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Friday, August 1, 2014

Home Tour: Casa Dude

This is my final post about my trip to Connecticut.  Last but not least, my buddy, Dude has finally complied with my request for a house tour of her gorgeous home.  It reminds me of the house in "Something's Gotta Give" with its soft palate and comfortable interior.

This is the view from my guest room.  I never wanted to move out!

Dude and her hubby built this house eight years ago.  They chose  the perfect waterfront lot.

This is one of three comfortable living areas on the first floor.

This is the living room.  To me this screams beachy elegance.

Love the mantel.

I didn't know Dude loved books so much.  She hardly ever picked one up during school.

This is another sitting room/ office area.  So cozy.

Powder room.

There are flashes of blue and white throughout the house.

In love with the kitchen!

Great touches.

Lots of blue and white!

What a great sun room!

Cute way of stashing mags.

Dude told me that she picked these prints up at a great consignment shop in Westport.  Next visit - I'm making that my #1 stop.  Footnote:  that's where Paul Newman lived.  Dude stole his half eaten brownie once.  I'll let her tell you the story.

What a fabulous house to entertain!

Thanks, Dude, for a great tour of your gorgeous home.  Don't let anybody else sleep in my room!

I'm taking the next few weeks off from my high pressure job of blogging.  I am off to Supermodel Trophy Wife Camp.  I need to check in once a year to get certified for another year.

Hope you enjoy every minute of the last days of summer!

Stay safe!


Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. O. M. G. The gorgeousness is beyond. Dude's kitchen is truly drool worthy! If I had realized Domino's paid so well I would have applied for a position years ago!
    Enjoy camp! You so deserve some down time from your rigorous model life but whatever are we going to do without you? Some serious depression will be spread across the land with a daily dose of Katie!

  2. Lovely house...thanks to Dude for letting you share...What a coincidence you going off to Supermodel Trophy Wife Camp...I am about to finish my time at Hot Babe still resembles a Child Bride Camp. I have kept a journal so I'll share the details later...have fun at camp.

  3. What a gorgeous home! The mantle and dough bowl full of shells is AMAZING!!! Enjoy your time off.

  4. Beautiful home! Love all the details. Have fun at camp! ;)

  5. Ah, oh. I think I let my re-certification expire.
    Put a good word in for me. Connections do matter.

  6. What a beautiful home! I wouldn't want to leave either!

  7. Love the blue and white and the abundance of sea shells - so pretty and comfortable too! Hope you are going somewhere relaxing and fun!

  8. I love it! The entire house is fabulous! How wonderful to spend time in this wonderful place with a great friend.

  9. I think you need to take Dude with you to camp and let me go stay in her pretty house for a while! What a gorgeous place!
    Have fun at camp, and don't cut your finger on the rhinestones during "tiara class!"

  10. Wow...Dude's home is magnificent! I would love a home on the water...and her "coastal chic" is spot on! Have fun at "Supermodel Camp" doubt you will win the "Best Camper" award! ":)

  11. Dude's kitchen is absolute perfection!!!! Simple yet so elegant! I also love the powder room esp. the paint color; very striking! Have fun at supermodel camp; please share hair & make-up tips. You will need to bring home Chowder a special gift as I am certain he will miss his mommy & daddy very much. xoxo, Dawn

  12. Such a pretty and cheerful home. And Congrats to you again, I'm so happy for you.
    Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  13. This house is amazing!! Please tell Dude I love all of the rattan and blue and white. Hope you have a wonderful time at camp. ;o)

  14. What a lovely home. So pretty, and can you guess my favorite room. The kitchen with all that wonderful blue and white...gotta love it! Love the water views too. Now go on and enjoy being a supermodel....its not easy but someones gotta do it! Have fun:)

  15. Oh, my! What's not to love about a house such as that, except that I cannot imagine cleaning it. :o)) Enjoy your time away and we'll be anxious to hear all about it. Happy weekend!

  16. OMG this home is gorgeous! How blessed you are to have a friend like her or is she blessed to have a friend like you to come visit? Lol I want a home just like hers!! Love that view.

  17. What a beautiful home! I love all the windows and light - really shows off the whites and blues! Dude's home looks like the perfect relaxing environment in which to live and entertain. No wonder you didn't want to leave! But Supermodel Trophy Wife Camp is calling. We will miss you but have fun!

  18. Weeks??!! Nooooo - I'll miss stopping in for my daily humor/important life lessons fix. But have fun you don't already!
    Debi in Amery WI

  19. It's absolutely gorgeous! I can see why you loved it there. :)

  20. Okay I don't know who Dude is - but I do know she has a heck of a beautiful home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. What a lovely home, Katie! I can see why you wouldn't want to leave! Love all the personal touches and details - and you know of course I love the shells and all the blue and white! Thanks for the peek. Enjoy your time away! XO

  22. There's a lot of character in that house, Katie. I especially love the sun room, and the way Dude has decorated. It's a cozy place, and I'm sure she and her hubby put in a lot of work to make it as such. Anyway, your friend is very lucky to have such a wonderful home. Thanks for sharing that! Have a nice day! :)

    Benny Daniel @ Finlay Brewer

  23. Lovely house!!!!


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