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Sunday, December 8, 2019

This & That

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you are enjoying your weekend.  My girls tell me that I talk too much about the weather.  So allow me to take another approach.  I am wearing 4 layers of clothes as I type this.  

This post is a compilation of notes that I jot down for writing ideas as well as things that I want to tell you about but forget about by the time I write a new post.

Here are two movies that are worth a mention.

Loved it!

Very entertaining.

Some TV Watching

I couldn't believe we had to add and pay for one more app to our TV to watch this show.  It's worth it though, we are both enjoying it.  New episodes are added every Friday morning.

I turned the Mister on this one this season, and he really likes it. 

Whoa.  Has anyone watched the last show aired?  I had no idea that it was the Fall finale.  There are no spoilers here.  
I will say a lot was left up in the air.

The same thing happened with Doc Martin.  Don't leave me hangin' Doc.  Are you coming back for another season or not?

We are two episodes in and loving it.  The music and wardrobe are as entertaining as the storyline.

The Mister watches almost all of my favorite shows with me.  That's both good and bad.  The bad part is when the Mister travels, I can't watch any of my favorite shows.  I found this darling show on Acorn last week.  I'm not telling the Mister, though.

I officially left GMA and am now a loyal watcher the Today show.  
If you recall, I left Today when the Ann Curry debacle occurred. 

I wasn't really sure in the beginning whether I was crazy about Jenna.  Now I have warmed up to her and enjoy the Hoda & Jenna team.

My favorite moment!!

I don't know how she does it, but Ellen's show just keeps getting better.

Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly experiences that I have faced with some companies lately. 

When we lived in Texas, our Comcast service was deplorable.  When we moved to Massachusetts, and I found out that our area used Comcast, I was so depressed I wanted to put the house on the market.  Well, I am glad that I didn't.  We will be in our home six years this week, and I only have glowing reviews for the service that we have received from Comcast.
Keep it up, Comcast.

When my girls were home, they were singing the praises for H&M.  I had never been to one because I assumed that the clothes were cheaply made like Forever 21.  They took me into an H&M and I must say, I was impressed.  They had loads of adorable sweaters. 

I never met a ruffle I didn't like.

This comes in lots of colors.

A lot of my friends are becoming grandparents.  Luckily, I'm not old enough to become one myself.  At the end of November, I tried in vain to place an order online at Janie and Jack, one of my favorite baby stores.  I finally gave up and again attempted to place my order the old fashioned way - on the phone.

When I called, I spoke to a polite gentleman with a very thick accent.  Within a minute, I realized that we had a communication problem.  I'm no quitter so I persevered.  I ordered five items - the most darling dress with a tam, sweater, shoes, and socks.  It took me over an hour to place my order. 

When it was finally said and done, I reminded him that I wanted a gift receipt in the box.  And that, ladies and gents, is where this sad tale skidded off the rails.  The gentleman told me that they were out of boxes and did not expect any until after Christmas.  Already cleaned out at the end of November?  So I asked to speak to his supervisor.  He put me on hold and came back a few minutes later.  He said that he talked to his supervisor, and she suggested that the clothes would be sent now and they would send the boxes out at mid-January.  

I told him to cancel the order.
He asked if there was anything else he could do for me.
I could think of a few things but kept them to myself. 
 It wasn't his fault his company is unorganized.

It looks like I'll be spending some time at the mall this week.

Full disclosure:  We don't have a mailbox.  We have no choice - we live within a mile of our local post office.  I can't begin to tell you what a pain it is to order online from a lot of stores.  For instance, Ulta will not deliver to a PO Box.
That's why Sephora is getting all of my business.
Dry your eyes.
I know you feel bad for me.

Let's just say I have a love/hate relationship with Amazon.  Ninety percent of the time, Amazon is my friend.

This is where the ten percent comes in.  Whenever I order a product, I look to make sure it is Prime.  The second thing that I look for is if it is fulfilled by Amazon.
There are a few instances where the product supposedly was fulfilled by Amazon, and it wasn't.   I then end up having to wait up to six weeks for a product to arrive because it is being shipped from outside the USA. 

