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Friday, April 23, 2021

Mother's Day Gift Ideas & House Notes

 Hello, dear friends.  Good news ~ as Elton John sings, I'm still standing.  As anyone who has gone through a move will attest, moving is not for sissies.  Here is a rundown of what has been happening around our nest.

The floors are finished, although a shadow of my "stain" headache remains.  

Boy, that stuff stinks!

This captures the calm before the storm. 
 It was taken minutes before the movers arrived. 

Chili was assigned patio duty.

I may want to rethink that my dish and glassware fetish.

This was the scene of the crime when the movers left.
It doesn't look that much different today.
I swear these boxes reproduce overnight!

As I shared with you, our patio is very private and quite small.  Part of it needs a major reno.  A lot of the space was taken by this hot tub.  
The Mister and I are not hot tub people.  I would need the jaws-of- life to transport me inside and out of it. 
We would have included a stipulation in our offer to have the owner remove the hot tub in normal times.  But we did not want to take any chances of jeopardizing the sale.  So the Mister made some calls, and a spa company came and removed it. 
The best part... they paid us for it.

And there she goes, compliments of hot tub eye candy.

I put Chili on a leash to ensure her safety.
It turns out she didn't need it.

Here's a peek at the front of our nest, bidding goodbye to the spa.

So today, I will continue to open boxes and distribute their contents.

I will then proceed to forget where I put everything. 

We have ample cabinet space in the kitchen.  The only problem is that eighty percent of it is out of reach for me.

In my next life, I want to come back with long legs.

Now on with the fun stuff.

Here are some Mother's Day Gift ideas, otherwise known as my wishlist.  

For the Mom like me who carries all her stress in the neck and shoulders.

A great idea for the out-of-state Grandma who doesn't want to miss a minute of her grandchild's life.

If you sent her this darling bag full of goodies, she could have her girlfriends over and brag about her favorite child.

How about an eye-catching spritzer or watering can and a pretty plant?

So pretty!

A great gift for the patio dweller.

Fill this with flowers, and you will be Mom's favorite child.

Or fill a pretty pitcher with blooms.

Who doesn't like homemade ice cream?

We have these and love them.

Does your Mom need some more spice in her life?

Or can she use more music in her life?

You've got to keep your Mom hydrated.
Remind her that this is for water, not wine.

Does her reading life need to be upgraded?
It's waterproof!

I just finished listening to this book and loved it.

This one was very good, too.

Does your Mom enjoy some coffee with her Real Housewives?

My favorite slippers!

These are great for the Mom who is carrying too much baggage under her eyes.  They are also useful for the migraines that you give her.

Is Mom looking to change her signature scent?

For the pale Mom who needs a little color in her face.

I use one of these twice a week before applying foundation.
They make a world of difference!

Your Mom has probably reminded you to take your Vitamin C.  
Now it's time for you to turn the tables.

You know how I feel about my neck.
Not good.
This is the best neck cream that I've ever used.
I bought it for Sista because she's fortunate that I share all of my beauty secrets with her.

I use one of these to apply the neck cream.

For the Mom with dishwater hands ~ my favorite hand cream.

Want to make Mom feel like a star?

Does Mom need a little help organizing her miracle potions?

Have her brushes seen better days?

Does she hoard cute readers, like moi?

How about a 2 in one case for her specs?

Does she love the beach and/or pool?

How about a travel case for the family jewels?

I use my cleaner at least once a week.
It's great for glasses too.

How cute are these mismatched studs?!

Does she need an overnight bag or carry-on?
I have two of these bags and couldn't live without them.
They are light as a feather and are capable of fitting plenty of stuff.

For the working Mom, a great-looking laptop bag.
It's on sale too!

Also on sale.

Does Mom complain about back pain?
Give her this little beauty of a vacuum.

Is she curious about Fido's ancestry?

Until next time...

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  1. Oh, I feel your pain. We just moved in September and I still have a room with boxes in it. What are the buttons on the side of your patio furniture? Are they recliners? Please share details! Thanks!

    1. Yes, they do recline. I wish I could tell you that they are buttons to summon the maid, but alas, I cannot tell a lie! Hope all is well in your world, Lori.

  2. The house is coming along nicely. Your tile floors are so similar to ours. I love our hot tub, which is built in. Wonderful ideas for Mother’s Day.

  3. I agree about the hot tub...no thanks! I read (listened to) the Good Sister in a day...so good. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Your new home looks lovely and your Royal Check is perfect on your pretty kitchen! ENjoy the unpacking! LOL

  5. Oh my gosh, those boxes!! I don't envy you the unpacking at all but I do know it is also exciting! Thanks for all the great gift ideas. I love Harry & David!! Keep updating us your progress, please!! xo

  6. Your new home looks beautiful. I can't wait to see it after you're done unpacking and decorating!

  7. But dishes are so pretty! I’m with you and am currently on the hunt for blue plates before my next dinner party. Don’t tell my husband!

