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Friday, April 15, 2016

Yup, I Went to Hahvahd

Hello, dear friends.  This post is Part 3 of #1 and Adorable Jonathon's visit Easter weekend.  If you missed the first two parts, you could find them here and here.

Adorable Jonathon (AJ) told us that he had always wanted to see Harvard.  He also was interested in taking a tour and learning about its history.  So, off to Hahvahd we went.

We arrived mid-morning and walked to the information center.

AJ was very excited for the tour.   

I can never resist a cheesy social media prop.

We still had a couple of hours before the tour, so we strolled around amidst the other tourists and smarty-pants students. 

Naturally, the Mister found our first stop.  We needed some nourishment if we were going to tackle Harvard!

Does he look like a kid in a candy store, or what?

AJ gets an A+ for finding the world's largest gummy bear!

Our next stop was the Harvard bookstore.

And what does my girl find?  
Coloring books!  
My #1 never ceases to amaze me.

I thought that if I wore this sweatshirt and someone asked me if I went to Harvard, I could honestly say yes for one day.

Our handsome brainiac tour guide hails from Mexico City.  He was packed with personality and gave us a very entertaining tour.  He is majoring in nuclear something or other.  I didn't know what it was or how to spell it.  I acted very impressed, though.

Can you tell how much my girl was enthralled with the history of Harvard?

This is the exact look that #1 gave me six years ago when we were on the college tour circuit.  She was interested in two things:  cute boys and pretty dorms.  

This building was featured in Love Story.  Our guide told us an interesting story.  When the movie was being filmed, part of the agreement between the director and the administration was that Harvard students would be used as extras.  Evidently, the film crew could not find any students that had "the look" that they were searching for, so the film crew brought in their own Hollywood looking preppy extras.

Love Story was the last movie ever filmed at Harvard.

This is John Harvard.  Kind of.  Actually, this statue is modeled after a student because the French artist did not know what John Harvard looked like.  And either did anyone else.

This is Adorable Jonathon telling Brainiac Tour Guide that even though Brainiac may be walking away with a Harvard degree, he was luckier because #1 was his girlfriend.

At least I think that's what was said.

We decided to stop for lunch before we headed home.

I cannot say no to a burger/english muffin combo.  They could have skipped the salad, though - I'm watching my waistline.

Great food and service.  
I give the Russell House straight A's!

Too much Hahvahd!

When we got home, AJ filled Chowdah in on the tour.

We topped off the day with a game of Heads Up Hahvahd style.

Have a great weekend!

Until next time...

Harvard Medical School therapy dog, Cooper

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  1. I so enjoyed this Katie! We went to see Harvard when we visited Boston and it was just absolutely beautiful! I was amazed at the number of colleges in Boston! Oh how I love Boston and all that history! Darling photos!!! Have a great weekend love!

  2. Fun - it looks like a beautiful campus! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I haven't been to Boston or Cambridge for far too long. The closest we seem to get every year is Marlborough! But I love the Harvard campus. One of my favorite long-ago memories was staying in a B&B one block over from Julia Child's house! I wish I'd had the nerve I have now back then! I can't resist all the fun book stores and at least back the the music stores! And the Coop! Oh, this is just such fun!

    You have such a handsome family! That kid in the candy store photo is terrific!

  4. Looks like so much fun! Coloring books and the candy store looks like what would be my favorite parts =)

  5. Wow -- looks like so much fun! We lived in Philadelphia for 3 years when the Hubs went to law school. Always wanted to get a trip to Boston and Harvard -- no such luck. Miss the East Coast! It sure looks different than Nebraska! #1 and AJ are too adorable!! Hope you have a fun weekend!

  6. Oh Katie, when I saw Hahvahd I thought you had been to the Middle East this week!! Seriously, I'm so much happier you visited a beautiful university with a brainiac tour and your adorable daughter. It looks like fun! Now I hate to break it to you but while you were wearing your coats...we are wearing sleeveless here in Big D.