  Amazon, I think that you owe it to your customers to post a note in bold letters that the product is not being mailed from inside the US.

I learned the hard way that Land's End doesn't cover the postage on returned items. 
I won't be back.

Every morning, before I even check my mail, I hop over to the Lightning Deals.  I have picked up a few items for a song.  The deals don't last all day.  Amazon does tell you in advance what things will be featured.

Here are a couple of this morning's deals.

This nifty stabilizer has 3 working modes and two ways of charging.

These buffalo check pillow covers are on special.
They also come in other color combos.

These items will be featured later today.

Good looking laptop case.

A standing desk is one of those things that I know I should buy but also know that I am too lazy to use it.

These cute little bowls are sold in sets of six and will be one of the deals this afternoon.

Here is some health news.

This is Nora Tobin, who is the Wellness Ambassador for JW Marriott Corp.  The Mister heard her speak last week at a convention.  She talked about how important it is to your health to have a healthy gut.  She also said that you don't need to start taking Probiotics to achieve success.  All you need is two forkfuls of sauerkraut a day.

Guess what accompanied our lunch yesterday.
The Mister says his gut already feels better.
As for me... I'd eat a case of sauerkraut a day if it made me look as good as Nora.

I have reached that tender age where my Doctor recommended that I get the Shingles shot.  Or rather, shots. It is a series of two, the second is to be administered a few months after the first.

Fair warning: it's not fun.  Within 24 hours of receiving the first shot, I felt like I had the flu for two days.  Many people complain that their arm is very sore.  Mine did not hurt because my trusty Pharmacist told me to keep massaging it.  She forgot to fill me in, however, that I would feel like a truck hit me.

Months later, the second one had the same effect on me.
My advice:  schedule your shot around a couple of free days, and don't forget to massage your arm.

One more thing: take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning.
Your welcome.

Here are a couple of apps that I have recently heard about.

Honey is a free app that will find the best price and promo code for you at lots of stores.

Camel Camel Camel is a free Amazon price tracker.

Reader News

Have you heard of Chirp?  I signed up for this site several months ago.  There is no membership fee, and they offer unbelievable deals on audiobooks. 

There is no membership for Bookbub's site.  
You will find fabulous deals on ebooks.


I finished this book a while ago, and yet I still find myself thinking about it.


I'm almost finished with this pageturner, which is about two jurors who have an affair during a court case.
Let's just say the verdict is the last thing on their minds!


I'm still listening to this legal thriller.  It's taking me some time because it's been so darn cold, I haven't been able to take my walk.

Last but not least, are you looking to make a big impression at this year's Christmas party?



Your friends will be talking about you for years to come!!

If you are looking for more gift inspiration, check out my gift guides for your bestie, your gadget guru, your foodie, your reader, your millennial and some hostess gift suggestions.

Until next time...

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  1. I'm in total agreement with you about Amazon. When I got a new iPhone, I ordered a case and based on listing, I expected to have it in 2 days. Instead, I got an email telling me it was coming from China in 8 to 12 weeks! I couldn't cancel the order and had to buy another case because I couldn't risk being without the protection for 8 weeks.

    Also, Honey is worth installing. It eliminates the need to search your email for the discount codes, etc. and otherwise does not interfere with anything.

  2. I’m intrigued by the sauerkraut and think I’ll try it. I’ve never heard that but I like it so can’t hurt.

  3. Lots to comment on in this post! I am gifting an Acorn yearlong subscription to my aunt, a fellow Anglophile. I know she's going to love it. I used to watch the CBS Morning Show, but now I'm not really watching anything. I agree that Comcast in Tx is the pits. I'm glad it's good up there! Gymboree went out of business and they are Janie's parent company. I wonder if that's why the customer service was so bad. Thanks for the tip on the Lightning deals. And yes, the Shingles shot is horrible. I had the first installment at the same time as my flu shot, and I felt weak and feverish for 2 days. No fun! Hope you have a great week. Don't forget my Gift Guide link up on Tuesday. :)

  4. Twice I have received damaged books from Amazon that were for Christmas presents. The last time they charged me $6.13 to send it back--oh no--their mistake, it took me one hour but I got the postage refund. A secondary seller said my book arrived on Monday, still waiting. I told him to cancel and refund my account--he's not cooperating. Amazon says, not their fault.

