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Friday, February 26, 2021

The Friday Files


Hello, dear friends.  

I come to you with good news!  

No, it's not house-related.  

It's much more important.

The Mister got his first vaccine yesterday!

He was able to receive his because he has a pre-existing condition called hypertension.

As you well know, I am practically perfect and don't have any conditions.  

At least none of which I am willing to talk about.

We hopped in the car yesterday and headed towards Texas' favorite detour, Corsicana.  The CVS was the closest place that the Mister could find that was administering the vaccine. 

Before he went in, I pleaded with him to tell the nice nurse that his darling, practically-perfect bride was waiting in the car with her sleeve rolled up. 

She is in her very early 60's although she doesn't look a day over 45.  

Is there any way that she could sneak in for a little shot? 

The Mister came back in a matter of minutes.  

When he got in the car, he pronounced that it didn't hurt a bit.

Great Mister, I was really worried.

I impatiently asked him if he told the nurse about me.

You bet I did, he said.

This is what I told her.

As you well know, my pre-existing condition is high blood pressure.  The cause of this condition is sitting in the parking lot, wanting to know if you could squeeze her in for a shot.

To my dismay, the answer was no.

Note to self:  work on the Mister's presentation skills.

This gorgeous Tudor can be found in Hinsdale, Illinois, otherwise known as KTG Country.

KTG... your birthday is coming up.
Tell Big Mac he doesn't even have to put a bow on it!

She made out pretty well out of the divorce...

Has anyone watched Firefly Lane?
Here's the scoop on Cotton Cove Estate.
The best part?
It's for sale!

My mother, bless her soul, was anything but a whiz in the kitchen.  But as a child, I do remember her getting excited about the latest craze, Tomato Soup Spice cake.  I just saw on the news that it is popular again.

Are you looking for some new dinner ideas?  

Here are 30 low-calorie meals to promote healthy aging.

I received a cute note from a reader who told me that she was successful with a dry January because she loved researching delicious mock cocktails.  Here are a few suggestions

For those of you who had a less than successful dry January, such as myself, I've got some good news.

When I grew up, my parents had a brass bar cart with squeaky wheels.  They kind of went out of fashion until now.  Here is a step-by-step guide on how to style a bar cart.

Btw... my parents' cart looked nothing like this one!

There's some good news for Frasier fans.

How are you sleeping these days?  
I'm hit or miss.  
Here are tips on getting your best sleep ever.

Speaking of sleeping, I had another "mask" dream this week.  Have you had any dreams about forgetting your mask?  I have a few a month.  I thought I was the only one until I read this.

Here are fifteen interesting facts about Coco Chanel.

Many of my friends are starting to fly again.

Here's the scoop about flying in a Covid world.

Did you know about this feature on your iPhone?

Do you like koalas?
I fell in love with this Mom and Baby duo.

My book club friend, MF, has a great Instagram.  She comes from a family of voracious readers and posts her great book reviews as well as from her parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews.  
Oh yeah, her new pup gets into the act as well.
If you enjoy looking for your next great read, follow MF and the rest of her adorable clan at civilizedreadingtribe.

My #2 just bought one of these and loves it.
There's a deal on this one today.

Here's my question of the day.
Have you had any "mask" dreams?
Please comment, 
I have a lot of dough riding on this one.

Until next time...

Today, I am delighted to introduce you to one of my favorite bloggers, Tanya from The Other Side of the Road, and her darling Albie.

We adopted Albie as a puppy from our local shelter in 2015, and he has been keeping us on our toes ever since.  Our two Harry Potter-loving kids named him after Albus Dumbledore, and we think he is a lab/pitbull mix.  Albie spends most of the day lounging on the couch, with occasional breaks to bark at the UPS man and run laps around the backyard patrolling for squirrels.  He enjoys swimming in all temperatures and going on long walks and is the "cuddliest" dog we've ever had.

Thanks, Tanya!

Albie clearly looks like he is ready for his closeup! 

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  1. I am so glad Mister got his first one. Most everyone I know over 65 in Florida has had the opportunity to get theirs. I am hearing they will drop the age to 55 very soon, so I will be in line. I never in my days imagined I would hop in line for a shot. I don't even take the flu shot.
    In more fun news, I am eyeing that dress from Talbots. I have a wedding in April and I think it will be just perfect. I haven't been out for fun in so long so a new dress must be in order. Right?!

  2. We go for our second vaccine today. Fingers crossed that we do not have any of the side effects. As for sleeping, my My Pillow has made all the difference for me. I think it is different with every person as I gave one to my sister and she was just Meh....gave it back to me.lol

  3. I'm excited Frasier is coming back! There was some good writing on that show!

    Good luck with the vaccine. Have you used vaccinefinder.org/search? Put in you zip. At least you can get on the lists!

