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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Let's Go Shopping! Take 1


Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you are having a good weekend.  I am going to begin my day with a nice long walk with the Mister.  I usually stroll solo, but since we moved into our temporary love nest, we take one walk a week together.  

Because we don't spend enough time together. 

Years ago, I wrote a post reminiscing about HGTV shows and hosts from the past.  Does anybody remember this guy?  His name is Michael Payne, and he used to host an HGTV show called Designing For The Sexes.

Michael would work with a couple who had different design styles.  He would listen to both the husband and the wife as to their preferences and tastes.  After jotting some notes, Michael would look into the camera and exclaim in his crisp Queen's English accent, "Let's Go Shopping!" 

So today, in honor of Michael Payne, I am christening the first in a new series.  The topic will revolve around something that I am searching for.  That way, I can justify my online shopping addiction when the Mister looks over my shoulder and quips shopping again?


For the millionth time, Mister, it's called research!

Today is all about ponchos and capes.  I love them, especially in this Texas weather.  They can dress up a pair of jeans and hide a multitude of sins in the process.  

I have one just like this in black.
And grey.
But who's counting?

This is great for those lucky ducks spending the winter months in warmer climates.

Does anyone else love the navy/white combo as much as I do?

This one is made by UGG.
Doesn't it look comfy?

Another Ugg.

Still another Ugg.
I ordered this one.
For research purposes, obviously.

This one is cashmere, which is my favorite fabric.
It's warm but doesn't feel or look bulky.
It comes in every color of the rainbow.

I bought a cape similar to this one a few years ago at a J Crew after-Christmas sale.

The Mister says that I look like a character from Call The Midwife

Keep the poncho, lose the attitude.

I shop at Chico's for their sizing system.
It's good for my ego.

Big sales going on.

How stunning is this woman?
This is made from alpaca, so it's got to be really warm.

Lots of colors available in this style.

I've got this one and love it.

Turtleneck AND poncho?
It comes in a gorgeous hot pink too.

I love the color.

For the woman who wants to hide the extra Covid pounds while performing her Superhero duties.

Until next time...

Do I ever have a treat for you today!
Allow me to introduce you to Marcy and Harry the Heartthrob.
Marcy calls Boston home and used to work with the Mister.

I wanted to introduce you to my fur baby, Harry. Harry is a 10-month-old Bernedoodle.
Harry loves car rides (and sticking his head out the window), playing in the snow, sitting in his cousins' car seat, and riding in our k9 sports pack backpack while we ride our bikes. 
He can be found on Instagram @Harrytheheartthrob

Thank you, Marcy!

If you have a cute dog, email me a picture with a short bio, and I would be honored to include your little furbaby on my blog.

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  1. Hi, Katie. I love the black and grey Melifuos poncho I purchased on your recommendation last year. It has been in the teens in N.H. so I throw it over my shoulders in the house.
    I miss Michael Payne. He had great taste.

  2. That dog backpack is so cute. I absolutely love poncho's but have sworn off buying any winter gear since Houston just barely dips below 50 in the winter! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Harry is adorable! You DO NOT look like you should be in the Midwife show! This was very fun and I am going back to look at a few of those ponchos. Thanks for doing the legwork for us!! xo

  4. I love seeing ponchos on other women but I don't seem to ever think they look all that good on me. But, I am going to check out a couple of these. Have a great new week Katie!

  5. Let me commend you on your extensive research. I found several that I would like to possess; however, I would have to pack them in the trunk of my car since there is not one more inch of hanging space in this house.

  6. I used to love that show! I have quite a collection of ponchos and wraps but can only wear them in the fall or spring as it is nearly impossible to fit them under a winter coat. I like so many of the ones you've found I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite.

  7. Love all this drapey, elegant warmth!

  8. Now I'm thinking that maybe I need a cape. Harry is an adorable heartthrob - what a cute mix.

  9. I loved Michael Payne.That show was great along with many others when HGTV was good

  10. Hi Katie,
    I admire your style and love your first shopping post! I have purchased many of your past recommendations and have been extremely happy with all off them😀 Now I am looking forward to trying your poncho recommendations. Thank you for all of your research and telling us which ones you have tried and like. Adorable photo of you in the duffle poncho! Harry is so cute. Happy house hunting


  12. I bought a plaid wrap like the one from Orvis to take to Michigan at Christmas and it was so cozy and comfortable on Christmas morning, plus more put together than a sweatshirt.

  13. I remember Michael ... oh my, so long ago. Or it feels like so long ago. I miss many of the old (original?) HGTV shows and hosts. Whatever happened to Candace?! Great ponchos ... I could wear them all this week as we're expecting rain. But COLD rain. Ugh. BTW just caught up on house hunting post ... the wall issue is an interesting one but I'll bet not as expensive as you think to remedy. Hope for an update soon! xo

  14. I do remember Michael. I watch his shows. Capes, ponchos are fantastic. I have a few. Love the faux fur one.Harry is darling. Love his brown eyebrows. Hugs

  15. Love all of these ponchos: I have two but only wear them occasionally. Your pup is beautiful!


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