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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hot Topics Hump Day

I love current events, or as some people call it celebrity gossip news.  Sista and I discuss the trials and tribulations of celebrities on a regular basis.  Whenever something "big" happens in the celebrity world, Dude is the first to call or text me which leads to long discussions. 

So, I decided to start a new series on a few celebrity happenings of the week.  I will tell you what I think - yeah, you're stuck - and then I would love to hear your thoughts on these earth shaking events.  

Here goes...

Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough break up after 3 years.

Have you ever seen a cuter couple?  The kids would have been adorable.  According to reports they broke up because they are both too busy.  Yeah, right.  My theory is Ryan was a little miffed that Julianne left $100,000 worth of jewelry that he gave her in her unlocked car and it was stolen.
The Mister would have ...I don't even want to say what he would do to me if I did that...  Let's just say we wouldn't be dancing with the stars.
And good luck to Ryan on his search for a woman under 5'4" in Hollywood.

George and Stacy are O-V-E-R

Look at this guy... he is saying "I wish you were Preppy Empty Nester but to my dismay, she is taken by the Mister."

News reports say George and Stacy are over again even though they had dinner in Berlin with Matt Damon.
This is how I feel... the press has been reporting the demise of this relationship, just like every other romance that George has had, since the first date.  If you date George, and I just might if the Mister ever steps out of line, know what you're in for.  The press will always report that the relationship is over and secondly, they will probably be right because there is no reason why George would want to ever get married.  After all, he's George Clooney.

Last wrap of The Office

Even though we had a few rough years together, I still stood by you.  I am going to miss Pam and Jim - and maybe even Dwight, every once in awhile.

The Duchess got her heel caught on something on St. Paddy's Day

Who cares?  She's gorgeous and Central Casting couldn't do a better job casting such a royal duchess.

Bradley Cooper

Would love to hear your thoughts on the latest Hollywood scoop.

Hope your hump day is full of stars!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. I'm headed home from three weeks in a third world country. Didn't know about any of this. I thought Ryan and Julianne were cute together. George is a Kentucky boy so I have to love him,but he has stated many times that he doesn't ever plan to remarry. I think the girls all hope they can change that.

  2. Love that you are dong this....and so think its a great idae to make it a weekly gig! See I would have otherwise never known Julia was such an airhead leaving all that jewelry in her car....OMG!! He is a pee wee, he was at our hotel in Paris a few years ago, my husband went right up to him and started talking to him...he was very friendly but he is tiny.
    George....of course he is telling Stacy he really wants you but you are taken:) Will the man ever settle down? The bigger question is when he finally does will the lucky lady ever feel like she is enough? Humm........
    Whats up with Bradleys hair???? Oh well hes still cute in my book even with a Jeri

  3. You are such a hip empty nester, and I have such fun reading your blog!

    If you're into celebrity studies, you must start reading - she has the best scoop (and the funniest writing voice!) ever.

  4. I have a unusually high distaste for Clooney girls. The life cycle of a Clooney relationship is - anonymous girl meets George, is photographed, does an interview saying about her relationship with him saying she would like to get married, disappears. This one really rubbed me the wrong way and overstayed her welcome. It seemed like she really thought she was going to become a big time celebrity from this but I hope she enjoyed her vacation from the D list! Poor dear.

    And I am sad about Julianna and Ryan. Why do celebrities break up from being too busy? Don't they know the good parts of life when they see it?

    I'm sure I'll be here with my two cents every week! Love it!

  5. I liked Ryan and Julianne. I did think they were going to make it. Clooney....oy, I want to like him so bad because he is such a silver fox, but I think he would be the worst boyfriend. Super selfish, super important, and super entitled. I think women get tired of him and when he feels it, he dumps them first. Meh. Bradley Cooper may have hair plugs. Back in the day, he was a bit thinner on top than he is now. He is another one that I do not think would be good to date as cute as he is. He seems mean to me for some reason. Like he would say something really rude and laugh and then I would cry and he would say, "grow up."

  6. I live for this new series!!! I Loved reading your insight on the "earth shaking Events." First Ryan secrest looks like he's betting for my team lol. If you lose $100,000 anything, then you didn't need to have it in the first place. George Clooney... hmm what to say.. he can do whatever he wants! He's George Clooney! lol. I never Watched The Office, But I don't know if you watch SCANDAL? If you don't, YOU MUST!!!!!! The Duchess is just stunning.. I still felt like she should have been Princess Kate. FINALLY... Bradly cooper, It looks like all he needed was a Moo Moo(if you don't know what it is google it lol), slippers and a cigarette. As you can tell I had fun typing! lol

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