  4. Congratulations to the Mister! It's hard to believe his powers of persuasion didn't get results. My Mr is in same situation ... gets the shot on Sunday. Meanwhile, I wait. So many great links in this post, I'm on my second cup of cocoa. Those docs!!! xo

  5. I am not having mask dreams but really bad nightmares. Fell out of bed this week and I already have a broke elbow๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Dreams are bizarre and I’m sure a result of the events of this past year

  6. I received my 2nd vaccine today and I'm under 70 also. The assisted living facility where my Dad lives told me I could take it there since I am his essential care giver. I jumped on it as I didn't know when our state was going to lower the age to include me. I'm feeling fine thus far so we shall see how tomorrow rolls. You had all kinds of good stuff in this post and I'm not going back to recheck some things. Have a joy filled weekend!

  7. Hi Katie, Corsicana is my hometown, and after living in Dallas for forty years, I still think of it as home. My parents are still there, and I visit there frequently. I cannot imagine how shocked I would have been to bump into you and the Mr. at CVS, lol! Were you able to visit the Collin Street Bakery? You were just across the street from the original location. I hope that the Mr. has an easy experience with his first dose, and that you will be able to locate your first dose soon. I am an RN here in Dallas, and due to delivery issues there are still quite a few of us who have not been able to get our first doses either. Weather played a part, I think. Happy weekend! xo Sherry

    1. Hi Sherry!!! I would have loved to run into you at CVS! Of course we went to the Bakery. The Mr. cannot drive or walk by a bakery without giving it some business. I hope that you receive your vaccine soon. Thank you for all you do!! Enjoy your week.

  8. I was so happy to see your post this morning. Sat down with my first cup of coffee and couldn’t wait to read it. You simply don’t disappoint Katie! Laughed out loud reading about the vaccination scenario.! You are so funny. Happy that at least one of you had their first shot.

    Also enjoyed reading about Coco. I knew some of that...but certainly not all. We are going back to Paris in ‘22 for the humteenth time. A little different this time. Taking all five daughters and not staying in our usual 3star. Hubby seems to have lost his mind during this lockdown and has rented the most luxurious apt. to be had. We plan to all wear a little black dress one night for dinner....channeling Coco I guess.

  9. Yes, I have had a mask dream! I was grocery shopping and suddenly realized I was maskless in Publix! (Insert ominous organ music in a minor chord). I was terrified and made a beeline for my car but the dream ended before I found my mask. In real life this almost happened in the post office of all germ ridden places! I got as far as the inner glass doors and started in then realized and turned back. Thanks for the great news about Frazier! I am a HUGE fan and always have been. I don’t know how they will do it without John Mahoney, but if any show can make it work they can. Also am going to start streaming Firefly Lane today! My Mister and I did both qualify for the shot, but by the time the Great State of South Carolina got around to 65 and over, we had already found appointments in NC! He gets his second one today and I get my second in 12 more days, then look out world I’m coming for ya! We’ve been so cooped up for the past year we are practically institutionalized now and hope that we will be able to rejoin society without too much inner trauma. Most of the trauma will be on my hair stylist when he sees my hair (roots) for the first time in a year. He’s young his heart can take it. I think. Enjoy your posts so much, do hope and pray that all of your power, plumbing, etc has been resorted and that you life is resuming as normal.

    1. I bet you can't wait to get your second shot Charlene! I'm desperate to have my roots done. I think that the kids in the apartment bldg. think I was born with a baseball cap on. Have a great week!

  10. Well, seeing Albie "famous" on your blog just made my day! Thanks so much for the feature! I'm so glad the Mister got his shot. My mother-in-law is getting her second shot today. Have a good weekend.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Sorry no idea why my comment posted twice! I had to re sign in to my google account. Just wanted to add that if you have the opportunity where you live, some people we know who do not qualify currently have gotten the vaccine by getting on a waiting list for leftover vaccine, or going late in the day to the clinic to see if there is any left over. They will give out shots if you are there rather than letting it go to waste. Just a thought, good luck!

  13. I love how you tell stories, Katie, LOL! Hopefully you will get your shot soon. And yay for seeing Tanya's sweet dog featured here! Love that. Have a great weekend!


  15. I have never had any mask dreams.. but I do occasionally forget mine in real life and have to trek back to the car to grab it before entering the store.

  16. Happy to hear about Frazier & learn about the feature on the apple iphone.
    Glad the Mister was able to get the 1st dose of the vaccine. Hope you have an enjoyable weekend. No weird mask dreams happening here.

  17. I bought the disposable masks from Costco that come 50 to a box in five packs of 10. I keep a pack in the hanging basket just by the door, a pack in the car, and a pack in my desk. I have actually walked out of the house, gotten into the car, and was about to get out of the car to go into the store when I realized I wasn't wearing a mask, thank goodness for the pack in the glove compartment! Great to see Albie featured this week.

  18. Hi Katie, I've visited before...a long time ago. I'm trying to resuscitate my blog and make new friends in the blogging community. I enjoyed my visit today and I remember tomato soup cake and loved it! I think I have the recipe somewhere.


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