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Friday, September 10, 2021

My Summer in the Rearview

 Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you had a good week.  Mine was fairly quiet.  I am in the process of sharpening my blogging skills which have dulled over the Summer months.  I tell you this because I had to write this particular paragraph over again.  I was typing away and felt delighted with the fact that the thoughts, as well as the words, flowed. After I finished, I read it and could not decipher one word.  Evidently, I had my fingers on the keyboard one letter off. 

Anywho, this is the lowdown on my Summer.


Our Summer was filled with many highs and a couple of lows.  Our darkest moments were when we lost our beloved Chili. 

One of the brightest moments happened on a Sunday evening when our little hellion sweetheart, Millie, made her grand entrance. 

This was Millie's headshot on the breeder's page.
Mr. Deville, I'm ready for my close-up.

We had a 4th of July celebration.  

We ate inside because it was mighty hot.

Our New Yorkers came for a visit one weekend. 

I posted this recipe from the Mister on Instagram.
This salad was the best.

This was another yummy lunch that the Mister whipped up.

Sista Time

Boy, do I ever miss my garden of hydrangeas!
Picking flowers at the grocery store is not nearly as much fun.

We brought the New Yorkers down to our town square for a little shopping and lunch.

We had a delicious lunch at Rick's, one of my favorite restaurants in town.

We were invited to a few fun parties.
I have a drawer full of cute dishtowels and ribbons that I collect for exactly this reason. 

The Mister surprised me with an anniversary dinner and a night at my favorite hotel, Mansion on Turtle Creek.

After breakfast the next day we hopped over to another favorite place of mine, Jackson's Home and Garden.

Warning:  this would give any blue and white aficionado heart palpitations.  Take it from one who knows!

This is darling Bo, our neighbor.  Does he remind you of somebody? His Mom is one of our Happy Hour buddies.

Always a good time when we are with our good buds, Leah and Danny.

Caught up with my buddy, Jill, who relocated from the Cape.

I enjoyed a wonderful lunch with my buddy, Cindy, at the RH Rooftop restaurant.  Cindy is the author of Dash Diet for Dummies.

We enjoyed a few lunches at one of my favorite old haunts, Cavalli's.
I have lots of fun memories of my old tennis days.

Another favorite of ours is Toulouse.

Chowdah came for the weekend and Millie was in her glory.
I can't say the feeling was mutual.
She had a little too my energy for him.
We hear you, Chowdah!

I took lots of long walks while listening to some good books.
A book post is planned for next week.

I asked my Instabuds to name their favorite beauty product.
The result:

They gave me some good ones!
For all of you cosmetic buffs out there, don't forget about Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty that is going on.

I did some upscale shopping.

And watched plenty of educational television.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Until next time...

Half off today!!

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  1. I loved hearing about your summer. Looks like retirement life suits you! Have a good weekend.

  2. Sounds like you are adjusting to the move perfectly. Did I miss something about Chowdah? You say he came for a visit one weekend? Millie is adorable, but I’m sure a lot of work. Cannot wait to see what trouble she gets into. Waiting for the house tour, I’m sure it’s gorgeous.

    1. Chowdah went to live with our #2 during the Pandemic. The two of them bonded beautifully and are now thick as thieves!! I didn't have the heart to ask for him back.

  3. Hi Katie! So enjoy following you........can't wait to see your beautiful new home!
    Love your choice of clothes! That mister of yours still has it!! Next life I'm marrying a gourmet chef!!! LOL! Have a great day! :)

  4. I came over from Laura's. I'm so sorry about your Chili. I lost my Charlie Boy on June 28th and I miss him so very much!

  5. Millie is absolutely adorable. A puppy is hard, but I figure they are keeping us young:) Chowdah looks great too. I am sure he is loving #2 take care of him. I will miss Chili's antics but I am sure Millie will have her own fair share.

  6. We just moved to Allen, TX from Missouri about 3 months ago and I’ve enjoyed finding new restaurants and shopping from you. It’s been hard leaving our adult guys back home but we are adjusting. I’m sorry about your little Chili. They are such good companions! Take care!

    1. I just got back from Allen. Can you guess where I was? HOMEGOODS! I have been in a few in my lifetime and I must say that is the BEST one ever. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  7. So sorry about Chili. It sounds overall like a wonderful summer. My scrolling came to a screeching halt when I came to the blue and white. I may have actually drooled on my keyboard. Hugs, Laura

  8. Always a joy to read your post, a real witty empty nester! Ready for book recommendations and been eyeing peach salad recipes, thank you!!