  8. That is quite a pile of boxes. Good luck getting to the bottom of them all.

  9. Great gift ideas! I can still remember the migraine I had from our floors being refinished. We slept in a hotel one night, which was at least one night too few! That hot tub looked exactly like the one we sold with our home (the new owners removed it last year, no surprise). I feel your pain of moving, but I sure like what furnishings and glimpse of your home I'm seeing. Carry on.....

  10. Katie,

    Enjoyed this. I feel the same way about hot tubs! Loved seeing glimpses of your new place. You have such wonderful taste...can’t wait for the final reveal! On our big downsize (recent move) I faced boxes that almost went to the ceiling too. Hubby was going to help, but he would open a box and stare at it and say”I don’t know where this goes”. Needless to say you know who unpacked them all! Wonderful Mother’s Day choices!

  11. I'm happy to hear you're on your way to being settled in your forever home.
    I always love your lists and am so pleased you do the shopping for us. :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. HI Katie, Are those wrought iron front doors?
    So much to unpack (in your post). No pun intended. Did you recommend Something in the Water? I smiled with your hot tub comment and sellers. I have a new listing coming soon and it's a main floor master with a private, wooded lot. It's going to be insane!
    I finally started including the recorded books. Other than falling asleep through 3 chapters every night I love it while walking. The hot tub guy comment was hilarious! I shared your blog on the weekend edit (and with my sister) for fun reads, shows etc.

  13. PS I upgraded for the "shipping pass" with Harry & David (and it includes 4-5 other brands. For $20 a year (I think it jumps to $30 in the 2nd year) it is so worth it. I ordered popcorn for the kids for St. Patrick's Day and fruit for our daughter for Valentine's Day. great value!

  14. Oh does that bring back moving nightmares, I've had my share! Love the peeks at your new home, it's beautiful and I can't wait to see more once you've decorated. And the hot tub, good call. I would have to be thrown into one!


  16. Thanks for the wish list of ideas my #1 was looking over my shoulder when I was scrolling by the mug & he said I don't even need to buy you that because it's so obvious I'm your favorite. Rest well while you unpack.

  17. My daughter has the neck massager and the whole family loves it. BTW, our favorite go-to response when we can't find something is "It is somewhere!" That simply means we have no idea if we gave it away, sold it, lost it, or have no clue where we hide it from ourselves.

  18. At least it looks like they’re mostly MEDIUM boxes, looking on the bright side! Moved last Jan and honestly don’t recall all the unpacking but I know I did it and put it out of my mind ASAP, enjoying the new surroundings took over all memories! That back massager...hmmmm....looks like a great gift to self for Mothers Day. I add all your book recos to my Goodreads app as WANT TO READ then add to library hold lists. Glad you’re such a big reader, I always have good books on my bedside. Did you reco The Golden Cage? Check it out.

  19. Oh, my! seeing those boxes brings back memories of our big move almost 6 years ago. I'm like you, it seemed they multiplied overnight. I know everything will be so lovely and I can hardly wait to see it. Now, I'm off to add some of your suggestions to my cart.

  20. A good list of things for Mothers day! Good luck with unpacking!!

  21. That little sneak peak of your home was gorgeous! We've been in our house for 20 years now and I can't even imagine what it would be like to move now! I think my favorite was the, 'Dear Mom, I get it now' mug. My mom passed away in 2005 but I still say that at least once a week!

  22. LAte popping in since I have been out of town, but I am just loving the house. I didn't think I could love something more than your home in Massachusetts, but you are proving me wrong. Love the blues!

  23. Wow!!! You really are turning into Texas dudes...love that Spanish? Style home! SO different from your last!
    I have that neck massager...it’s da bomb!
    And tell me if you uses the ice cream maker often?? Think I may try one...my skinny husband of 44 yrs eats it every night...damn him!!!!

  24. Your gift ideas are always amazing thank you! Would you be willing to share the paint color of your beautiful new kitchen? I am trying to decide before my painter arrives!

    1. Laurel.. I will see if I can find the can in the garage. We did not paint it but we do love the color. Check back tomorrow.

  25. What a beautiful home, Katie! Or, it will be when you add your magic touches -- it's already looking pretty good! I'm so glad you are moved in, if not settled. It must feel awfully good!

  26. I am obsessed with that gorgeous blue and white chair and ottoman! Glad the moving in is behind you! Good luck with all of your unpacking I’m sure you’ll get through it. I found that I donated a good many things that I paid good money to have moved! Can’t wait to see what’s next at Casa Katie!!

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