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Monday, March 11, 2013

Rhoda... I hardly knew ye

For anyone who has not watched TV, read a newspaper, or caught late-breaking news on line in the past three days... Valerie Harper released a statement that she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.  I know this may seem crazy to many of you, but I was devastated when I heard the sad news.

No, I have never been fortunate enough to meet Valerie Harper, and yet I love her.  The reason for my affection can be summed up in one word:  Rhoda. It is because I have always identified with her.  

In my own life, I have always been the "Rhoda" to my dear friends' "Mary."  The "Mary's" that I have chosen in my life are always the beautiful, sweet, considerate, gifted women that do Mary Richards justice.  They are always there for me as I try my best to be for them.

In her character as Rhoda, Valerie Harper gave a voice to the "best friend" role in life.  She was not the star, not the prettiest, never got to throw her hat up in the air, certainly didn't have the best apartment, and yet she was happy and held a very important part in some people's lives. 

And that is why I love you, Valerie Harper. You gave the "Rhoda's" in life a voice.       


I wish you much strength and some laughs in the days ahead, Valerie Harper, because that is what you gave so brilliantly to me. 

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Oh, Katie-That was beautifully written. I, too, loved Rhoda and her self-depreciating manner. She was a hero back when comedies were clean and the whole family could watch them together. What a sad thing to befall her- xo Diana

  2. Lovely post. Got to love Rhoda. I saw her being interviewed and she is a brave soul. I hope she lives a long time!! Came over from Laura, I'm so Vintage!. She is such a doll. Love her. Welcome and I'll be seeing you. :D

  3. From one Rhoda to another: thank you!

  4. What a beautiful and kind tribute to someone we all love. I too was really sad to hear awful. She is a legend in my book and she gave me many happy hours of entertainment. We can only hope for a miracle and they do happen, lets all keep her in our prayers..that these few months ahead of her are as painless and stress free as possible. I hope she finds strength and much support in what is no doubt an unthinkable battle. Keeping her in my prayers. Thanks Katie!

  5. Hi, I stopped over after visiting "I'm so Vintage".
    I just read about Valerie Harper and I cried for her! Really nice post.:)

  6. This brought tears to my eyes, what a beautiful post. I am the Rhoda, too. Thank you for sharing these sentiments.

  7. I wish her all the best, too and applaud her optimism. She brought much laughter to my life.

  8. I agree....her outlook on all her recent challenges has been amazing. Visiting from Laura's your blog!


  9. So sad.. I know many are sending light and kind wishes her way. This is sort of like getting hit by lightening. You just never know what's coming for you and your loved ones. What a nice tribute and I like your final thought... wishing you strength and a few laughs. That's perfect.



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