    So glad you linked this with Thoughts of Home. :)

  7. I would have loved that tour, but I'm afraid my #1 would have felt the same way as your #1.

  8. Looks like a fun visit all around. We toured Havard a few years ago when we stayed a few nights in Boston before heading up to Maine. Fun visit for us too, but we missed that candy store. Oh, darn!
    Thanks for sharing the photos. They brought back fond memories.

  9. Katie you have the best family outings! Love the history of the area and adore your Harvard Medical School Therapy dog photo!

    The Arts by Karena

  10. A fun weekend!
    Harvard has an amazing glass flowers exhibit in their Museum of Natural History.
    If you like English muffins in general, Cambridge's artisan Stone & Skillet English muffins are delish (Whole Foods).
    Have a terrific weekend!

    1. Yes, the Stone and Skillet English muffins are fabulous!

    2. The flowers at the Natural History Museum are soooooo worth the trip! Free to Massachusetts residents and not crowded at all on Sunday mornings. The Fogg is amazing also - free to Mass residents on Saturday mornings.

  11. That looked like so much fun. #1's friend is adorable. Such a sweet smile.

  12. Beautiful campus and what a fun way to spend the day!
    Happy weekend to you!

  13. I love touring campuses! It would be so cool to see Harvard one day!

  14. Boys, we wish our college visits with the boys were as amusing! Remind us to visit some AFTER they graduate in 4 years. AJ and his #1 are truly adorable (not to mention your pups!) Have a great weekend, Katie!
    C + C

  15. When we were in Boston one summer we want to Harvard to have a look. We didn't take a tour, but I would have adored hearing about Love Story. I did buy a sweatshirt at the bookstore :-)

  16. Beautiful pictures! They are such a cute couple! I love your red coat, too. Adorable!

  17. Looks like you had such a fun day!! My dad was a Harvard grad--he used to love to show us around the gorgeous campus. Susan

  18. Thank you for the lovely arm chair tour of Harvard. Looks like your daughter found the perfect books in the bookstore! What a fun weekend with your darling daughter and her adorable boyfriend - and love the idea of a hamburger with an english muffin bun!

  19. I loved this!
    I especially love your daughter's face. Priceless!
    Any time with family is the best, right?
    I enjoyed visiting as I always do.
    Thank you for sharing this at TOHOT.


  20. I have been on Harvard's campus, but didn't take the tour. I'll have to be sure to do that if I'm ever up that way again. Seems like a wonderful family outing. You and #1 are dressed so cute. That burger looks good! Are those sweet potato fries, too?! Yum!

  21. What a fun adorable and entertaining post!!! So cute, loved the comment about you and your Hahvard sweatshirt:) My niece graduated from there a few years ago and she really did have an amazing time but said the workload is off the charts as is the grading curve..definitely a "survival of the fittest"! Fun tour and just love the comment that smart AJ made at the end about how lucky he is....maybe he could teach a class there on "schmoozing" lol, bet he taught his tour guide a thing or two!

  22. What fun! When we went my group refused to do the official tour so we just walked around and gawked!

  23. I'm absolutely certain that you are right about the conversation between Brainiac tour guide and AJ. He is a lucky guy, indeed!

  24. Katie,
    looks like you had a very entertaining and fact filled trip! When my sister and I were there, we didn't make to Harvard but I did get to visit Dartmouth in Hanover NH. Beautiful school and the town looks like a movie set! If you get a chance you should go, there's so many fun places close by, King Arthurs Flour for one! Also, Woodstock VT is probably one of the most beautiful towns we went to, especially in the fall, it's maybe an hour from there. Would so love to come back up there! You're so lucky to be close to so many wonderful and beautiful places!

  25. Katie, it looks like you had a fabulous fun filled weekend with your #1 and Jonathan. The Harvard tour sounds interesting, although it did look a little cold! Lunch looks fabulous, I agree, skip the salad and enjoy the fires and burger.

    Have a great week.


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