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Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Royal Visit

Hello, dear friends.  Are you having a good weekend?  We woke up to some snow and a bitter blast of frigid air.  Ugh.

Easter weekend our #1 and Adorable Jonathon came for a visit.  Our #2 stayed at school to work on her thesis.  I didn't even know what a thesis was in college.  Still don't.

Our #1 and AJ arrived on Thursday and the Mister picked them up at Logan and took them to lunch.  After lunch, Adorable Jonathon and #1 went off to do some power shopping and then met the Mister at his office and they came home together.  

Mutual admiration society.

Two furry kids were pretty happy to see #1 & AJ.

My #1 girl gave me these darling cocktail napkins for Christmas.

My girl and AJ love a good cheese board.

Lamb chops are my fave!!

AJ watching #1 trying to learn how to cook from her Dad.  By the look on his face, you can tell how well it is going. 

We enjoyed a fabulous dinner and went to bed early because we had a big day ahead of us.

As a side note... Season 5 premieres tonight!!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Until next time...

Chowdah loves his lambchop too!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

I'm Katie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am an empty nester meandering through my middle-aged years while entangled in the never-ending process of renovating an antique home on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I love to write about books, movies, TV, celebrities, decorating, and weekend adventures. My favorite writing material is derived from my family: the Mister, my girls, #1 and #2, and my two untrainable, rambunctious pups, Chowdah and Chili.


  1. Mmmm - the cheese board looks very good.
    The look in AJ's eyes says it all.

  2. Yum, now I am hungry! It's freezing and windy here this morning but no snow. We actually had a massive thunderstorm blow through here last night that shook the house. For a second, I thought we were having an earthquake! Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. Sweet, sweet photos Katie! I have been waiting for Call the Midwife...excellent show! As always, there is something marvelous on your menu! Have a great week!!

  4. Always good to have the kiddos home. That spread looks delicious!

  5. Oh, sweet Chowdah!!!! You always have such gorgeous pictures of food! I already have my DVR set to record the Midwife, love this series!

  6. Looks fun. Hmmmm...I'm seeing a resemblance between boyfriend and husband, is it the glasses or just the cherry disposition?

  7. Thank you Katie! How did I miss that Call the Midwife premieres tonight? Of of my favs :-)

  8. OMG!!! The boyfriend looks like the MR!!!!! I immediately thought it must be a younger version of YO man!!! how fun!!! Now....if he cooks like the mr you will know its a sure thing!

  9. I always love your playing with names, AJ sounds so great!!!
    Beautiful family!!

  10. What a treat having #1 and AJ home for Easter! I'm adding this cheese board to the many others I've pinned from your site. You should definitely do a post on the perfect cheese board. I hope your weather improves this week!

  11. Awwww -- No. 1 and AJ are so adorable!! I'm sure that was such a great visit! They are too cute!

  12. Looks like a fun time for all! If only I had read this post earlier...I would not have missed the new Midwife series. Love that show sheila

  13. It looks like such a fun weekend and I love that AJ looks a little like the Mister! A darling couple!! Hate to rub it in, but we had 70 degree temperatures all weekend... Happy Monday ~


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