    1. Book recommendations are coming your way next week!! Have a good weekend.

  9. Katie, I smiled all the way through this post (except for losing your sweet Chili). You all look fabulous and catching up with you is always fun. I'm so glad you are back! xo

  10. Hi Katie! I am so glad to see you back! I know moving, getting a new house all set up and everything summer brings, takes a crazy amount of time. I did keep checking my emails for Preppy Empty Nester. You were missed. I am so sorry to hear about Chili. It's always so hard. Millie is so cute! Do you know the trick with the bell at the door and how to teach her to ring it when she has to go out? It works! I can't wait to see all that you have done with your new home.

  11. I'm so sad for you loosing your sweet Chili. You do have a sweet little pup to keep you busy. Your summer sounds full with lots of family fun. Look forward to seeing your new home, I'm sure it's gorgeous!

  12. Gosh I have missed you! So sorry about your Chili. This post was absolutely marvelous! Love seeing you and your beautiful girls….and oh you are so lucky to have a husband that can cook. My husband’s defence is that he can make reservations!
    Headed back to Texas next week. Having some work done….not on the house on me.
    Thank hubby for the peach salad recipe…can’t wait to make it…Janey

  13. Loved reading about your summer. Hugs on the loss of your Chili.

  14. Thank God you're back!! Missed you like crazy. xo xo
    P.S. Can't even address Chili.😥

  15. Great post. It sounds like you had a wonderful summer. Chowder lives with your daughter in Dallas? Your new dog is adorable.

  16. Chowdah isn't interested in a new energetic playmate.
    I'm waiting patiently for stretchy yoga-type pants and oversized tops to be replaced with new casual fashion trends.
    Stay safe and healthy and hopeful in Texas!

  17. I am sorry to hear about chili. Glad you have a new best friend.

  18. Sounds like a mostly wonderful summer. Sorry to hear about Chili but your new puppy is adorable.

  19. So glad you're back Katie! Your new puppy looks like trouble! It is so hard to loose a pet, sniffle sniffle...Mr.'s Peach Salad sounds great and it sounds like you've been dining in style quite often!

  20. OMGosh, it was a long summer without you! Great post, love seeing all the pics!
    🖤 RIP Chili
    We too, have a new little puppy, Aye yi yi her teeth are razor sharp! And her energy level is off the charts. We also have a 5 month old granddaughter who is WAY easier to take care of.
    Can’t wait to make peach salad, maybe tonight , hubby loves peaches and it’s his birthday.
    We don’t get to Dallas often but when we do we always have dinner at Maison on Turtle Creek, love it, perfect anniversary spot.
    We both have excellent taste in Educational TV shows.
    Welcome back, did I tell you how much I missed you:)

  21. Welcome back to Blogland. Looks like you're adjusting well to your new home. Chowdah is still so photogenic. Sorry for your loss of Chili.

  22. Good to have you back! Looks like your new locale suits you well! How nice to have so many friends around after making such a huge change in lifestyle. Are you originally from that area? So sorry to hear if the loss of your sweet little Chili. Millie is a precious pup! Is Chowdah not with you full time, since you mentioned that he was there for the weekend. Looking forward to seeing the gorgeous decor in your new place. Sounds like you both made a good choice!

  23. Wow, what a summer! As soon my heart stops racing from that blue and white nirvana I'll be able to gather a few thoughts. ... Okay ... first of all, I'm terribly sorry about Chili. So much sadness when our beloved four-legged family members cross over the rainbow bridge. I know Millie's doing her best to mend your broken hearts. On a positive note, I see the Mister is up to his usual tricks in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I broke my cardinal rule of not reading blogs when hungry. Particularly difficult when Lean Cuisine is what's for dinner at my place. Looking forward to your summer reading book review ... and of course, the house tour! xo

  24. Good to have you back and to catch up! Looking forward to more of your adventures!

  25. So sorry to hear about Chili, what ever happened?

  26. Greetings new friend…. I absolutely love this blog. So many things to research! I am no cook but Mister’s recipes make my mouth water. The peach salad looks incredible and the salmon plate… I’m speechless. Along with all of this, a fellow dog lover. Too good to be true!

  27. Wow I made the're so awesome to share some DASH love! That salad!! And dressing!! Ready for another lunchtime adventure! So glad you're back at the Ranch...or close enough.

  28. Welcome back!! So sorry about Chilli. Just wanted to know where you found your cute summer dresses. You look so cute!


  29. What a busy, glorious summer! And glorious food, too! I love your new Milly and I'd missed your big darling dogs Welcome back, Team Katie!


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