  5. I was investigating sauerkraut and I thought I read that only homemade has probiotic heath benefits because if it’s sold at the grocery store it’s preserved for shelf life. Did the speaker address that? Because I’m not making my own lol

  6. You have to quit sending me off on these linky things. lol I get sidetracked and sometimes forget to comeback to comment.
    Tell me more about the sauerkraut. The store stuff is not the right kind, right? xo Diana

  7. Those shingles shots were the worst! In addition the flu-like symptoms for 2 days, I got s bullseye red, swollen shot site too. Lol, those ugly sweaters!

  8. Wait....do you not receive mail at your house? I can't get past that sentence. And as a prior commenter said, I too get so caught up in your wonderful recommendations I lose track of what I am doing because I keep 'clicking'. I recently bought a gorgeous sweater you recommended. My husband thanks you for getting me to spend money :)

  9. I was lamenting just this weekend about changes. I am never one to stay stuck in the past, but seriously sometimes you just want a friendly person to help. I have embraced online shopping but you sometimes need a little assistance. I have also been complaining about so many subscriptions to watch a show. I realize cable is dead and Hubby is trying really hard to let it go come January. He is still hanging on because I don't think he wants to come in at night and sit down and have to think so hard as to which app or thing to watch. IT is here though and we must adjust. My doctor mentioned a shingles shot the other day and I quickly changed the subject. She forget. That was the goal.

  10. Thanks for reminding me I need to get my shingles shot. My hubby actually got shingles. Luckily I figured it out and he was able to take the medication and had a very light case. He did get the vaccine however and said his arm was SORE!! I am so irritated with having to purchase another app for watch this show or that show. I am not giving in! This post was packed with so much helpful info and plenty to get me into trouble!!

  11. This post is LIFE. I love a good post about all the things- how about any podcasts you listen to? That's the only thing you left out :) I love your book suggestions. Thank you so much for this list of great shows, etc.

  12. I don't buy books on Amazon any more as I purchased a copy of Under The Tuscan Sun and it was the cheapest of books with the print so light I couldn't even read it! Now if I can't get it at the library I will go to a bookstore and buy one after I've checked it out. Old eyes don't need cheap books!

  13. My husband and I watch new Amsterdam and I just love A Million Little Things! I too try to make sure that my Amazon orders are Prime and fulfilled by Amazon; it makes such a huge difference. I keep saying they also need a note to let parents know if the gifts will be coming in am Amazon box or their own box; I can't tell you how many time I had to hustle to hide a gift so that Christmas wasn't ruined for one of my boys who stilled believed.

  14. Well, that's a lot of good stuff there my dear. I agree with Amazon and found out about Land's End, after the fact. All my Dad's clothes come from Land's End. And, the Sauerkraut, gotta check that out. I would eat the whole container if need be. Have a very Christmasey week!!!

  15. Sauerkraut, now that is interesting! Those sweaters would definitely be the talk of the party. I am about to start Dearly Beloved, I have read so much about the book. Have a most joyous Christmas Season!

  16. Loved A Beautiful Day. And hopefully more Doc. Don't know why they'd end with a cliffhanger if there isn't more! Love those Brits1

  17. I love the racy sweatshirt; I would purchase one (if it were cheaper) just to hear my kids groan.
    I enjoy the non-celebrity guests that Ellen has on her show.
    My daughter tried Honey but she said it wasn't very effective in finding discount codes.
    Maybe I will try sauerkraut when my current bottle of pricey probiotics runs out.
    H&M looks interesting. I love a ruffle too - but I cannot understand the appeal of an oversized sweater.


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