint.

If you add both numbers, they equal ten.

Ok, you got me.

I'm 37.

We took our #2 out for dinner, and she spent the night.  During her visit, she commented that she thought the bookshelves looked too dark and suggested painting them grey.

Not a bad idea, we thought.

I'll be spending more time with the painter next week. 

We got a new bed and headboard.  It is a Sleep Number adjustable bed.  It has lots of buttons on the remote, and you can also control it on your phone.  The Mister is in seventh heaven playing with it. Every evening he tries another number to find the perfect setting for him.  He then reports his findings to me the next morning.

The first night I put my side on number 25 and haven't touched it since.

By the way, I was hoping that the bed would put an end to his snoring.

I must have been dreaming.


The Mister loves the bed, but he is not the one who makes it.  It requires special sheets, and you need to be a contortionist to put them on.  It took me half an hour to figure which end was which.  And then another 45 minutes to put them on.  

When it was all said and done, I had to take another shower because it was such a strenuous workout.  

I made some WW muffins in our new oven.  

That's about the only thing I will be making in it.

I unpacked one side of the room, and this is what is left.  Have you ever had one of Cheesecake Factory's humongous salads?  The more you eat, the more the salad seems to grow.

That's how I feel about unpacking.

I swear the boxes are reproducing overnight!

My task last week was to find a groomer for our little diva.  I decided to take her to one that was minutes from the house.  

The good news is that it was half price. 

The bad news is she did not get her hair cut because she bit the groomer.

Chili says it was a misunderstanding.

The groomer asked us never to come back again.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  I wasn't planning on doing another  Mother's Day post.  I used this as an excuse to step away from unpacking. 

Don't tell the Mister.

He'll fire me.

On the other hand, that may not be such a bad idea. 


How cute is this?
You set the tone of your home the minute that your guest reaches the door.

Doesn't this look real?
5 Star ratings on this one.

Great tray.

My #1 and AJ gave me this darling pitcher for Christmas.

Does Mom need a little light in her life?

Matouk on sale!!

Aren't these the cutest?

Do you remember the show That Girl?
It was my favorite show.
The one and only Marlo Thomas collaborated with WS to create this collection. 

You know I couldn't write a post on blue and white without including my favorite plates.

Does Mom need to brighten up her couch?

For the ginger jar aficionado.

I'm in love.

How about some groovy readers for dear ol' Mom?

I have a couple of these totes, and they are great.

Mark & Graham carries Sea Bags now!

My favorite serum.

My #1's favorite concealer.

Need more Mother's Day gift inspiration?
Click here

Until next time...

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  1. These are great finds! I am going to back to the Barrington page-you have talked about them before! I wonder if I could get Elliott into a sweater?
    Loved your email! You make me laugh. Oh, and I love the idea of lighter along the wall! Were they cabinets or insets? Gotta love our daughters' feedback. xo laura snow in forecast for Monday!

  2. Loved all your blue & white picks! Love your blue bedroom walls and your bedding, too. Let us know how much the Mister eventually loves the Sleep Number. My husband wants that bed too but I’m skeptical. Now even more so because of those sheets, I also agree with #2 that the built-ins would brighten things up in a (lighter) gray. Finally, have a Happy Mother’s Day yourself! Thanks for all your lovely and funny posts.

  3. I love everything blue and white! You shared some gorgeous finds and I love the color of your bedroom! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. AH stop, it's all too pretty! I especially love those little plant markers!!

  5. Happy Birthday! The house is coming along and the blues are spectacular. Chili is a cutie even if he is a patootie.

  6. Blue and white is your signature babe! And oh so classy! Love the blue shade you painted the bedroom and bathroom and I’m so itching to see more of your new abode! Happy belated birthday lovely lady!

  7. Love the blue and white, so classic. I do know about trying to put those sheets on adjustable beds. It is difficult.
    My husband do it now. He said the trick is: raise the beds up and then put the sheets on. Happy belated birthday. Enjoy the weekend.

  8. You are too funny about that sleep number bed. I feel your pain about unpacking. We moved almost 5 years ago. It almost killed me and there are still boxes in the basement and bonus room. Belated Happy Birthday 🎂

  9. I'm pretty sure AT&T is a PAIN no matter where you live. They could give Suddenlink a run for their money for sure. Love the color of your bedroom and it appears that everything is coming together beautifully. We have an adjustable bed as well and I bought some of those crazy sheets and one of my friends (who also had one) told me that she just uses regular sheets and it worked great for her, so I came home and did the same. I've nevr looked back. We can still raise and lower them as we want to. Ours is a Sealy brand, not a Sleep Number but we looked at both and you might want to try regular sheets and see how it does for y'all. Have a happy and enjoyable weekend!

