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Thursday, August 21, 2014

All Aboard!

Happy Thursday, dear friends!  It's almost Friday!  I cannot believe how the summer is flying by!

This is my second installment of our summer holiday.  Doesn't that sound European?  I've become so cultured I literally can't stand myself.

The next day my Italian boyfriend, Luca, picked us up and bid us arrevederci.  I leave another broken heart in my tracks. 

This is Celebrity's newest ship and we could really tell.  It was absolutely pristine. 

Sista and I only sail on Celebrity ships because we are celebrities in our own minds.    

View from our room.

When we boarded ship, we had a great lunch awaiting our rooms to be ready.  The staff was extremely organized and delivered our baggage to our rooms within two hours of arrival.

The pilot boat helps us leave the dock and leads us out to sea.

The Mister and B-I-L making sure the ship captain doesn't make a wrong turn.  We had rooms next door to each other and we had the partition taken down so that we could have one large balcony.

Bon Voyage ala Madras style.

Next up... wrist ware that wards away seasickness.

We're on our way!

Cocktails and jazz music at 8pm.  Nef #2, my #2, and our father who art in Austin, Wild Bill, in his favorite mode of transportation... the almighty scooter.

Sista and #1 Nef.

Wild Bill and his second favorite daughter.

The Angelina and Brad of the ship.

B-I-L moving in on Brad's territory.  I smell ship fight!

Angelina and one of her 18 kids.

Best looking studs on board.  Outside of Wild Bill, that is.


Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. I can feel the sea breezes through your photos and I can't wait to see more. Your father looks so great!

  2. What a great looking group here!! You all look lovely and with cocktails in hand I am sure you had a great evening!! CHeers to the scooter!! Go Wild Bill!

  3. You might just convince us to go cruisin' some day with these great pictures of your trip! What a handsome entourage you had...
    C + C

  4. Hi Katie - it looks like you've all had a wonderful holiday (vacation!). I love your comments for each photo - you certainly have a good looking family.
    Hope you have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  5. Looks like you are having a wonderful "Holiday"!!!

  6. Hey you didn't ask me to go - and your are having a great time without me! Dang.

  7. Oh this looks like so much fun! I haven't cruised in years.

  8. So glad you're back! Missed your wit and style. Blather on about your trip, I'm all ears.

  9. Love all your pics AND your captions! Nice looking family! I can't wait to hear more!! xoxo

  10. I never fail to get a good chuckle when I'm here - you always make me laugh, though Brad and Angelina have nothing on you two and your gorgeous family…so glad you had a great trip!!

  11. What a fabulous family vacation! Your dad looks much younger than his years - a trait that he clearly passed down to you!

  12. Well your ship did come in! Talk about "Roman Holiday!" Love your celebrity wardrobe!
    Just beautiful! Please tell your Wild Bill he needs a Captain's hat or a cowboy hat. Sure looks like he is enjoying his ride.

  13. such a beautiful family!!!! Looks like such a fun trip!


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