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Monday, December 17, 2012

Kate the Great's Estate in Sante Fe

My daughters always say that I need a break from the trials and tribulations of daily life (blogging and tennis) - although they say this facetiously, I took their advice to heart, and the Mister and I planned a getaway.

Kate the Great (KTG) and her adorable hubby, Big Mac, generously invited us to visit them at their second home in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. Their breathtaking home is tucked away into the scenic mountains making their patio views out-of-a-movie spectacular.


The Mister at Sante Fe's itsy bitsy airport. 
 The threshold of Casa del Kate.

  I apologize for the quality of some of these pics - they do not do the house justice. 

This is the view into their great room.  "Great" being the operative word.

 Pictured above is the game table. 
We were a little too preoccupied with drinking some vino by the fire, catching up, and laughing to pull out Yahtzee.
And besides, the men were too shy to play strip poker with us.

 This tabletop tree was adorned with unique native antique ornaments.
This is the fireplace in the great room.  This is just one of their nine fireplaces scattered throughout the house. 

Beautiful dining room table.
The red mirror, centered between the angel wings, adds both depth and a pop of color to the dining area. 
Kate spends about as much time in the kitchen as I do.  Our hubbys accused us of taking a class together in college called "No Cooking at All Costs 101." 
By the grace of God, both our men are whizzes in the kitchen. Without their culinary finesse, we would both look like Kate Moss-sized supermodels.
Each artistic piece decorating the sunlit kitchen only enhances the warmth that it joyfully radiates. These personal touches has its own story which only adds to the overall character and charm of KTG's New Mexico abode.

This cozy den is set adjacent to the kitchen.
 KTG's home-away-from-home is adorned with artwork that she and Big Mac have been collecting for years.
The guest room.  Let's just say, the Mister and I didn't want to leave.


One of the many fireplaces in the corner. 

KTG and Big Mac gave us a beautiful welcome gift. 

Casa del Kate welcomed us with this thoughtful amenity to better acquaint ourselves with the great town of Sante Fe.

KTG and Big Mac have two beautiful grown daughters.  This is their darling room.
I fell in love with these headboards. 


The Master Bedroom.

Great sitting area for KTG to read my blog...

Decided this pic needed a model...

Here is the cozy study. Yes, that room is just as irresistibly comfortable as it looks.
To put it simply, I fell absolutely head-over-heels for this house.
From the radiant heated brick floors to the native architecture, there was nothing not to like.

Did I mention those gorgeous vigas ceiling beams?

There are two large patios connected to the house.  One faces the East where KTG and Big Mac have their coffee in the AM.  While the second is directed West so they can enjoy their cocktails as they take in the majestic New Mexico sunset. 

Two supermodel trophy wives enjoying their dinner at The Compound with their
stud-muffin hubbys. 
Thanks, Kate and Big Mac for a weekend that we will never forget.
Not only is your home the perfect mixture of breathtaking and charming, but you are truly the most gracious hosts in the whole wide world.
You two are the best.

Now I need a week to recover from laughing my tail off all weekend!


Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. What a great house! If that's their second home, what does their primary residence look like?

  2. OK - I am totally taken in by every detail of this beautiful house (although incredibly jealous that you took Ray instead of me) but the thing that is most striking from all the pics is: How the hell does Kate get away with looking like she did 20 years ago???

  3. How fabulous!!! I love Santa Fe but haven't been there in years. I know you had a blast. A great post. Merry Christmas. Mona

  4. What a warm, inviting and gorgeous home. Talk about hospitality! Thanks for sharing your visit with us and thanks also for your sweet comment on my Hawaii post. Merry Christmas!!


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