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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wrapped up in Christmas

You've seen those presents. The ones under the tree that are dressed better than the rest. There are a couple of things that I want to say about those beautifully wrapped packages.  The first is that my Sista is one of the most creative people I know when it comes to making a gift look striking.  It never fails, I always feel like the Snookie to her Angelina where gift wrapping is concerned.
I'm not bitter.....
I, on the other hand, inherited our Mother's genes.  She would wrap our Christmas presents in tin foil and then brag about never needing scotch tape.  When she really wanted to impress us, the Hanukkah paper was brought out because it blended so beautifully with our silver tree so handsomely dressed in blue shiny bulbs.  By the way, it only took five years before she realized it was in fact Hanukkah paper.  She just thought it was pretty blue and silver paper adorned with candelabras.

The second thing that comes to mind when I think about beautifully wrapped packages, are the words of wisdom that my dear friend Kate the Great (KTG) shared with me.  KTG advised me to never ever choose the prettiest wrapped package when it comes to a Christmas grab bag, White Elephant, or the inescapable Dirty Christmas.  The pretty wrapping is merely a disguise for the poorly chosen, ill thought-out re-gifted treasure hidden inside.  

By the way... another great piece of advice KTG passed on - that is totally off topic, but oh well - is never, ever sign up to bring the fruit tray to the classroom holiday party.  Not only is it labor intensive, but it costs about as much to put together as the going rate for a first year of college.  KTG always says to get to the sign-up sheet first, even if you have to knock over a few blondes donning their Lilly skirts in the process, just to sign up for the Dollar Store paper goods.

Without further adieu...here are some beautifully wrapped holiday packages.  Again, I'm not bitter much.... 




Southern Living 




and a fabulous addition under any tree...
Have a great Monday!!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. I am laughing so hard at this. My mom and I were just discussing tonight how much we hate wrapping gifts, while the rest of the family love it and are amazing at it. I thought gift bags were the best invention since.....well I was going to say scotch tape, but as I hate scotch tape.....I'll say chocolate chip cookies :)

  2. So funny..the snookie to her angelina, too funny! I needed a laugh to start my day. I am one of those that "gets into" the wrapping (at least at the start of the gift wrapping process) By the end, who knows I too may be reaching for the aluminum and calling it a day...lol.


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