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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Farewell dear Buddy

Last week, I received this e-mail from my dear friend, Dude.  If you are new to my blog, you can catch up on Dude herehere, and here.

Hi all .... we just wanted to let you know.....R.I.P., Buddy ...approx. 130 dog years have come to a peaceful end.
Buddy, aka PDLD (Papa Dude's Last Dog)....well.......We're not so sure about that?? We can't imagine Papa Dude without the excuse to go home early to "walk the dog".....or, Papa Dude without the inevitable call in the middle of a party, exclaiming "I have to take this call, it 's Buddy, he needs me at home"!!! We're pretty sure that some day there WILL be another 4 legged friend in our future, but none can replace the free spirited, stubborn, territorial, ham eating, beer loving, fan of fireworks, swan-hater, Tibetan Terrier named Buddy!! He filled our house with joy for 18 and a half years!! He will be missed..........

Anyone who is an "animal person" understands how hard it is to lose a pet. After sending out this beautiful, funny tribute to Buddy, Dude told me that she was amazed by the amount of people who sent the most heartfelt notes offering condolences and sympathy.

Animal lovers share certain secrets. They know that that there are living things in this world that are capable of giving total unconditional love. People who love animals recognize that their pets have a way of not only looking into their eyes but also deep into their soul.  Pet owners are sure that their pets have a certain inane sense of their mood, disposition and even their health. I sincerely believe from personal experience that these sweet creatures know when you are in love and sense instantly when your heart is broken.

I talked to Dude after I sent her my sympathies. She told me the sweetest story about her beloved Buddy. She agreed to let me share it with you.

As I am sure you sensed in her email, Buddy was quite the character. Although they did not share the same bloodlines, he had a lot of "Marley" in him. He joined, or rather he bombarded into Dude's family as a puppy.  Not only did Buddy get a new Mom and Dad but he also inherited a 2-legged brother who he got to play with every day.  

A couple of years later, Mama and Papa Dude adopted another 4-legged brother named Nelson. They looked alike, but definitely didn't act anything like each other. Nelson was more subdued than Buddy. He would look at his crazy 4-legged brother with love and a raised eyebrow. Sometimes he even rolled his eyes to Mama and Papa Dude after one of Buddy's antics.

Buddy never had a quiet day. He was either chewing the loafer off a very serious, unsuspecting, insurance salesman or picking a fight with a temperamental swan. When Mama and Papa Dude entertained friends, Buddy extended his hospitality by urinating on their ankles or in their purses. No matter what he did -  no one, not even his victims, could ever get angry with adorable Buddy. Especially, not Mama and Papa Dude.

Buddy and Nelson were lucky enough to share their parents' bed every night. Everyone had their place. Buddy always on Papa Dude's side while Nelson snuggled up to Mama Dude.

One day, Mama Dude took her two 4-legged sons to the Doc because Nelson was not "himself." Naturally, Buddy went along not only because he didn't want to be away from his bro, but also relished the thought of  new territory to find some trouble. After two long hours in the Doctor's office, Mama Dude, Papa Dude, and Buddy were told sweet Nelson was suffering from lymphoma. Nelson was not going home with them that night, he had to stay for some further testing.

That evening, when Mama and Papa Dude offered that precious piece of chicken that Buddy dreamed about every day, he just hid his cute little furry head under a couch pillow. Mama Dude said she had never seen such sad eyes in her whole life as when she looked into Buddy's. After much coaching and encouragement, Buddy finally accepted the precious piece of chicken. Mama and Papa Dude exchanged a small smile and felt a little bit better.

Later that night, Mama and Papa Dude went to their room to go to bed.  Buddy was already tucked in on Papa Dude's side.  On Mama Dude's side, where Nelson slept every night, laid the beloved piece of chicken.

Nelson came home and lived a while longer and Buddy continued to raise hell. Nelson eventually passed away, and Buddy lived the rest of his life adoring Mama and Papa Dude and his 2-legged brother. As time went on, his beloved 2-legged brother left for college and eventually moved into his own apartment.  Buddy, just like everyone else, grew older.

Last week, his 2-legged brother made an unusual trip home during the week to visit with Buddy. Papa Dude and his 2-legged son took Buddy out for his favorite activity, a walk. Buddy could no longer chase squirrels or bully swans.  Buddy did his best to hold it together but suffered a seizure a few feet from his house. Deep in his heart he knew it was his time to join his 4-legged brother, Nelson. He was also sure his 2-legged brother would help console Mama and Papa Dude.  

So that's the story of Buddy.  I have no doubt that Buddy is raising hell havoc with Nelson by his side in heaven.  But the good thing about heaven is... you never get in trouble.  Kind of like living in Mama and Papa Dude's house.

Rest in peace Buddy and Nelson.

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. This hits close to home. On ths day after Christmas, my husband, adult children, and I sat with our beloved Mexwell (14 y.o. basset) on the floor of the vet's office and said good bye to him as he received the lethal injection. There is nothing like a good dog.

  2. I how sad, I lost my beloved Hogan in September, and we just got another puppy.. but there are still days when something reminds me of Hogan and I get misty eyed!! They are not here long enough for us!!

  3. Such a beautiful story, thank you for sharing. It brings back memories to all of us who have or had a 4 legged best friend in the house, on the bed, in our hearts.
    Jane B

  4. What a beautiful tribute to Buddy; I have tears in my eyes after reading the loving story of Buddy.

  5. Katie.. this is so sad, but also a wonderful tribute to our beloved 4 legged friends. You probably know by now that I am a huge dog-lover. We have two springers.. one is 13 and the other is 15 months. Our puppy replaced our little Jade that was killed (tragically) by a car at about 8 months. She died in my arms. We received more sympathy, flowers and cards than when my husbands father passed away several months prior to that. Our old girl Ginger is having a rough time and we know her days are limited. I'm thankful we have little Layla.. she's my pal:)



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