  10. Your daughter may have a point on the bookshelves. I hadn't thought of that but they'd be nice in gray. Now that I've heard about the weird sheets, I think I'll give the sleep number bed a pass. I didn't know about that. And I love the blue and white.

    Happiest of birthday wishes, you lovely 37-year-old!

  11. Your bedding turned out so pretty!! I love it.

  12. Love all the blue and white picks! Moving is never fun, even when they unpack for you. I have a relative who just moved into a "senior" apartment. They unpacked her boxes, but now she is overwhelmed by all the stuff everywhere, on the counters etc. Hope you have a good weekend!

  13. Happy Birthday Ms Katie! Surely you are an old looking 37 because you simply couldn’t be 73!
    I was in a good mood till I read this because I am 74 and look it. Oh well, I did have fun aging myself... lLove all of the blue and white. There are a lot of those things in my home. When and if you ever whittle down that mountain of boxes and wanta get away, come on over to Ft. Worth and we will go to lunch...

  14. I love your bedding! Where is it from?

  15. Oh my, those boxes!! God bless you. I really like the bedroom/bath colors! I am so nuts about blue and white right now!! Thanks for all the lovely things to drool over!! Keep us posted on your progress! xo

  16. Funny story about the pooch and the groomer! Good thing i wasn't drinking anything as I would have spit it out! Love your living room, but not sure if I agree with your daughter about grey shelves with your tan tiles! Those boxes look like a big job to me - enjoy unpacking it all!! How were the Mint Juleps?

  17. Oh my --- don't paint the bookshelves gray... although it's your house and not mine. I'd paint them the wall color so the items on the shelves stand out. Oh and poor pooch did not like that groomer. Hope you get some time to watch the Derby tomorrow. mimi

  18. You're making great progress! We have the Sleep Number bed. My advice? Buy twin sheets for the separate mattresses. I used to put each side in zero gravity position to make each side, but now just practice contorting like you do. I had to all but threaten my techno geek husband on the smart sleep technology. I'd wake up and he'd report my sleep grade to me. It also shows when you get out of bed, whether it's to pee or get a midnight snack or drink. Worst part? It reports back to SN. Hated it! But I do love the nightlight, and being able to push that button on the side for my sleep position and set number - which is 75!
    Poor Chili now has a rap sheet. I'm sure the groomer deserved it.
    Thanks for the blue & white collection. Going browsing now....have a great weekend.

  19. I love that wall color you picked for the bedroom and your new bed looks fabulous.

  20. Oh no, sorry Chili got into trouble. I'm sure the bite was probably from a nip and Chili reacted. Our Bentley loved grooming until he was nipped then better watch out! Who can blame them....We passed on the Sleep Number bed but the mattress we did buy is so thick I still have a workout to put the fitted sheet on so I guess I should have gone with the Sleep Number! Oh how I remember those boxes, seems never ending. Great selection of blue and whites. So classic, love them all...........

  21. I like your bedding set. The first thing I thought of when I saw it is that I cannot buy a comforter with a white background, because I learned early in my marriage that it doesn't take long before my husband gets a stain on the white background (when he sits on it??).
    I think your daughter has a good point about the built-in bookshelves - that's the first thing that I thought when I saw them. I look forward to seeing your new-home progress.

  22. Happy Birthday. You barely look 37. 😊
    Where's Chowdar? Does he live with your younger daughter?
    Love blue and white anything.

  23. Happy Birthday Katie! Glad you are making progress at your new house, from what I've seen it looks beautiful! I love all the blue and white pretties, Happy May and almost Mother's Day!

  24. What a blessing 73 is such a longgggg way off, Sis. Many happy returns of the day. Hope you finally got replacements for those boxing gloves and wraps. Wait. What?

  25. Blue is definitely my favorite color. I had a shih tzu once that two grown men couldn't get her out of the crate to groom her They called and told me to pick her up and that they never wanted to see us again. She was my favorite dog. xo Laura

  26. My MIL bit the new dentist. We received a letter informing us that she was not welcome in their office.

  27. I love the tile floor! That room will be gorgeous and I think #2 has a good eye on the lighter cabinets. My recommendation is that you take groomer lessons, you can be the inhouse beautician for both Chili and Chow! Happy Mother's Day. xoxox Annie G


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